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old and unorganized.

new and cool.

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I want to share a photo of my incy wincy tinnie winnie nails in my hands and toes... Nail art mode @ index salon for only 100 bucks for hands and another 100 bucks for my toes. *phone camera was used.
Next time I want a design that involves, wilderness. :))
Remember Maxx?

Let me introduce to you again my Maxx. My first love. hihihi He is my first ever romance. hihihi I feel all the butterflies in my stomach every time I say MAXX. hahaha I kidd. Max is my DSLR I bought him last year. My Canon 550d, he is doing well. I am so in love with photography that's why I work hard to earn him. I save tons of money to be with him. No one can touch nor borrow him. (Oh! my selfish love. so possessive. haha) I treat him like a boyfriend, a best friend and a friend. I always bring him to any special events in my life. He makes memories so special and HD (high definition) with his 18 megapixels. I just can’t bring him with me every single day because you know here in the Philippines; it is not so safe to bring some hi-tech gadgets while commuting. Anyway, I have been thinking I want to buy him a friend, a point and shoot camera, for far gatherings and if ever every day blogging experience. A camera I can share with my family. =)

I am looking forward for more adventures with Maxx to share it with my readers if I have one. hahaha

 If you want to remember and read my first ever blog about Maxx. The title is "Finally, My First", Click HERE!  :)
Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate love. Well, it is kinda overrated to have dates, flowers and chocolates from your love ones during this day. In my opinion, we can celebrate love everyday. No one is limiting us to do it and show it everyday. It will be nice if your love one is making you feel special every moment you are together. Love makes the world go round.

This Heart's day was just an ordinary Tuesday but I had an extra ordinary conversation on the phone and voice call with my beau. Although we have not seen each other for couple of days because he had an operation during first week of February, he is staying in his province for a faster recovery. I miss seeing him almost everyday.

Valentine's Day giveaway from Bullchef (in Pasig)

Post Valentine's Day celebration, he gave me sweets. Chocolates! During the weekends I went to visit him. I will post another blog for it.  =)
Royce (Milk Chocolate)
Royce. :)
Another chocolate from Royce, he bought it during our date.
R Chocolate - Royce Milk Cocoa

It is quite expensive for a small box of chocolates but it is worth it because of the taste.
The movie tickets. Date movie with hunny and family.
We watched movies back to back. The first movie was "The Vow". The Second was "Unofficially Your", the movie of John Lloyd Cruz and Angel Locsin. It was really hilarious, full of love and drama. All of the people was really laughing out loud especially us. It made me cry, laugh and kilig at the same time. Good job! 

Then, we sad farewell to my hunny and I will see him again for a couple of days. I pray for his recovery as always and I hope you do too. Thanks! :)
Last December during New Year's Eve, I've been bored then I decided to have a lookbook account. Here are my first 3 looks:

The Fashionable Way to Eat Street Food (Floral Dress, Belt & Nine West Bag)

Tonight is the Night (Lace, Shorts, Owl Necklace & Cardigan)

Nature Lover (Plain Brown Shirt, Knitted Vest, Shorts, Headband & Aviators)

What if every Monday I'll post some of my looks on my blog. Hmmm.. and name it, "Lookbook #1: **Title of my look". I think it will be a good idea. HYPE AND FAN ME! PLEASE?? hihihi Thanks! =)