you deserve a KISS! Mwwaahhh!
(even though I look stupid here haha)


YES! Due to boredom. I'd made a formspring account! If ever you have some random question/s you want to ask me. Feel free to visit my account. :)


left-@la mesa eco park | right-@water camp

May 12, 2010 - This is the day! I was surprised with the number of people, who greeted me on my birthday. I was totally kilig. I really appreciated it a lot. Thank you again!


The first thing I did on my day was went to church. I attended a mass. I went home. I changed clothes. Around 9am, I went to shopwise to meet my BFFs. Then, before we left to go to La Mesa Eco Park we stopped by first at Chowking to eat some halo-halo. Init kase. Finally, off to the destination. Hoorreey! Actually, it was my first birthday to go out with my friends on the exact date of my birthday. Usually they don't allow me. Cool! another first. =) We rode a killer bus (ordinary bus). HAHA It was so hot. Wind were actually pollution. I also need to go to the bathroom. I've controlled my pee for a long period of time. Gez! I like to die every time the driver hit the breaks.hehe We were laughing and talking non-stop. Don't forget, we also kept on singing. For the reason that we were bored. Tagal ng byahe. haha When we arrived, I peed! yey for me. Found a spot to eat our lunch. Afterwards, the most awaited "PHOTOSHOOT". It was successful. Unfortunately, I haven't seen the photos again, it wasn't uploaded yet. We were still waiting until now. I enjoyed our adventure. Posing here and there. Taking photos here and there. Loving the scenery here and there. One thing I did not enjoyed, the effin temperature. It was hot so sweating here and there is one major activity. HAHAHA. My day did not stop there, it was time to celebrate it with my mom and sis. I hurriedly fetch my sister at home but befo re going. I took a quick shower. Then, we went to the mall. Ate dinner and watched movie.

with BOYS featuring kathy @ water camp.

May 13-14, 2010 - Swimming with college friends (BOYS) featuring Kathy. I woke up early. Packed my things and waited for my uncle. He was late. Moreover, we fetched first the south people in shopwise. Then, the north people was waiting in sm sucat. We kept talking and talking. Catching up! We need it a lot. When we arrived, we paid for the entrance and rent a cottage. Ate snack. Swam. Lunch time. Swam. Play underwater games. Slide. Swam. Waited for aimee. Snack again. Talk. Picture picture. Uncle came again to fetch us on our way home. Bath. Dinner. Videoke. Watch PBB. Midnight Snack. Booze. Drink. Another successful and fun day! Thank you for coming. I miss them lot! I hope to see them more often. :)

A year older, a year wiser!

My first time to vote! =) Yey! I'm excited to exercise my right to vote. The person I really want to win was GORDON. Unfortunately, he has a few supporters and I'm one of them. Even though, Gordon will not win. I still did what I should really be doing, vote for him. I felt much better to voice out of what I really believe in. Maybe this isn't his time yet. Next election if he still have the courage to be a Presidential Candidate, I hope he will win. I'll vote for him again. No doubt.


Happy Labor's Day to all! 12 days to go and I'm turning twenty I mean "SWEET TWENTEEN". Oha! Beat that! I'm the only person who will be sweet as sixteen years old and a teen in my twenties. OMG! I can't believe it. I will be a year older in twelve days. YEAH. Before anything else, I have a dentist appointment a while a go. I have my infraction and it hurts. Right! It hurts. It really hurts. hahaha Did I told you it hurts?? So bye bye to my wisdom teeth. All four wisdom teeth are gone. No more wisdom anymore. I'm wisdom-teeth-free. The lower wisdom teeth was taken out by the dentist a year a go and it hurts like hell but this time the two upper wisdom teeth was taken earlier by this day. Successful! No more eating. Swollen face again in short, Siopao face. I hope before my birthday my face will be in normal shape or else I won't have the photo perfect moment. My cheeks will be all over the place. I don't want that to happen. That's all for now.

Last year with my first infraction.
This is what I called, siopao face! :)) (swollen)