It's been a roller coaster ride. I stumbled, I fell but I stood up till the end. Every year has been different to me. This year might be stressful and full of challenges but life won't be complete without it. I learned a lot from being friendly, more responsible, being matured in many ways and to party until dawn. Having fun this year was a success. I've been to Pureto Gallera, to bars, to the houses of friends and any where I want to be. As it was written in my planner for 2009, "LIVE RIGHT", I can say I have live my life right. I met people, talked to them and cherished the moment with them. Everyday is new day. I prayed for my love ones, prayed for my education, prayed for the good things I received and prayed for someone,who will be my forever(cheessy!). I experienced traffic, long walks, pollution and busy streets of Manila and Makati. I have sinned. I'm no perfect person. It indicates that I am also human. I lied, cheated, cursed and ignored some people's cry for help. I admit those things I did in my past and I'm sorry for it. I asked forgiveness. Moreover, I contained self-control and patience. This year is my senior year and my last year of college. I am proud that I studied hard and pursue the things I wanted to happen. I became an officer in an organization and automatically qualified me to be a student leader. Those events in this year will surely tell, who I am now, why I am like this and how I become like this. I am an independent person. I know how to enjoy and to be contented in what I have. However, there are times I became arrogant, stubborn and emotional in some situation. I can't refuse to share that in some season in this year I felt alone and lonely. My only refuge was God, is God and will always be God. He completes me. He is always in my heart, in my mind and in soul. He is my father, my life and my savior. I can say with Him beside me, nothing is impossible. He made life possible to live in. He made this year to be worth remembering from day 01 until day 365.

*best picture of 2009*

Thank you. Good Bye 2009! It's been a GREAT year.

Simple but super enjoy Xmas party. Even though we're broke (because of "PAKAIN" after ojt), we survived because of Ninay's Treat.haha Thank you Ninay! :) My Christmas Party with my BOYS, will always be memorable. It will be our last Christmas party being "College Students". I hope for more parties and memories to come.

*we are wearing the one i gave to them*

Exchange Gift kami ni Ninay. I got what I wished for "Super Plain Ntbk" (my own little black book). Thanks! I can't wait to write and to doodle my thoughts on the notebook.

Kris Kringle with code name. Tumble Pop? I guessed it right. It was Aimee. It was so coincidence that aimee was the one, who got my code name, crush nya un code name ko. =)) "ALPS". Reaction pa lang ni aimee. Feel na feel ko na ako nabunot nya. Something Naughty, I got an undies with bling bling at the back.HAHA

Presentation Moment! The best si Jona. You made me cry laughing really hard. Mainit init pa lang yun dahil ginawa nya yun sa mismong araw na yun. All of us has a unique type of presentation. Ninay's presentation was so KARIR! I like it. Of course! Medyo ako lang namin yun center of attraction in her presentation. haha

*summary of my night. i love BOYS*

Heart to Heart. Catching Up. Drunk. Pizza. Chocolate. Cam whores.


*byebye-Makati. my last walk in the walkway for 2009*

Today is the last day of our OJT. Gastos. yeah! We treated them during snack time with Spaghetti, Pansit malabon and cake. I was excited to complete the 240 hours for our OJT. I felt too much boredom. But the people in our work place felt sad because they told us, they will miss our noise and laughter. =( I did not expect that. I will miss them too. Especially the PBcom tower, the Patio, and the walk way, where I often walk alone by myself. I'll miss Makati, the busy streets of Makati, the people walking in the morning, the bus stop and the malls. I will be again a Manila Girl but surely I will be much happier now because I am with my insane friends. It will flood tears of laughter again. Everyday happy. I know. Party everyday. =D

*eating. certificate with the bosses. patio-canteen*

Almost every day or every night I play the song, "One Last Song" by A1(the boy-band back in the 90's, if you remember.) I feel a momentary bliss when I hear that song. It always touches my kilig bones. hahaha I confess I was a die-hard-fan of A1 back in my elementary days. I bought tapes, posters of them and also laminated their pictures and brought it often in my school. Yikkkess! haha

But now, I just love this song. I'm not sure if I can relate. All I know this song is something I can't explain why get kilig. =) I was in our office (OJT mode) when I suddenly heard a melody, a familiar one, I can not distinguish where it was coming from that time. The next day, I heard it again. It was the time I bear in my mind to find the song. "I must find that song."-I kept reminding myself. I downloaded it. Played it all over again until my ears bleed. I'm so addicted to it.

PLAY IT! to listen to the song.

I can't stop daydreaming, I imagine I'm slow dancing under the moonlight with someone while he sing this song. hahaha =))

"And if you need me, you’d kiss me
Then tell me how you feel
And if you want me, you’d show me
That your love is for real
And if you love me
You’d hold me in your arms where I belong..."

-fave line-

1. Touch her waist.
2. Actually talk to her.
3. Share secrets with her.
4. Give her 1 of your sweatshirts*
5. Kiss her slowly.

6. Hug her.
7. Hold her.
8. Laugh with her.
9. Invite her somewhere.
10. Hangout with her and your friends together.

11. Smile with her.
12. Take pictures with her.
13. Pull her onto your lap.
14. When she says she loves you more, deny it. Fight back.
15. When her friends say “I love her more than you”, deny it.

16. Always hug her and say hi whenever you see her.
17. Kiss her unexpectedly.
18. Hug her from behind around the waist.
19. Tell her she’s beautiful.
20. Tell her the way you feel about her.

