Time fly so fast! OMG! 3 months to go and I will be graduating soon. This is it! Evidence that I'll be graduating. -"GRADUATION PICTURES!"

It took me a lot of time to finalize my creative shots. Audrey Hepburn to Dark angel then finally I became an Egyptian. They told me, I'm cleopatra! haha Let it be! :) 1:30pm to 4:00pm! It was tiring. Smile here and there. Change outfit once in a while. Cool. I lurve it! that's the reason why many girls like to be a model. I'm one of them.

My pictures:


*toga - creative(egyptian) - formal *

To my College Love,

This is why.

Well, I’m reserving you for the future. Because I can’t imagine losing you just because I’m still immature, we’re still young, and you still don’t know what you want in life. I’ve always loved you. And I hope you know that. Because I’ve loved you the way I understand love and somehow, I felt loved even without hearing those three words from you.

But I’m gonna have to wait. As much as I would like to be with you as soon as possible, I’m gonna have to think long-term. You’re the one I want to be with forever. And we both know that if we get into a relationship right now, somehow, our chance of making it together forever will diminish. And that would be worse than not being able to have you now.

And though I know that it’s gonna be me and you in the end, I try to think that we shouldn’t just rush things. Not because I don’t want to be with you, but because I know that this is the right thing for us. And yes, when I’m talking about US here, that’s something that I just can’t afford to mess up with. I’m doing this one step at a time, just to have you for the rest of my life.

And believe me, it’s not easy. You’re not making it any easier for me, too. Because every single time I see you, I realize that it’s definitely YOU that I want to spend the rest of my life with. And when we’re together, I know that I’m at my best. And I just wanna start spending the first day of my forever with you — right away.

But I’ve got to think of what I really want — Would I really want to have you now and lose that chance of having you forever? Or am I willing to wait for a few years to have you for the rest of my life? I’m sure you know what I’ll choose. Well, what I’ve already chosen.

I will wait. Though I can’t wait to spend every single day with you, to call you babe or honey or psst, and share my life with you, I will wait. Though I can’t wait to kiss you goodnight, argue with you about relationship stuff, or cook for you, I will wait. Though I can’t wait to be your girl, to hold you in my arms, to hold your coffee while you drive, or to just cuddle you all day, I will wait. I will patiently wait for the right time, with nothing to hold on to, but the mere thought that all this waiting is the only way to keep you forever.

So just imagine how much I love you —
Imagine how you’ve turned this immature little girl who’s always been used to getting things her way, right away — to this mature being who has chosen to wait for the right time, and suffer for the meantime, just to keep you, the guy she loves, forever.

And I’ve always believed in us. I’ve always believed that after college, after we learn from our mistakes by loving other people, which we know won’t last, we’ll be realizing even more how much we are meant to be. And believe me, we will.

Yes, I can wait for the meantime. If waiting for the meantime means keeping you for the rest of my life.

The girl who never said those three words/ but has always loved you, nonetheless. ♥

***Another grabbed post from a friend in Facebook! I can relate. Totally! :)***

Finally, I have watched it with my friends. I am totally excited when I heard that "New Moon" will be in theaters on Nov.20,2009. Especially when I saw the trailer of the movie and when I saw the transformation of Jacob Black from UNNOTICED to HOT NOTICEABLE guy.

I knew this will be a block buster movie so to avoid hassle. With my own will I reserved some tickets and seats for my friends. I got the tickets 2 days ahead of the world premiere of New Moon. Very Good decision! *applause for me* I can't wait to watched the movie that time. I frequently smile without reason but to watch the movie.

*tickets! - line who wants to watch new moon*

Moreover, the time to watch. OA! the line was sooooooo loooooonnnngg! At least, we don't have to fall in line. We just entered the movie house with ice mocha and a cookie in our hands.

*look at the jacob! ssoo HOT!*
Fave scenes:
-the moment Jacob take off his shirt to wipe Bella's bleeding head. *HOT!*
-outside the movie house, Jacob suddenly held Bella's hand. *Mr.smooth operator! sweet!*
-the scene where Jacob went to Bella's room and they hugged each other. *take note: Jacob was shirtless, abs. abs. abs*
-Jacob doesn't want Bella to leave with Alice to go to Edward. *I felt the pain for Jacob*
-Bella runs toward Edward. She save him to break a rule.
-Bella was having a nightmare, when she woke up, Edward was beside her comforting her. *iloveit!*
-Jacob vs. Edward moment.

Everything was great! Most of the scenes I like and love was with Jacob. I'm so bias because I'm a team jacob girl. But in the end of the day, team Edward will always win. No can do! Vampires, the cold ones. Yah, I know. :)
It means to wait.

A came across with this quote while reading "Our Daily Bread". I want to share this with you.

"What a chapter might be written of God's delays! It is the mystery of the art of educating human spirits to the finest temper of which they are capable. What searching of heart, what analyzing of motives, what testing of the Word of God, what upliftings of soul. All these are associated with those weary days of waiting, which are, nevertheless, big with spiritual destiny."
-F.B. Meyer

*If I'm becoming too impatient on the events occurring in my life,God has His own way to tell me to be patient and to wait. Everything will fall into place in God's time. =)

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Sabi ng mga lalake sila daw nahihirapan when it comes to the whole procedure of making the girl fall.

