Boredom beybe! So decided to blog about "WEIRD RAMDOM THINGS" about me of course. Maybe its weird for you, but for me its normal.
1.) I can't sleep without the turning around, here and there to find the perfect position to sleep. In short, before I sleep MALIKOT AKO.
2.) My routine before I sleep: brush my teeth for a long period of time (braces), wash my hands and feet sometimes I let it air dry, drink plenty of water, make sure the cabinets is close properly and put the blinds down. Finally, open my lamp. I can't sleep without lights. hahaha
3.) When I felt there was something eeekky, rough, or whatever it is in my hands that is uipleasant, I am so worried and very concern about it. I need alcohol or wash it right away.
4.) I don't like people touching my things and not putting it as it was before. Anger rush easily into my head. Don't even dare.
5.) Even though my stuffs are so messy and out of order, I can still notice that someone took or used my things.
6.) For some reason, I have a strong intuition to those people who lie, so I don't trust them easily.
7.) I love milo with or without water. PAPAK is right term to use. I also like it with my bread.
8.) I crave mostly with chocolate. That's why if I have one bar of chocolate, I can make it last for days. One piece per meal or per day. haha
9.) I have a crush on the guy for almost 8 years without knowing his name. I just know him by his face. I saw him mostly in the church or somewhere in our village. Sometimes I tried my luck to find him on facebook. Yah, what-a-stalker-I-am. :))
10.) If random someone is calling me, I don't usually answer my phone. I just stare at it until the call ends. Mostly, it is an accident, they forgot to lock their phone, luckily my name starts with letter A so they ended up calling me for the nth time.
That's enough for the day. I'm tired thinking. Until my next random thingy blogging..
I don't want to let everyone know that I had a hair cut a while ago but I'm blogging it. HAHAHA Oh! the irony. What the heck! Not everyone is viewing this effing blog, right?! Not like facebook that whenever you post something the whole world knows. This is just a secret sanctuary of my thoughts. Those who bothered to click the link will have an access with this thingy. They are the chosen one, the lucky ones and the Mr.Chismoso & Ms. Chismoso of the new millennium. I want to surprise my friends with my new look. Actually, my new look is not done yet. I want another hair cut. Shorter. Maybe after holy week I'll go to my trusted salon to cut more hair. haha I'll post some pictures after my transformation. Right now, it's a big question mark to you. Whoever you are! I'll describe my hair as of today. It is shorter than my usually hair. (my usually hair length was almost near my waist.) Now, it is less or more near my shoulders. But I want it shorter. I hope it will turn out great. I'm aiming for a new look that no one will recognize me when I walk in front of their faces. haha I can't wait. =) I'll update you soon. OK?!


True. Graduation day! College is finally over. Time to say good bye to my school,to my professors, to my schoolmates and to my blockmates. A very sad moment for me but at the same time I'm happy. Moreover,I'm sad for the reason that I won't see my friends almost everyday. I will miss their company, their laughter, their stories and the way they make me feel I belong. From the first day of my college life until the end, I never felt I'm alone when I'm with them. The moment I became close to them was one of the blessings that I thank the Lord. How God always made me smile whenever I'm with them. He open new doors for me. I never regret the experiences and the moments I encountered in my four years in college. It help me to be a better, stronger and matured one. I'm not perfect, I made mistakes and I may hurt someone. I'm sorry for whatever it is. I will make sure this time, I'll surely make it right.

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College taught me a lot of things. I learned to explore the world and be an exciting person. I went out to my comfort zone. I became more adventures compared before. I met new cool astonishing people and I became close to the persons I taught I can't have a conversation with. I learned to travel to some faraway places. I started to enjoy life at its best. My hard work have paid of. Now I'm officially a degree holder at the age of nineteen. Until now, I'm still in disbelief. Everyday I woke up, I'm always telling to myself that I graduated last March 19, 2010, just to help me to sink into my mind.

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I'm happy and proud for my job well done. I finished it on time without failing any of my subjects. College is over. Life goes on. Time to start building the dreams. The dreams I have for my family and myself. I'm thankful for my mom without her I can't graduate. She supported my tuition fees without any financial help from anyone. (loveLOVElove) Of Course, a big thanks to my BOYS, they help me to be sane on the craziest time line of my life. To my friends and family,who are there to support me and listen to my non-sense rants. To my blockmates, who are the best blockmates ever ever. One for all, all for one. To JPCS officers, even though it was really chaos and all, they remained understanding.haha To my professors, who I learned a lot from them, they made a good job. They help me realize things I ignored before. To my university, even though guys are instinct and girls are dominant, it's been a cool place to hang out. You are all great. THANK YOU ALL.

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My life is just starting...
Dear Boyfriend,

  • DO NOT keep her a secret! The ONLY time this is ever acceptable is from your parents. & That is still to a LIMIT. -Right!
  • Touch her! Not like a hornyass, but hold her hand, cuddle with her, grab her from behind, hold her. Make sure she knows you never want to let go.
  • This one is just common sense. Tell her you love her, & MEAN IT.
  • Don’t be afraid to show her off. If you are, she’ll think you’re just a pussy & the relationship will most likely die.
  • Call her just to say hi. Have deep conversations with her. Talk to her until she falls asleep. Maybe even continue talking to her even when she is asleep. -like
  • Call her Goodmorning & Goodnight. Be the first & last voice she hears every day.
  • Tell her she’s beautiful. COMPLIMENT her. Especially when she’s feeling her worst.
  • SURPRISE her. Don’t be cheap!
  • BE NICE to her family & friends. This is a huge one, guys! -True
  • LISTEN to her vent. She’ll really need it. If she’s pissed off, let her hit you. If she’s sad, give her your shoulder to cry on. If you can’t give her advice, just let her know you’re listening.
  • Be TRUTHFUL. Don’t lie. Be LOYAL. Don’t cheat. Be SINCERE. Don’t be a dick.

(Drabbed it. From the post of someone in my tumblr account)