21. Open doors for her, walk her to her car- it makes her feel protected, plus it never hurts to act like a gentleman.
22. Tell her she’s your everything - ONLY if you mean it.
23. If it seems like there is something wrong, ask her- if she denies something being wrong, it means SHE DOESN’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT- so just hug her
24. Make her feel loved.
25. Kiss her in front of OTHER girls you know

We might deny it but we actually like it and kinda want you to tickle us…

26. DON’T lie to her*
27. DON’T cheat on her!*
28. Take her ANYWHERE she wants
29. Text messege or call her in the morning and tell her have a good day at work {or school}, and how much you MISS her
30. Be there for her when ever she needs you, & even when she doesn’t need you, just be there so she’ll know that she can ALWAYS count on you.

31. Hold her close when she’s cold so she can hold YOU too.*
32. When you are ALONE hold her close and kiss her.
33. Kiss her on the CHEEK; (it will give her the hint that you want to kiss her).
34. While in the movies, put your arm around her and then she will automatically put her head on your shoulder, then lean in and tilt her chin up and kiss her LIGHTLY.*
35. Dont EVER tell her to leave even jokingly or act like you’re mad. If shes upset, comfort her. When she leaves, pull her back.

36. When people DISS her, stand up for her
37. Look deep into her EYES and tell her you love her.
38. Lay down under the STARS and put her head on your chest so you can cuddle
39. When walking next to each other lightly touch her HAND and soflty grab it.
40. When you hug her HOLD her in your arms as long as possible*


41. Call or text her EVERY night to wish her SWEET DREAMS
42. COMFORT her when she cries and wipe away her tears.
43. Take her for LONG walks at night.
44. ALWAYS remind her how much you love her.
46. Rub her back—feels good
47. Give her your coat if she’s cold—thats always cute =)
48. Write letters on her back with your finger
49. Let her sit on your lap
50. DON’T poke her hard… but if you want to mess around just do it lightly.
51. HOLD her HAND in PUBLIC.
52. Even if she looks BAD one day tell her she’s BEAUTIFUL
53. Keep conversations flowing…talk about anything… usually they just go along with it.
54. If their hair is in their face move it out of her face and then kiss her passionatley and gently.
55. Surprisingly sneek up on her and hug her from behind—loves it.*
56. Kiss her in the rain.
57. Pick her up like in The Notebook and kiss her.
58. Slow dance with no music
59. Don’t ignore her or be nervous around her—everythings going to be okay
60. When she comes running to you, with tears down her face, the first thing you should say is “Who’s a** Am I Going To Kick!”- she will then feel protected.*

***from tumblr account of my friend. ***
25 days to go and it's Christmas! Time to give and share the love to others.

I have the List of my Top Ten Must have/ happen this Christmas.

1.) lovelife?haha joke. MONEY! I need more money. :))
2.) Get Together with long lost friends.
3.) Fashionable clothes and shoes!
4.) Notebook! Hardbound with no lines. (@powerbooks!)
5.) Books to READ. especially Twilight Saga.
6.) New bag!
7.) Bracelet with super noisy bells. hahaha
8.) Someone to talk to, especially in the days where I feel miserable. (I'll consider u as a gift from GOD. Just talking or listening to me will make me feel special)
9.) Courage to face the challenges in LIFE. Stop worrying with non-sense!
10.) Ticket to a concert. :))

BUT most of all, I want you for Christmas! hahaha
Time fly so fast! OMG! 3 months to go and I will be graduating soon. This is it! Evidence that I'll be graduating. -"GRADUATION PICTURES!"

It took me a lot of time to finalize my creative shots. Audrey Hepburn to Dark angel then finally I became an Egyptian. They told me, I'm cleopatra! haha Let it be! :) 1:30pm to 4:00pm! It was tiring. Smile here and there. Change outfit once in a while. Cool. I lurve it! that's the reason why many girls like to be a model. I'm one of them.

My pictures:


*toga - creative(egyptian) - formal *

To my College Love,

This is why.

Well, I’m reserving you for the future. Because I can’t imagine losing you just because I’m still immature, we’re still young, and you still don’t know what you want in life. I’ve always loved you. And I hope you know that. Because I’ve loved you the way I understand love and somehow, I felt loved even without hearing those three words from you.

But I’m gonna have to wait. As much as I would like to be with you as soon as possible, I’m gonna have to think long-term. You’re the one I want to be with forever. And we both know that if we get into a relationship right now, somehow, our chance of making it together forever will diminish. And that would be worse than not being able to have you now.

And though I know that it’s gonna be me and you in the end, I try to think that we shouldn’t just rush things. Not because I don’t want to be with you, but because I know that this is the right thing for us. And yes, when I’m talking about US here, that’s something that I just can’t afford to mess up with. I’m doing this one step at a time, just to have you for the rest of my life.

And believe me, it’s not easy. You’re not making it any easier for me, too. Because every single time I see you, I realize that it’s definitely YOU that I want to spend the rest of my life with. And when we’re together, I know that I’m at my best. And I just wanna start spending the first day of my forever with you — right away.

But I’ve got to think of what I really want — Would I really want to have you now and lose that chance of having you forever? Or am I willing to wait for a few years to have you for the rest of my life? I’m sure you know what I’ll choose. Well, what I’ve already chosen.

I will wait. Though I can’t wait to spend every single day with you, to call you babe or honey or psst, and share my life with you, I will wait. Though I can’t wait to kiss you goodnight, argue with you about relationship stuff, or cook for you, I will wait. Though I can’t wait to be your girl, to hold you in my arms, to hold your coffee while you drive, or to just cuddle you all day, I will wait. I will patiently wait for the right time, with nothing to hold on to, but the mere thought that all this waiting is the only way to keep you forever.

So just imagine how much I love you —
Imagine how you’ve turned this immature little girl who’s always been used to getting things her way, right away — to this mature being who has chosen to wait for the right time, and suffer for the meantime, just to keep you, the guy she loves, forever.

