Baptismal of Baby Zenkie,. At the reception, we started playing and taking picture of my friend's Itouch. It was really funny and enjoying. We're like children playing with a toy. We're also a little camwhoring as you can see below our few pictures. 

I'm always blurred coz im the one holding the Itouch.

me and kathy

BFFs and Jhoewana

the cutie baby zenkie, is he so adorable??
I am officially a godmother to this baby. He is so heavy. hahaha I mean cute and sweet little boy. I hope he will grow as her mother with a strong will and kindness in his heart. I hope to see Zenkie soon! Mwahhh
This is a late outing for summer with my best ever college friends, which we call ourselves BOYS. We act like boys when we were with each other. hehe Seriously, we do. With them I learned how to be more adventurous in life and how to have fun. Since our graduation, we seldom see each other because of different work schedules but every time we have a chance, we go and grab it. Like this one!!!

Overnight at Agudo's Residence in Bulacan a.k.a. "BUKID". I love staying at their house. I feel at home since day one. hehehe The day we arrived, we decided to have a night swimming @ 8waves. We actually waited for a few hours for the half price of the cottage. We ate snack at pancake house. Then, the TAPTAP REVENGE Tournament happened. We really enjoyed swimming and of course! the never-ending-kwentuhan with each and everyone. I miss them so much! 

Kirby the cat, the maarteng cat.

Before going to 8 waves. That's me!

In front 8 waves, time to splash beybe!
The TAPTAP REVENGE Tournament@the lobby.
Before and after sequence mode -- time to go home.

 I always have this BITIIN feeling every time it's time to go home. The best time ever was at the bus on our way home. Many funny moments happened and formed. For example, the MAASIMIANS, the streets were remembered and the food trip. Afterwards, it's time to say goodbye and take different paths on our way home. However, don't worry we still have a lot of time to be together. Looking forward to bond again with them! Miss them. <3