Once in while we need to stop and take a break from all the stress, workload, anxiety or anything you want to escape. Yes! I need to chill and relax. I am getting sickly recently. Maybe due to stress and too much thinking of all the shits that is happening to my effin life. Thank you that we had a company outing. It was held in Rancho Elena in Calamba, Laguna. It was a peaceful place to unwind and release all the toxins in our mind. Guess what?! Before the day of our outing, I felt not-so-good. I had a case of fever. So the day of event, I am sick to my stomach. I just stayed in my room and slept for hours until I felt good enough to mingle and play uno cards for the rest of the night. Of course! lots of lots of medicine to felt oh so good. I am really really thankful for my office mates, who took care of me during my feverish hours, without them I could not enjoy the days.
free fresh lycee to everyone.. yummmyy!

I am chilling plus texting me hunny.

I have loads of photo to share but I am too lazy to post it in my blog right now. hihihihi Sorry! =) Well, the place was nice. It has a swimming pool, a badminton court, duyans, kubos, playgrounds, billiards and fruits to eat for free. Unfortunately, I have not maximized the use of it except the room and the bed. hahaha Too bad! boo-huuu! Anyways, this moment will be treasured, whatever happens it was sure fun. A total bonding experience with my colleagues. =) 

Last weekend, someone special did something special for me. hihihi He told me he will cook for me and he did... The dish was "Fettuccine Alfredo with Garlic Bread". *sweeeetttt*

the ingredients

parmesan cheese and creaaammmmmm!!!

The first thing first! Buy all the necessary ingredients! Ready the tools for cooking! Start cooking! while me? I'm just slicing the bread.hehehe He did all the job. I did the tasting and eating part. :)) Of course! the documenting every events in this history of our lives was also my job! Kudos to me! hihihi

finish product! Looks yummy and taste yummy too! =)

the cook, behind the fettucine. hihihi Good job!

The hardest part was waiting for the food to be serve. I think this was my first time to experience someone, cooking pasta for me. It was nice feeling. Thank you for letting me experience your delicious pasta.