And I’ve always believed in us. I’ve always believed that after college, after we learn from our mistakes by loving other people, which we know won’t last, we’ll be realizing even more how much we are meant to be. And believe me, we will.

Yes, I can wait for the meantime. If waiting for the meantime means keeping you for the rest of my life.

The girl who never said those three words/ but has always loved you, nonetheless. ♥

***Another grabbed post from a friend in Facebook! I can relate. Totally! :)***

Finally, I have watched it with my friends. I am totally excited when I heard that "New Moon" will be in theaters on Nov.20,2009. Especially when I saw the trailer of the movie and when I saw the transformation of Jacob Black from UNNOTICED to HOT NOTICEABLE guy.

I knew this will be a block buster movie so to avoid hassle. With my own will I reserved some tickets and seats for my friends. I got the tickets 2 days ahead of the world premiere of New Moon. Very Good decision! *applause for me* I can't wait to watched the movie that time. I frequently smile without reason but to watch the movie.

*tickets! - line who wants to watch new moon*

Moreover, the time to watch. OA! the line was sooooooo loooooonnnngg! At least, we don't have to fall in line. We just entered the movie house with ice mocha and a cookie in our hands.

*look at the jacob! ssoo HOT!*
Fave scenes:
-the moment Jacob take off his shirt to wipe Bella's bleeding head. *HOT!*
-outside the movie house, Jacob suddenly held Bella's hand. *Mr.smooth operator! sweet!*
-the scene where Jacob went to Bella's room and they hugged each other. *take note: Jacob was shirtless, abs. abs. abs*
-Jacob doesn't want Bella to leave with Alice to go to Edward. *I felt the pain for Jacob*
-Bella runs toward Edward. She save him to break a rule.
-Bella was having a nightmare, when she woke up, Edward was beside her comforting her. *iloveit!*
-Jacob vs. Edward moment.

Everything was great! Most of the scenes I like and love was with Jacob. I'm so bias because I'm a team jacob girl. But in the end of the day, team Edward will always win. No can do! Vampires, the cold ones. Yah, I know. :)
It means to wait.

A came across with this quote while reading "Our Daily Bread". I want to share this with you.

"What a chapter might be written of God's delays! It is the mystery of the art of educating human spirits to the finest temper of which they are capable. What searching of heart, what analyzing of motives, what testing of the Word of God, what upliftings of soul. All these are associated with those weary days of waiting, which are, nevertheless, big with spiritual destiny."
-F.B. Meyer

*If I'm becoming too impatient on the events occurring in my life,God has His own way to tell me to be patient and to wait. Everything will fall into place in God's time. =)

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Sabi ng mga lalake sila daw nahihirapan when it comes to the whole procedure of making the girl fall.

They have to plan this and that...spend money just to buy a simple teddy bear to make the girl smile.

They have to do almost everything just to make us believe that when they say "i love you" they mean it...Sabi pa nila sila ung nahihirapan pag nagkakaroon ng LQ kasi dapat cla pa ung gagawa ng 1st move at manunuyo. Mahirap daw e...ung sitwasyon nila pag nababasted kasi masakit daw un.

A girl's point of view:

So ur sayin...u love the girl and u mean it ey? That u'll do everything for us NOT to cry, that u'll stay with us even if everything becomes harder than it seems, and u'll prove us that ur downright honest with everything that u utter. u expect us to believe that crap???? mga chong di naman kasi kami ganun katanga eh...

hindi naman porke nakita lang namin na "ui ang bait pala nya..." e mahal na namin kagad kayo!

sasabihin nyo samin na mahal nyo kami ni hindi nyo pa nga kami ganun kakilala? makita nyo lang
na "ui ang pretty naman nya!ligawan ko kaya?"

tapos ano?mahal nyo na kagad kami?

kaya ngafriends muna eh! para makilala nyo muna kami ng mabuti para pag nagkarelasyon na ndi nyo
pagsisihan na nagsayang kayo ng panahong manligaw. sasabihin nyo na ang strikto namin sa lahat ng bagay pero pag kayo naman magpapaka strikto may naririnig ba kayo samin?wala db?ocge kung meron ano? cge nga...wala tlg eh!kasi sa totoo lang mas marunong kami makaintindi kesa sanyo..pag cnbi naming "ikaw lang..." hindi tlg kami titingin sa iba.the moment na landiin kami "may bf na ko.."

un kagad e db?pero pag kayo nilandi ni masabing kakilala nyo kami di nyo

magawa kasi gustong gusto nyo ung feeling na may lumalandi snyo. so pano ba namang ndi kami magiging strikto kung kayo mismo walang magawa pag anjan na...

sabihin na nating mahirap manligaw...ocge mahirap pala eh,bat nyo pa ginagawa???
pag ligaw di ibig sabhin nun magiging kayo na! kaya nga ligaw e...dalawa sagot nyan sa huli,

its either ayaw tlg namin or oo subukan natin.

tpos sasabihin nyo masakit mabasted?expect the unexpected.

di porke napayagan ka ng manligaw e oo na kagad ung sagot namin kaya nyo lang
inaantay...kagaguhan un! shmpre papakita nyo lng ung "good side" db?tapos pag naging kayo na...wala na...lahat ng baho lumabas na. so sino sa tingin nyo nagssuffer sa huli?kami db?wag nyo sabihing kayo kasi kagaguhan ulit un!

minsan kasi pag alam na ng guy na mahal na mahal na sila,ayan na...they'll start taking the girl for granted. pag alam na nilang ang baba na tlg ng pride ng babae kayo naman magpapahabol ganun ba? tapos pag muka na kaming tanga
ipagmamayabang nyo pa sa mga kaibigan nyo db? tssssss....tama db?buti nga kayo malasing lang kinabukasan naka move on na e..palibhasa kasi walang nawala snyo.e panu kaya kaming mga girls??? kahit umiyak kami ng dagat wala naman
na kayong pakialam e.db?

so who's selfish now? girls pa rin ba?

we never asked u to fall for us & do everything for us.

it was ur own stupid decision to enter such mess. u guys are lucky coz wer subtle enough to tell u the truth when we don't like u.


