Play this before reading the short dialogue. :)
*Got this from a friend.* enjoy reading.

Your new girlfriend is pretty.
(I bet she stole your heart)

Boy: yeah, she is.
(But you’re still the most beautiful girl I know)

Girl: I heard she’s funny & amazing.
(All the stuff I wasn’t)

Boy: She sure is.
(But she’s nothing compared to you…)

Girl: I bet you know everything about her by now
(Like how you knew just about everything about me)

Boy: Only the stuff that count
(I can’t even remember the stuff she tells me when I think of you)

Girl: Well, I hope you guys last.
(Because we never did)

Boy: I hope we do too.
(Whatever happened to me & you?)

Girl: Well I got to go.
(Before I start to cry)

Boy: Yeah me too.
(I hope I don’t cry)

Girl: Bye.
(I still love you)

Boy: Later.
(I never stopped)

Bittersweet. THE END.

I dunno what to blog right now. Total black out. Hmmmm..I'm just looking forward to the last days of my college life. I want to have fun and bond with my college friends, in short create good memories for the following days. Especially with our schedules, we seldom see each other. If we have chance to parteeey! Go go go. Life is short so live like there's no tomorrow. I can say, I have met a lot of good people in my life that's worth keeping. I'm thankful for it. I want to make more lasting memories with them.


"Nerds are for Dorks."

The first ever photo I uploaded in my very own TUMBLR.
I created my account yesterday. I will reblog and share my edited
pictures there but THIS blog will always be for my long and winding
thoughts or weird antics or happiness.


I don't usually write my new year resolutions. I actually don't list any of it. *Kasi hindi naman nasusunod* That's the real reason. What I have in mind right now is a lot of plans for this year. I hope it will push through. For this TWENTY-O-TEN...

I will be graduating.
I will find a job.
I will have an out-of-the-country trip.
I will party a lot.
I will chew more and eat less.
I will exercise regularly. Go to a gym perhaps!
I will bond with my friends. I should see them often.
I will be blogging regularly.
I will achieve my sexy back I've been dreaming of.
I will go to a beach with my friends.
I will socialize more.
I will be patient.
I will be more affectionate.
I will be less a denial queen.
I will be active in the our church activity.
I will do something unusual like para-sailing or zipline.
I will be more expressive with my thoughts.
I will write regularly in my little black book.
I will be hard working.
I will be in touch with my family and friends.
I will be friends with new faces.

Maybe that's for now. I want to change for the best. I want to be a better person this year, a more matured and sensible person. I will start it one step at a time. Please help me! I need an inspiration and motivation. =) I can do this. I have faith in myself.

The following conversation started in a forwarded message.

"How Ironic:
We make those who care for us cry. We cry for those who never care for us and we care for those who will never cry for us... good nyt."

Unfair. :( Good nyt.


You fall for someone who doesn't really care. :)

Onga. Unfair! tsk.

And for me.. the only thing is to let go.. hehe :)

Tama! let go lang ng let go.haha musta?

No.. Hindi sa let go ng let go.. :) Fight hanggang kaya pa ng heart mo.. Pag di na.. Tama na.. hehe.

Wow.haha d ko na kya., let go ko na? haha joke. *half meant*

Nasa sau yun.. hanggang kaya mo pa.. at may pinatutunguhan naman y not.. :) PeroPag di na.. Decision mo pa rin yun. hehe. Dalawa lang klase ng tao eh.. Isang tanga at isang nagpapakatanga.. ;p hehe *ouch! tagos pati sa ibang organs ko. haha*

Shet. hahaha anu ba yan? la ako masabi. Dami mo lam. Kaw ba yan Bob ong?hehe

Learn from mistakes lang naman dba? Masyado na akong nagpakatanga..hehe

Tama! Learn from mistakes., hindi ka namn nagpapakatanga, nagmamahal lang. Yun oh. nyahaha

Haha.. Nagmamahal sa wala? Anung tawag dun? Charity?hehe.

Ganun naman talaga yun db?haha libre hindi agad agad humuhingi ng kapalit.hoho

Minsan iniisip ko, bakit kailangang makilala mo ang taong magpapatibok ng puso mo pero, hindi naman para sau? Tagahilom ng sugat ng nakaraan? O taga dagdag ng sakit na nararamdaman mo? tsk. *Anu ba yan? bitterness*

Sino naman nagsend syo nyan?hehe Oo, i agree. Para san pa nga. Naisip ko naman, sa mga nakikilala mo dun mo lalo malalaman kun anu talaga ang gusto mo sa isang tao. *trying to be positive, even though i felt the same way*

Nabasa ko.. Kumuha lang ako ng lines.. hehe Oo..

Haha. Hule.. Change topic. Gawa mo? *Away ko na ng ganun.*

It happened on the first day of 2010. What a start! Enough is enough. =)) kaya I changed the topic na. Too much thoughts has sink into me.

Heart to Heart. Good times.


New begins. New life. New happenings. New challenges. New problems. Everything is new. Like it. hahaha

We started our year with an anticipated mass with my family a while ago. It was great. I love the feeling of going to the church and be thankful for all the blessing I've received especially for last year.

When it's time for the homily...

Si Father uminit ang ulo. Kase ganito yan, almost all of the people was on the back. He requested the people to go to the front for the vacant seats but no one is moving. Buti na lang, me and my family was in the front. Ayan na, kaya sinabi ni Father, "Lagi naman ako nakikiusap at patuloy akong makikiusap sa inyo hanggang matapos ang taong ito... Hindi lahat gusto nyo ay masusunod. Hindi lahat ng gusto nyo ay dapat." It was not actually the exact words. But Father has a point.

It's true. Hindi lahat ng ikakasaya ng isang tao ay nararapat. If you think of it, those people are too insensitive with others emotions and reactions and too selfish. They are not aware of people, who care for them, as long as they are happy and good in it. They won't obey. They won't stop. They won't listen. It's sad to know, why they need to be irresponsible with their actions. Simple rules won't hurt anyone. It's just matter of acceptance and obedience. If all people are following, the world will be in a better place. =)