One Tuesday afternoon, I'm sick. hehehe I did not went to my work for that day. Instead, I went to Brother's Burger with Him. Lunch time! Two hungry cuties went to Brother's Burger to eat juicy charbroiled burgers. OMG! Look at my order, it's huge. hahaha Santa Fe burger for me, with potato wedges and sprite on the side. It really made my stomach full. Look at his order below, it made me a little bit embarrassed. :)) Ang laki ng order ko, PG (patay-gutom much?). haha

Santa Fe Burger - My order

Brother's Burger


Afterwards, we went to the mall to watch a movie. The weird thing was almost all of the people were senior citizens. Anyways, it was a fun day! :) If you want to check out the site of Brother's Burger, here is the site... (

Red Lipstick from Etude

Red dress and lace jacket from Forever 21

Flowers from special someone
My 21th Birthday was a success. Another good news was the gifts. My mom gave me money to buy a dress from any store I wanted for my celebration. I looked everywhere and the store that caught my attention was in FOREVER 21. Every time I am in any F21 store, I have this overwhelming feeling. I can't decide where to go. I dunno what to pick because I like every item they have. My final decision is I got the sailor red dress and the black laced jacket. I also received a red lipstick and lipstick base by Etude from my mom's friend. Thank you for the flowers and letter and for everything I have not mentioned! Thank you so much! It's all appreciated. Till my next birthday party! yey! 
My birthday celebration! The original plan was GIRL's NIGHTOUT! Plans do change. This was one of the unexpected ones. I can't imagine that I can party with both of my high school and college friends at the same night. This was really one of the rare occasions. Who would thought? All of us had a blast on that night. Booze, dance floor and friends are the perfect ingredients of a FUN-BIRTHDAY-CELEBRATION! yeahhh!

Just arrived. =)

Bacardi apple and coke

Cheers! Straight up and feel the music.

Find me. hihihi

Group pictures! :)
I reserved the couch of the night. Informed them. Reminded them to bring IDs. I realized that planning an event was very exhausting but it was a success. Arrived @encore around 10pm, waited for some of my friends until we were complete. We ordered two or three Bacardi apple and 1 liter of Jose Cuervo for the whole night. It helped us to dance all night and party like a rockstar. Seeing my friends having fun is really big deal for me. At the same time, I am happy too. Those people who I imagine they won't have fun or enjoy partying at the club, were the ones I saw really having a good time. I'm surprised. It means I can invite them again to party with us! Cool right? I have now an official party friends. It will be easy to invite them.

I'm thankful for those who help me made this happen. Thank you! To my friends and love ones, I love you big time. SUPER ENJOY! Let's plan for the next party scene! woooo! I love you all.
the chocolate - too bad i have sore throat :|

blowing the candle

Happy Birthday to me! I have been living on this world for twenty-one years now. It seems to be easy, fun and enchanting but every life has its own problems, difficulties and struggles. I am thankful I survived. Now, I am a year older and wiser. I learned a lot from the experiences I have encountered thru out the years. I am still young; I still do need to improve on myself and on my outlook in life. I will never stop thanking God for such a wonderful life. He made me to be a stronger and independent person. He let me realize how magnificent to live with His grace and glory. Without Him I am nothing. He is a true provider. I am blessed.

My mom bought a birthday cake for me. The next day will be my day! CELEBRATION! Stay tuned on my next entry.... TO BE CONTINUED...
Mother's Day is a special day for all the mom, mama, mommy, moma, inay, nanay, momsy or whatever you call your mother, it is her day. This is a day to celebrate and acknowledge the presence of all mothers in the world. To thank them for carrying us for 9 months in their wombs, for all the sacrifices, for supporting us in our daily needs and just for making us a live here on earth is worth thanking for.  

This day, me and my mom went to Cavite to celebrate it with our family. My auntie slash godmother cooked some traditional Arabic and Filipino dishes. Yummm.. We ate, talked and played with my cousins or whatever we want we did. Mainly, we ate food almost every other hour. TAKAW mode. Sorry Guys. :))
Stopped by @Conti's to bought a cake for them.

The cake. YUMMMYY.

Kapsa Chicken Rice - Arabic food home made.

Going home. Stuck.

Another catch in my entry, we were stranded for almost 2 to 3 hours in SM sucat because of the heavy rain and flood. GEZ! Hassle. Instead of going home and resting, we were bored and scared the same time. My mom used all the possible way to avoid the flood. She succeed while a fell asleep all the adventure she had. We don't want to happen this any more! BOO rain! BOO you! :|