All of us have our own expiration date. Today you're in and the next day you're out. Not everyone in this world has the chance to stay forever. Whatever, whenever, whoever or however the reason we will be gone, just like the wind. Even cosmetics have expiration date and especially the food! Friends can live you alone and have their own life same as with some family members. Nothing is permanent in this world. Emotions, feelings, anxiety and love can fade slowly. That's why enjoy until it last. Have fun until there's time. Laugh until you cry. Sing until you feel sick. Hope until you cope. Love until you die. Appreciate every little things around us. It may someday be lost and never be found again but still you have the time to reminisce, to learn and to treasure the memoirs that you have made thru the years, months and days with it. Value what God gives you. Don't ask for more be thankful. :)


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It's a day for the dead people. Time to scare and be scared. Some people start to wear their costumes. Here in the Philippines, it's not too popular to wear and exert some effort in buying or finding a costume for Halloween. It is mostly for the party goers and the elite people have the own "treat or trick" thingy but for the normal people. They just spend their time in the cemetery with their dead love ones. One of these Halloween, I'll try(let me say I want) to attend one. Just to experience wearing costumes that is cute or maybe the sexy and daring?? (kidding) :)

I usually go to Cavite to spend the All saint's day. LOVE-the name of the cemetery we always went by. It's like a feast! More food and more people.

One Short Quick Blog for now...

Last Monday, I have started to have my OJT. I'm feeling it. The corporate world has starting to welcome me step by step. Awesomeness! The company is very supportive towards us. They've given us our IDs, time card and set of rules and regulation. But as time passes by, I felt bored in what I've been going lately. No time to talk. No time to rest. Work work work. Yeah. Nakakapagod din pla humarap sa computer for so long. Busy sila lahat,talagang karir. I also realized that IT people has a boring job. Shocks! Is this really for me? Or I just need to adjust and cope up with the real world? That's it for now. I need to sleep for the next day ahead. Good nyt! :)

Meeting new people is very challenging and exciting. They might stay forever in your life or be gone in just seconds. People will keep entering in your life whether you like it or not. You don't have a choice but to accept them with open arms. Be ready in all possibilities.

What will I do if I met a person? I can't stop talking about him. I keep searching him in facebook without any common friends, without knowing his last name and without any idea of his face after all. Weird. I thought I won't find him. Fortunately, with my skills in searching I found his profile and have the courage to add him.

I was talking to my bestfriend. We both can't stop talking about him. The more we talk, the more we want to know him. Taking a chance, I googled him. I never thought there will be results. I learned more about him. I became his instant "admirer-slash-stalker" because of the information I've got.

If you have the change to met a guy, who is...
-talented in singing(proof: YouTube)
-taking up the same course as u do.
-active in school activities(proof: student leader)
-adventurous(proof: other org he's in)
-nice teeth & smile
-taller than you
-have a good educational background(proof: enrolled in a good university)
-God fearing(assuming lang kase may pictures sila nun holy week sa isang holy place)haha

Those characteristics are superb! It turned out to be the kind of guy, I will fall in love with. I realized something, what if God is letting me have a glimpse with my first and last love. OMG! more Kilig. I will wait for it. To realized it, I have a good imagination, right? kapalan lang ng peys. Daydream. daydream. Gutom? pwede din. :)) He's too busy pa daw kaya God always protects me from harmful raise of human beings that can cause hatred and confusion into my life. A better reason why I honor and trust God's plan. I want it happen, than to what I want and to what isn't for me. Just being a good friend for him will be alright for me. CHANCE. please. Come what may till the END.

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My last blog,I was carried away by my emotions. Sorry. Scratched all those things I've said. I feel much better now because I ready for intership next week. I know right. God has it's own time. I became too impatient lately. Due to pressure.

Anyways, I have a new topic for today. My love for photography. I love taking pictures of random things, people and events in my life. I'm not just taking pictures, I'm taking a shot of what my life is. "Craziness&Fun". I am an ordinary girl but I want an extraordinary life. I'm starting to live my life according to what I want with my camera (of course!). Before, I hate to be seen in some pictures. Life change. I just suddenly started to like be in the pictures. Taking pictures with some angle. It amused me how beautiful world can be. The sky, mother nature, almost everything on it. I appreciated more the goodness of God, how He created the world. So vast and alive, with mysteries and astonishing figures on it. A simple device, changes my outlook in life. After the graduation, I want to take up some photography lessons. Buy my own DLSR. Someday, If I have a chance, start my own photography studio. It gives me reason to live, everytime I'm doing what I really enjoy.

*sky@mall of asia* *me, holding donelle's dlsr*

*malou as my model* *clouds@SLEX*

Hey! I'm back. After twenty days of busy-ness, I'm here to let it out. Feelings, thoughts and mindless opinions of mine.

