Marriage- one of Religious Education Subject in our School. A requirement in this subject, is to able to submit a love story written by ourselves. It could be anyone or someone but my story is very far from my experience. It's only a fiction. Maybe I could be writting my future love story. Who knows, right?

Due to stress, I loss track of dates, so the time that we should submit the requirement to our professor. I was shocked to know that day was the deadline of the love story.* Damdam* I sacrifice my days and my nights on writing that Effin story. :)) *tapos i'll just forget to print and have a backup copy in my usb hub* AiCaramba! My professor by the way kept reminding us that she won't accept late papers. huhuhu I used my charm and my prof did understand. Thank God. :) I also read the stories of my friends and all I can say is "thumbs up"! I enjoyed reading them in the jeepneys, in my room or anywhere I felt boredom.

The following words, sentences, and paragraphs are from the excerpt of a love story written by moi, entitled "A Prayer"...

Reena doesn’t know about Kenneth, that he is secretly in love with her from the first day he notice her. He can’t get enough of her especially, when their paths met again in the chapel. He is too shy that’s why he did not smile back then. He felt also sadness, when he saw Reena crying. He took courage to give the handkerchief to her. He wants to comfort her that time. If only he can he will. Moreover, they also share both the same prayer for finding the right person. Despite of letting God find the girl for him, he still hopes that it would be Reena. His love for her is very deep and everlasting. Every day with her for him is paradise, a place of true happiness. The only problem is how he will tell her.

One night, Kenneth called Reena told her to go outside of their house. She changed clothes and went out. Kenneth asks for a walk near the beach. While walking, as their normal selves, they have been usually the goofy ones. When they reach the place, they saw a bonfire. They sit next to it and saw the sky twinkle because of the stars shimmering endlessly. They start star gazing. It was cold so Kenneth took off his jacket and put it to Reena. They spotted a falling star. They both close their eyes and wish. Kenneth wish, “I wish this night will be special.” Out of nowhere, Kenneth told to her, “Let’s dance?!” “You’re really out of our mind. There’s no music”, Reena said. He just opens his cellphone and plays some songs. So they dance to the up beat tune. Dancing like there’s no tomorrow. Later on, the song was changed with a slow melody. Kenneth takes her hand and she gets closer to Kenneth. The moonlight is like a limelight in a dance floor giving them luminosity to dance. Kenneth looks at Reena’s eyes. Then, he brushes her hair out of her face slowly and locks it in her ears. He leans closer and whispers something to Reena, “You think it would be crazy, I know. From moment you first smiled at me you had my full attention; suddenly the world seems such a perfect place. When you laughed you had my urge to laugh with you, suddenly my life doesn't seem such a waste. When you cried you had my urge to hold you once again. You are the perfect girl for me.” Then, he looks at her eyes again and said sincerely with all his heart, “I Love You!” Tears fell into Reena’s eyes again but this time it is the opposite reason. She felt butterflies dancing in her stomach, blood rush to her veins and an indescribable feeling. Reena open her lips for a reply, “Awhile ago, I wish for a person, who I will love and will love me back. Then, you said you loved me. I guess you’re the prize; you’re God’s gift to me. I love you too!” Kenneth lightly pushes up her chin, look into her deep brown eyes, tell her again he loves her, and kisses her gently.

The night ended and they start a new chapter in their lives. Love and life can be both a roller coaster ride but you just to have trust God like Reena and Kenneth did. Three years has passed by, Kenneth proposed to Reena. After one year, they got married and similar to Auntie Julie, they also include on the misallete the prayer to share it with others, to find their true love with a blessing from the Lord.

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I know. It's late. I was busy. Anyways, Last August 1, 2009, we loss our former President Cory Aquino because of cancer. A very sad moment for the Republic of the Philippines and especially for the Aquino Family. Condolence to them.

*left - me @ school, middle - while waiting,
right - with my sister wearing a yellow shirt(the color for cory)*

Watching the televise burial of Cory was very heart melting. People all over the Philippines were mourning. I was touch by the words that the people, who knew Cory personally. She was kind, helpful and generous person. I hope when I die people will say good things about me like Cory, people will share memories that will last in their hearts. I was inspired by her good works and good deeds. She was a prayerful and God-fearing person. I instantly admire her personality. I know it's too late but she will always be in our history. Our Mother of Democracy and the wife of former Sen. Ninoy Aquino will always be remembered.

August 5, 2009. When it's time to deliver the eulogy by Kris Aquino, I shed tears, I felt the loneliness inside of her. One of the best eulogies that I heard.

“I’m sorry mom, I lied to you. Nagsinungaling ako when I told you na we would be okay. I did this because we wanted you to be free from all your pain at para hindi ka na mag-alala tungkol sa amin. Pero, mom, it would take a lifetime for us to be okay because we will forever miss you,”
-Kris Aquino
Many people was affected, I can say. Then, they were off to Manila Memorial. We are near so me, my sister and my mom decided to come. We wanted to be part of the historical event. We waited for almost 7 hours. Just standing and eating. I saw a lot of people holding DSLR with huge lenses. Gez. I envy them for a while. I can't stop starring in their cameras. Someday I'll own one. That day, made me realized how I really like photography and how I badly want to have my very own DSLR. I also want to serve our nation. *wow* In my little way, I will. A day of excitement and inspiration. A day I won't forget. :)

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Finally, exams are over. :) I can chill again. A while ago, was the last exam, we have taken. Maybe this will be also our last written exams for midterm because next semester will be our OJT. I guess we need to start finding a company, who will hire us, for the training. Geez! time is blazing like a wind. Fast. Fast Fast. 7 months from now will be saying good bye to college life and hello real world. This sucks! I'm starting to feel damn old. I'll be working soon. I need to stay focus. A lot of works, I should be finishing right now. My laziness again is keeping me busy.

*Reviewing for Web Progmming subj*

Few days ago, I'm too lazy to study. I rather open and browse my facebook than to study. A big NO-no! Especially now, I'm a graduating student, wrong move and I'm dead. Facebook, really keeps me busy all this time. I'm sooooo adicted to that site. What's the cure for that phenomenome? I can't help it. I haven't studied hard because of facebook and sleepiness. I studied on the day of the exams about one to two hours before an exam. I'm a good student, right? What will happen to my grades! Oh my! I can only do is ask a miracle to the Lord. hahaha Please help me pass the exams. Amen. :)

*G.I. JOE- the rise of cobra*

To ease the stress, we unwind. We watched the movie G.I. Joe. One cool movie. Love story plus action equals a trilling and exciting movie. This year actually has a lot of must-seen-movies. I'll be listing the movies I should be watching in the movie house or in dvds. I'm a movie buff like my co-family members. They love movies, i also do and I do love DUKE. :)) sweetHUNK!

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