They have to plan this and that...spend money just to buy a simple teddy bear to make the girl smile.

They have to do almost everything just to make us believe that when they say "i love you" they mean it...Sabi pa nila sila ung nahihirapan pag nagkakaroon ng LQ kasi dapat cla pa ung gagawa ng 1st move at manunuyo. Mahirap daw e...ung sitwasyon nila pag nababasted kasi masakit daw un.

A girl's point of view:

So ur sayin...u love the girl and u mean it ey? That u'll do everything for us NOT to cry, that u'll stay with us even if everything becomes harder than it seems, and u'll prove us that ur downright honest with everything that u utter. u expect us to believe that crap???? mga chong di naman kasi kami ganun katanga eh...

hindi naman porke nakita lang namin na "ui ang bait pala nya..." e mahal na namin kagad kayo!

sasabihin nyo samin na mahal nyo kami ni hindi nyo pa nga kami ganun kakilala? makita nyo lang
na "ui ang pretty naman nya!ligawan ko kaya?"

tapos ano?mahal nyo na kagad kami?

kaya ngafriends muna eh! para makilala nyo muna kami ng mabuti para pag nagkarelasyon na ndi nyo
pagsisihan na nagsayang kayo ng panahong manligaw. sasabihin nyo na ang strikto namin sa lahat ng bagay pero pag kayo naman magpapaka strikto may naririnig ba kayo samin?wala db?ocge kung meron ano? cge nga...wala tlg eh!kasi sa totoo lang mas marunong kami makaintindi kesa sanyo..pag cnbi naming "ikaw lang..." hindi tlg kami titingin sa iba.the moment na landiin kami "may bf na ko.."

un kagad e db?pero pag kayo nilandi ni masabing kakilala nyo kami di nyo

magawa kasi gustong gusto nyo ung feeling na may lumalandi snyo. so pano ba namang ndi kami magiging strikto kung kayo mismo walang magawa pag anjan na...

sabihin na nating mahirap manligaw...ocge mahirap pala eh,bat nyo pa ginagawa???
pag ligaw di ibig sabhin nun magiging kayo na! kaya nga ligaw e...dalawa sagot nyan sa huli,

its either ayaw tlg namin or oo subukan natin.

tpos sasabihin nyo masakit mabasted?expect the unexpected.

di porke napayagan ka ng manligaw e oo na kagad ung sagot namin kaya nyo lang
inaantay...kagaguhan un! shmpre papakita nyo lng ung "good side" db?tapos pag naging kayo na...wala na...lahat ng baho lumabas na. so sino sa tingin nyo nagssuffer sa huli?kami db?wag nyo sabihing kayo kasi kagaguhan ulit un!

minsan kasi pag alam na ng guy na mahal na mahal na sila,ayan na...they'll start taking the girl for granted. pag alam na nilang ang baba na tlg ng pride ng babae kayo naman magpapahabol ganun ba? tapos pag muka na kaming tanga
ipagmamayabang nyo pa sa mga kaibigan nyo db? tssssss....tama db?buti nga kayo malasing lang kinabukasan naka move on na e..palibhasa kasi walang nawala snyo.e panu kaya kaming mga girls??? kahit umiyak kami ng dagat wala naman
na kayong pakialam e.db?

so who's selfish now? girls pa rin ba?

we never asked u to fall for us & do everything for us.

it was ur own stupid decision to enter such mess. u guys are lucky coz wer subtle enough to tell u the truth when we don't like u.


All of us have our own expiration date. Today you're in and the next day you're out. Not everyone in this world has the chance to stay forever. Whatever, whenever, whoever or however the reason we will be gone, just like the wind. Even cosmetics have expiration date and especially the food! Friends can live you alone and have their own life same as with some family members. Nothing is permanent in this world. Emotions, feelings, anxiety and love can fade slowly. That's why enjoy until it last. Have fun until there's time. Laugh until you cry. Sing until you feel sick. Hope until you cope. Love until you die. Appreciate every little things around us. It may someday be lost and never be found again but still you have the time to reminisce, to learn and to treasure the memoirs that you have made thru the years, months and days with it. Value what God gives you. Don't ask for more be thankful. :)


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It's a day for the dead people. Time to scare and be scared. Some people start to wear their costumes. Here in the Philippines, it's not too popular to wear and exert some effort in buying or finding a costume for Halloween. It is mostly for the party goers and the elite people have the own "treat or trick" thingy but for the normal people. They just spend their time in the cemetery with their dead love ones. One of these Halloween, I'll try(let me say I want) to attend one. Just to experience wearing costumes that is cute or maybe the sexy and daring?? (kidding) :)

I usually go to Cavite to spend the All saint's day. LOVE-the name of the cemetery we always went by. It's like a feast! More food and more people.