I wanna cry! Then, scream with all my might. So I could caught the attention of everyone. I'm sad and happy. Sad because I don't still have an assurance for my intership. I felt I am a major loser! Companies doesn't want me. *boo-hu-hu-huuu* I have four interviews then what did I get?? huh? Nothing. My self-esteem was crashed. Big time! Awhile ago, I'm crying. Yes! I know right? Me crying? for the love of gad, Gez! I can't help it. I'm also human. I'm ashamed, everytime I go to school with a formal attire and people keep asking, "where are you going?" For the nth time, I'll answer, "Interview". *Bullshit!* (baka sabihin nila, interview na naman, anak ng!) It feels unfair everytime I think of my other classmates. Unfair for the reason that our chairperson was responsible in finding their company. How about me? Why can't I feel that she is helping us? I know she is busy. I am irritated. hahaha I'm not fully enjoying this sembreak, if I still have some worries about the effin OJT. As the quote said, "Desperate time comes to desperate measure." It's true. I email-ed some companies, who can accept me for intership, I'm praying with all my heart so they will response in my emails. Please pray for me. People all over the world! Pray for me. Thank you. :) Our ojt will be starting next week, what will I do. Can anyone hire me?? Please. I'll kneel and beg in front of you. Just hire me as your trainee. Is that too desperate? Told yah. I'm in desperate times.

Anyways, I'm happy because its just in my nature to be happy and to be alive and to be kicking all the time. Even though, I have a little problems in the way. Thinking positive, that's me! Party everyday. Party eveyday. This week's gonna be a good week. Right?! Tell me I'm right. So I could shut up and have a peace of mind.

That's all. THE END! :)

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A random thought of last year, it was October 30, 2008, I can not remember the reasons why I had this from my cellphone. I actually put my thoughts around 4:37:24 am. Too early or too late to feel those emotions. Let me share this to you:

Missing someone important in your life is hard.
You will always wait for his presence, his voice,
his text message or even just the smell of his
fragrance. You are waiting for the reason, you
want him in your life. You want him to seat here
besides you. You want him to brighten up your day.
You want him to share his life with you. On the
contrary, what did you get? Nothing. So you
suddenly stop missing that person until the time
comes you already forget he exist. The bliss
starts to disappear. The thought of him change.
The feelings eventually fade. One day, he will
come back, too bad you don't care anymore.

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With or Without Ondoy, we have our retreat at Alfonso, Cavite. I felt really lucky because I did not experience to be stranded or walked in a dirty, eeky and muddy flood of Metro Manila. FYI, almost 200 students of St. Paul Manila were stranded and slept in the campus. I'm not one of them. I'm just one of the concerned students, who wants to know if they are doing good or whatever. Lucky in a sense that we arrived safe and early at St. Paul Renewal Center.

*emergency exit - me@ room 218*

I spend my 3days and 2night dedicated for the Lord. I'm very fortunate. Others maybe panicking or hungry by that time, I was praying for them with my classmates and schoolmates. On the other hand, I felt a little guilty because we have a lot of foods to eat. Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and dinner that was our great sacrifice to eat and eat. Compare to the past retreat, this one is a life changing retreat. I learned many good thing about God.

Bro. Roland, the retreat master, a person full of energy in his body. A man who has inspires us to be different and to be a better person. (I hope) He made us laugh but his words are very striking it can hit and open ones eyes for the truth. Every words, every phrases and every sentences are important to dwell into the God's love.

The first night, he made us cry because he told us a sad story from a boy. I really controlled my tears not to fall but I can't. Before tears fall into my eyes, I was saying to myself, "Oh noo.. *sakit na ng lalamunan* hind ko na kaya, magkakaheart attack na yata ako." hahaha Suddenly,I can hear some people crying. Gez! that's hard. It made me felt more uneasy, I accidentally looked at my seatmate, who is crying already, that was the time i released my tears slowly and lost my focus from the story. With a mellow background music and a story like Bro. Roland told us I thought no one can help but to shed tears also. Afterwards, we had a sharing with my groupmates, they were teary eyes while telling the story mostly about parents, being alone and financial problems. Mine was different, second life and rebellious thoughts. It was fun. I shared a part of me to them.

*taken @ the prayer room*

The second day and night, another brother arrived it was Bro. Odey, who facilitated some activities. He made us draw a pictures in our traced hands and every finger represents something. Index finger- a word or phrase that can describe myself. Middle finger- draw greatest growth experience. Ring finger - Bad or negative attitude. Pinky finger - God's greatest gift not a person. Palm - What keeps you going in life? Wrist - name or nickname. Of course, sharing again with another set of group mates, this time with accounting or fma students. We met new friends, I again shared a part of me thru that sharing. I felt loved from God from the stories of people around me. The last session for the night was unforgettable experience. A time alone for God. It was like close encounter with God. I felt his presence. A feeling I wish lasted for long. I cried. Hagulgol to max. I tried to be quiet but there were times I can not. It ended with more hugs from my friends, my classmates and my group mates. Affection, I need it once in a while. All the burden was released. I like it.

*Last day, barkada picture*

The last day, confession and sang songs of praises. Deep inside, I don't want to end my retreat. I want to stay there. Peace of mind, tranquility are words can describe my stay in that retreat. Now, it's back to reality. Living a life with worldly temptation again but I will avoid it. God is in my heart.

Lesson in Life: "We can't have every thing we desire, but we have everything we need."


Flavors. In picking a flavor in an ice cream is hard to do. Especially if there are different sweet melting flavors infront of me. What should I do? What should I taste first? Will I pick the best flavor of all? Will I regret my choice? Those are some questions popping in and out of my mind every second I look on those sweet ice creams. It's hard to choose. My long time favorite or the rare and one of kind. That's hard. I could only choose one.
*Ice cream, great. :)*

In life, If people have different and many choices, they tend to get confused. Just like me. One confused babe. To be or not to be? To trust my heart or my mind? To ignore or to take a look? To risk or to wonder all a long? To expect or to be surprise? Emotions get tangled every time I think about my choices. My mind spins non-stop. Thinking. Focusing. Roaming. Wondering. Damn! Then, a major headache comes by to stay. Why should I be thinking those stuffs? Why can't I blurt some ideas revolving to those stuffs? Sometimes, I feel it's just there to stay in my head to occupy it until I can't handle it anymore. It will slowly fades away. Time to decide and be happy in the things I have and you have. Stop the confusion. Don't let it eat our way. Let God guides us in every decision we make to. Smile the confusion all the way. Amen. :)

One of the stressful days of College life is thesis. You're out of place if you haven't experienced doing a thesis whether a baby thesis or an actual thesis that might be the cause of not attending in your graduation. I am happy to say that me and my groupmates have been finished doing it a while ago and also submitted it to our professor. I thank God for helping us in our desperate needs. The only challenge we are going to encounter is the defense. I know, the stress is still on. It will be next week. I should start studying our thesis. We need collaboration and the sense of being Ms. Know-it-all, even though we're not. hahaha. White lies is indeed needed. Practice makes perfect A ++. Right! Go. go.

