YES! Finally after the hard work, we finally especially me will experience "FIRST PAY DAY!" Wooohh. I'm happy that even though you know (basta) =)) secret ko muna. We watched Eclipse kahit muntik muntk na hindi na tuloy. Ako pa! I always make a way, if a really want something. So with the help of my friends tuloy ang plano.

I'm truly excited for this day! Cinema 7 at Glorietta 4 around 5:45 pm the movie started. Wooh! kilig to the bones. Mukha lang akong tanga sa kilig. Guess who? No other than my hobby JACOB. hahahaha kiddin. I know maraming nagpapantansya kay Jacob. Sabi nga nya kay Edward, I'm hotter that you." I agree. Napapalakpak pa nga ko. =)) OA lang e.

I'm so bitin lang with our bonding time with each other kase after the movie they left na. huhuhu. I don't have the chance to talk to them for a long peroid of time. Pinigil ko nga lang din yung kadaldalan ko sa movie house kahit gustong gusto ko magkwento. Syempre, baka maingayan yun other people, right? hehe Tska hindi naman akin yun movie house. hahaha Yaan nyo next time, sa akin na yung movie house para libre magingay. haha

I treat kathy for a movie. Then, I bought a bag. Mura lang. hahaha Yun lang mga gastos ko for that day. Other gastos was for my baon for my daily life. Corny ako na lahat sa baon ko. Unlike before... Hingi hingi lang. Ngayon parang hindi na ko bibiyan ng money ni mama. BOO! haha Bibilan ko pa nga pala si mommy ng daster. I dunno why she wants that. Anyways, thats all for now. Till my next random blogging! =)



Yesterday, YES! Today, NO! Tomorrow, same same! I'm so sorry! I'm just confused with my emotions right now. I don't know what to do. I should be happy right? Why I'm becoming so futuristic and all? Now I'm not happy. Later I'm happy. BOO! This sucks! I'm not a quitter but everything seems to be boring. I want excitement. I want adventure. I want to try new things. I want to gain new knowledge and skills. I need something to keep me going. I need a lot of motivation. MOTIVATE ME PLEASE! There's something bothering me and I don't know what it is. I'm such a BLAH right now. I tend to over-think every situation I have. Maybe lack of sleep is one factor why I'm becoming like this. So I'll be sleeping now and I hope tomorrow this feeling will fade away. (sorry for this confusing entry I just want to express my emo days like this one i've experiencing now! HAHA)


There are times I'm liking and wishing to have one of this and that. I'm not a techie person because I'm too kuripot in many ways. Sometimes, I rather save my money than to buy expensive gadgets. But there were these days I wonder and wanting them so bad.

Gadget # 1:

Samsung Corby Pro

New cellphone. Yes! I need one even though I still love my cellphone so much. But this phone has a Wi-Fi on it. It means free internet access on every hotspots of this country especially on starbucks. haha Plus it is stylish on the same time. QWERTY keypad and touch screen on one phone, who doesn't like that. It also has a 3.2 megapixel for the built-in camera. I will save some moolah for this. Let's wait and see. Soon! =)

Gadget # 2
Canon/Nikon Dslr Camera

THE DREAM. True! I'm so in love with photography that I can marry a DSLR right now, if i have a chance. haha It's been years since I've been eyeing for this gadget. It doesn't matter if its canon or nikon at least I have one. This is true love, if the time comes he will be in my arms. I can't wait. We will sleep besides each other. I will make sure he is always safe and care for. I will explore the world with him. shit! Fantasy. (awake up!) I should work my ass up to have my very own Dslr. This will take a little longer than I expected but if I will have a financier or a sponsor!!! It will be much easier. Then, my fairytale will be a happy ending. *dying to have this*

Gadget # 3
Mac Apple Laptop

Yeah. It will be years to have an item like this. Its expensive. I'm not like the super rich young girls that can have every thing they want. Just an ordinary person who wants a MAC for a lappyy laptop. It is so chic and it has a high-tech features. Number one thing I want in this laptop and Mac PCs that it doesn't have virus. Nothing can destroy my files and my OS, if ever I have this. =)


What I good start for the month of JUNE! I have my first ever job in my life. When I heard the words, " YOU'RE HIRED! FOR [insert the amount of salary] " It was cherry on the top. It made me smile all throughout the day. I can't help it but to feel lucky and anxious. First of all, it took a lot of hours before it sinked into my mind. Ms. Lorie, one of the HR in the company, was the one assisting me in the process of being employed. She gave me a lot of paper to fill it out and the list of the requirements. I'm so overwhelm that day. I started the next day of the day I was hired.

I looked like a lunatic when I stepped out of the building because I can't hide my happiness and my smile. I hurriedly texted my mom and my friends. I called them and told them the good news. Yey! When I was walking thru the walk way of makati, I turned on my ipod. Then, I started listening to the music. That was weird, want to know why..? because even though the music was a sad song or a party song, I have one reaction. SMILE the whole time. Added that I'm just alone walking. Creepy! It doesn't make sense. I'm so happy! =)) CONGRATS to me! REALITY, I'M LIVING IT! one workaholic girl will be born someday! No more vacation. Time to be serious but don't forget to live in the moment.