*looking at my phone very sleeping. doing the cost and benefit analysis*
(@ninay's crib)

I felt really pressured in doing the thesis. Time pressured. The deadlines and the requirements are major cause of my sleepless nights, my 24/7 online duty, my stuttering moments, my memory gaps and my constipation(haha! secret lang natin). Too much makes my mind to clurred and narrow. Despite of thesis, we still have other systems to finish with different programming lauguage like C#, .ASP and visual basic. I have the reason to be BANGAG. For example, sleep in the class, mumble words differently that no one understand but me, get easily tired without doing too much work and going a lot of crazy things. I dunno how or why I can keep up with this shits. I can simply say, I trust God and thank Him with every single grace He has given to me. Praise the LORD! wooh. :)

*the tools we used for the thesis. me busy doing nothing*
(@ninay's room)

After September, it will be petiks time. BUM world will surely welcome me again. Party starts and drinking seesions will be part of it. I hope it will be fun sembreak because it will be my last sembreak. huhuhu Besides, I only have 2 weeks of vacation. I think. Then, implementaion time! thesis again with codes and codes. Together with our OJT, we will continue doing the f*cking thesis. I'm getting fat, for the reason that all I can do is eat, sit, type, stand and move the mouse. Very tiring and productive? haha Anyways, I'm proud to let others know I can sleep earlier!!! FUN.


Yes! all of us I think is a user of this social networking site called FACEBOOK, even our relatives and professors are signing up. I'm totally hooked with this site. I'm close to be called "Admin". I'm always using that site for updating myself to my friends, for commenting, for playing the applications they have or for liking the stuff the people are posting in their walls. My life evolves in this site. Morning until dawn count on me, I'll be there. Addict! yeah. That's the right word. If you heard the words, facebook addict, I'm guilty as charge plus a reward to those people will caught me harvesting my crops in Farmville. hahaha. Level 20 as of now, within two or more weeks of playing, I just can't stop plowing, seeding and harvesting my farm. I never thought I will be like this towards farmville. Before, I just ignored those request they kept sending me but at the end I gave in. Because one of my friends, requesting to send a gift to him. I'm kind-hearted that time, so I send him one tree. A night, I won't forget, the reason I became addicted to Farmville big time. He keeps on telling me, send me gifts. I said, sure why not, cause I'm bored that time. I gave it try and ta-da! I can't stop playing. OMG! Sleepness nights and sneaking to Net Lab just to harvest. I think my friends are starting to get hooked also, due to my persistent actions.

Last early Sunday, I opened my facebook and did the usual things. Unfortunately, when I came back home, I can't log-in. It lasted for almost 4 days without Facebook in our house. I'm close to dying and depression. hahaha. I did everything. I restore, clean-up, delete the temporary, history and cookies of my browsers and even reinstall my operating system for the sake of Facebook. Nothing happened until this day, I tried again and it worked. Yey! back to business in facebook. More plowing, seeding and harvesting to go. Level UP! wooh.

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Kimmy Dora + Jabbawockeez = Happiness without Kiyeme.

Today,we went to Makati to watch a movie. We ate first at CPK, ordered my favorite bbQ salad. Then, off to buy tickets for "Kimmy Dora". I thought, it was boring or might be corny, so I'm not that excited to watch the movie. I just wanted to go out somewhere, that's why I was tag along by my mom. We roamed around Glorietta, waiting for the time to enter the movie house. Little did I know, when we arrived I was totally shocked by the length of the line. Cinema 6 to Timezone. Gez! never expected that kind of line. Eugene Domingo have a lot of fans, infairness to her. People who have lined-up was the people I'll never realize and expect to watch the movie. Those sosyaleras! hahahaha. I also saw Carmi Martin, finding a seat for her date. Jam-pack kasi as in. The movie was really funny. I were crying because of my laughter. Uber tawa talaga! It was great. ROFL-that's the right term to describe my feelings a while ago. Two thumbs up! and around of a clause. The movie made my day. Compare to Tanging Ina the movie, I'll rather choose this to watch it all over again.

After the movie, my number one concern was to see Live the Jabbawockeez. It was a success. :) True! Siksik kung siksik. Walang Kiyeme kiyeme. It's the icing on top for this day. People was all over the place, the major reason why, I can only see the miniature version of them. :D Babawi na lang ako sa projector.

Now, I can't connect to FB. LECHE! I've done it all but its useless.


Huling araw na ng agosto at gusto ko ipahayag ang aking saloobin sa wikang tagalog. Dahil na din ngayon ay "buwan ng Wika". Sa totoo lang, hindi ako sanay sa aking ginagawa. Mahirap pala pag purong Tagalog kung gagamitin sa aking blog.

Hay buhay! Sadyang mahirap intindihin. Ang hirap pakisamahan minsan. Nakakaloka. Nakakalito. Ngunit masarap mabuhay. Ang daming kong kailangan tapos pero naiisipan ko pa din ituloy ang pagblog. Mukhang patay na naman ako bukas nito. Mahihirapan na naman ako magising.

Nakakaiyak minsan mabuhay. Maiiyak ka sa kalungkutan o sa kasiyahan. Minsan din, sa wala. Practice lang, gusto mo lang makita sa iyong sarili umiyak sa harap ng salamin. *baliw?haha* Paano ba mabuhay? Ano ba ang ating kailangan gawin kaya tayo nabuhay? Para kanino kaya? Syo o sa kanya? *iiyyee* Bangag na ko pasensyahan nyo na. Umiikot na aking utak sa kawalan. Gusto kasi magblog kaso kulang ang aking preparasyon sa aking itatype. Kaya kung ano na lang maisipan. Gusto ko lang mabawasan ang aking iniisip. Katulad na lang ng "thesis". Sino ba nakaimbento nyan? Leche. Pinapahirapan nya buhay namin. Lalo sa aking kursong kinukuha ang dali dali gawin.*mahirap talaga* Naingit ako sa iba noong nalaman kong chicken balls lang ang kailangan nilang i-defense. Watdapak. Parang gusto kong tumalon sa building, trip ko lang noong narinig ko yun. Kinakabahan pa sila. Bat ganun? Doon ko lang nalaman na ang talino ko. Hindi basta basta ang aming "thesis". *yabang mode* Ang dami ko pang gagawin at ito ako, nakikipaglokohan sa aking keyboard. Bangag na naman ako bukas. Lagot na ko. Kaya tatapusin ko na aking pag tatagalog sa araw na ito. Salamat. BOW. :)

Marriage- one of Religious Education Subject in our School. A requirement in this subject, is to able to submit a love story written by ourselves. It could be anyone or someone but my story is very far from my experience. It's only a fiction. Maybe I could be writting my future love story. Who knows, right?

Due to stress, I loss track of dates, so the time that we should submit the requirement to our professor. I was shocked to know that day was the deadline of the love story.* Damdam* I sacrifice my days and my nights on writing that Effin story. :)) *tapos i'll just forget to print and have a backup copy in my usb hub* AiCaramba! My professor by the way kept reminding us that she won't accept late papers. huhuhu I used my charm and my prof did understand. Thank God. :) I also read the stories of my friends and all I can say is "thumbs up"! I enjoyed reading them in the jeepneys, in my room or anywhere I felt boredom.

The following words, sentences, and paragraphs are from the excerpt of a love story written by moi, entitled "A Prayer"...

Reena doesn’t know about Kenneth, that he is secretly in love with her from the first day he notice her. He can’t get enough of her especially, when their paths met again in the chapel. He is too shy that’s why he did not smile back then. He felt also sadness, when he saw Reena crying. He took courage to give the handkerchief to her. He wants to comfort her that time. If only he can he will. Moreover, they also share both the same prayer for finding the right person. Despite of letting God find the girl for him, he still hopes that it would be Reena. His love for her is very deep and everlasting. Every day with her for him is paradise, a place of true happiness. The only problem is how he will tell her.

One night, Kenneth called Reena told her to go outside of their house. She changed clothes and went out. Kenneth asks for a walk near the beach. While walking, as their normal selves, they have been usually the goofy ones. When they reach the place, they saw a bonfire. They sit next to it and saw the sky twinkle because of the stars shimmering endlessly. They start star gazing. It was cold so Kenneth took off his jacket and put it to Reena. They spotted a falling star. They both close their eyes and wish. Kenneth wish, “I wish this night will be special.” Out of nowhere, Kenneth told to her, “Let’s dance?!” “You’re really out of our mind. There’s no music”, Reena said. He just opens his cellphone and plays some songs. So they dance to the up beat tune. Dancing like there’s no tomorrow. Later on, the song was changed with a slow melody. Kenneth takes her hand and she gets closer to Kenneth. The moonlight is like a limelight in a dance floor giving them luminosity to dance. Kenneth looks at Reena’s eyes. Then, he brushes her hair out of her face slowly and locks it in her ears. He leans closer and whispers something to Reena, “You think it would be crazy, I know. From moment you first smiled at me you had my full attention; suddenly the world seems such a perfect place. When you laughed you had my urge to laugh with you, suddenly my life doesn't seem such a waste. When you cried you had my urge to hold you once again. You are the perfect girl for me.” Then, he looks at her eyes again and said sincerely with all his heart, “I Love You!” Tears fell into Reena’s eyes again but this time it is the opposite reason. She felt butterflies dancing in her stomach, blood rush to her veins and an indescribable feeling. Reena open her lips for a reply, “Awhile ago, I wish for a person, who I will love and will love me back. Then, you said you loved me. I guess you’re the prize; you’re God’s gift to me. I love you too!” Kenneth lightly pushes up her chin, look into her deep brown eyes, tell her again he loves her, and kisses her gently.

The night ended and they start a new chapter in their lives. Love and life can be both a roller coaster ride but you just to have trust God like Reena and Kenneth did. Three years has passed by, Kenneth proposed to Reena. After one year, they got married and similar to Auntie Julie, they also include on the misallete the prayer to share it with others, to find their true love with a blessing from the Lord.

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I know. It's late. I was busy. Anyways, Last August 1, 2009, we loss our former President Cory Aquino because of cancer. A very sad moment for the Republic of the Philippines and especially for the Aquino Family. Condolence to them.

*left - me @ school, middle - while waiting,
right - with my sister wearing a yellow shirt(the color for cory)*

Watching the televise burial of Cory was very heart melting. People all over the Philippines were mourning. I was touch by the words that the people, who knew Cory personally. She was kind, helpful and generous person. I hope when I die people will say good things about me like Cory, people will share memories that will last in their hearts. I was inspired by her good works and good deeds. She was a prayerful and God-fearing person. I instantly admire her personality. I know it's too late but she will always be in our history. Our Mother of Democracy and the wife of former Sen. Ninoy Aquino will always be remembered.

August 5, 2009. When it's time to deliver the eulogy by Kris Aquino, I shed tears, I felt the loneliness inside of her. One of the best eulogies that I heard.

“I’m sorry mom, I lied to you. Nagsinungaling ako when I told you na we would be okay. I did this because we wanted you to be free from all your pain at para hindi ka na mag-alala tungkol sa amin. Pero, mom, it would take a lifetime for us to be okay because we will forever miss you,”
-Kris Aquino
Many people was affected, I can say. Then, they were off to Manila Memorial. We are near so me, my sister and my mom decided to come. We wanted to be part of the historical event. We waited for almost 7 hours. Just standing and eating. I saw a lot of people holding DSLR with huge lenses. Gez. I envy them for a while. I can't stop starring in their cameras. Someday I'll own one. That day, made me realized how I really like photography and how I badly want to have my very own DSLR. I also want to serve our nation. *wow* In my little way, I will. A day of excitement and inspiration. A day I won't forget. :)

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Finally, exams are over. :) I can chill again. A while ago, was the last exam, we have taken. Maybe this will be also our last written exams for midterm because next semester will be our OJT. I guess we need to start finding a company, who will hire us, for the training. Geez! time is blazing like a wind. Fast. Fast Fast. 7 months from now will be saying good bye to college life and hello real world. This sucks! I'm starting to feel damn old. I'll be working soon. I need to stay focus. A lot of works, I should be finishing right now. My laziness again is keeping me busy.

*Reviewing for Web Progmming subj*

Few days ago, I'm too lazy to study. I rather open and browse my facebook than to study. A big NO-no! Especially now, I'm a graduating student, wrong move and I'm dead. Facebook, really keeps me busy all this time. I'm sooooo adicted to that site. What's the cure for that phenomenome? I can't help it. I haven't studied hard because of facebook and sleepiness. I studied on the day of the exams about one to two hours before an exam. I'm a good student, right? What will happen to my grades! Oh my! I can only do is ask a miracle to the Lord. hahaha Please help me pass the exams. Amen. :)

*G.I. JOE- the rise of cobra*

To ease the stress, we unwind. We watched the movie G.I. Joe. One cool movie. Love story plus action equals a trilling and exciting movie. This year actually has a lot of must-seen-movies. I'll be listing the movies I should be watching in the movie house or in dvds. I'm a movie buff like my co-family members. They love movies, i also do and I do love DUKE. :)) sweetHUNK!

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A lot of things to think about. A lot of things to do. But one problem, so little time. I missed blogging. Its been a while, I've been busy with our thesis and with our requirements. Eleven days passed by, since my last blog. I told to myself, I'll try to update my blog as often as I can. On the other hand, my laziness is one of the hindrance. haha. *kaya ngayon na lang ulit ako nakapagblog* I have more stories to tell.

Team Building of CS/IT - July 20, 09

Lets go back the day before that. July 19,it was Sunday. I woke up early. I went to church by myself cause my mom and sister was still asleep. When I was in the Church, I remembered a portion of my love story, I spotted a cute guy praying solemly by himself. At the back of my mind, "the love story was coming true?? wow! eto na po ba sya?" *hallucination was occuring that time to me with kilig* For the reason, that its seldom to see a cute guy praying in the church. A God-fearing guy? Nowadays, you'll see them in the missionaries. Am I right?

After the mass, I'm late. What's new? 8am was the call time but I arrived around 10am. I'm very sorry for that but I have a good reason behind my tardiness. I lighten one candle for our thesis and one for the success of team building. See! A good reason to be late. We're all busy brainstorming, buying stuffs and preparing all the materials needed. Mall hopping was one major activity, it was hard without a private vechicle to use. Taxi to walking to walking to still walking. I felt I lose 10 pounds for that. Cool. :) instant lipo. hahaha I went home around 9pm.

Next day, I was late again. Aaarrgg! Traffic. However, I saw a friend. *sabay kami sa fx, yehey!* My friend was late for an exam, while I was late for a quiz. My prof gave some consideration, I'm happy, even though I haven't answer some of the questions. At least, I have some answers. We watched a film. Dismissed. Team building! Oh my. It was fun. Exciting. I was the one incharge for the documentation. I volunteered myself to be able to take some pictures of my crush without being too obvious. *stalker alert* It's hard to pretend, I don't know the person. I guess, I'm good playing the role. ;)) The activities were done, time to go home. Over-all, it was great. At last, I can breath! One down, more to go.

*Before and After*


Seminar - "Creative Minds"

The seminar was conducted by our block section, I'm incharge with the raffle draw. Love it! Exposure. Too bad, some of our invited audience did not came. :( On the contrary, It's also a success. Again, One down! wooh.

*waiting for my turn*


Freshmen Initiation

Cancelled for the nth time! Beacause of the weather, rally, sona, and the annivesary of the Iglesia ni Christo.


Thesis - "Enrollment System"

Finally, we have the title and the chapter one! Ride on. :)) Thanks to my patient groupmates. We discussed our thesis almost everyday in YM using conference. Without YM we're nothing. hahaha Without other people we're also nothing. We passed the draft of the first chapter yesterday.


*No time for texting*

Busy like a bumble bee. Last time, I have 64 unread messages on my cellphone it was all forwarded messages. No time to read. Right now, my cellphone is for emergencies only. *tagal ko din hnd nagUnli. Katamad na magcellphone gastos din magload.* I'm enjoying to be busy and active. I'll not stop from being busy. :)) *busy busyhan* I'm loving it!

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