Sometimes in life, we need to take a break and take it slow to enjoy moment like this. A weekend to wind, dine and relax. I visited my sick hunny @ Lipa, Batangas. We spend our weekends together cooking, eating and watching dvds. It was a simple but fun bonding experience. 

Fresh Big Tilapia

While cooking, acoustic sounds

Collections :)

breakfast :)

pancake, egg and bacon. yummy breakfast

Last Friday the 13th, we had our post Christmas party. It was held in Tagaytay City. This post is a little late, I guess?! But who cares, it is my blog. I can post anything or anytime I want. hahaha I want to share our experience towards that moment. 

I was with my college buddies. It was a rare occasion that we are complete. Let me start my story. So here it goes...

We met up at Makati to ride a bus to go to Alabang. It was a funny moment that we were on a hurry so we could catch up with the shuttle (van) via SLEX to Tagaytay. We succeed! Desperate people go for desperate measures; we rode an ordinary bus take note, STANDING! until Alabang. During the trip to Tagaytay, we were busy eating pizza from Greenwich. Then, when we arrived, it was freezing cold. Again, we rode another transportation called jeep. Afterwards, it was dark; we walk or run? hihihi until we reached the place, The Villa Hotel & Restaurant. We stayed there for a night. Like college days, we talked, ate, drunk and sang until the sun came up. It was fun fun fun the whole night.

Random photos coming up...
Capiz Chandelier @kubo-kubo
me while waiting for them @ Kubo-kubo

Emote mode? hehe

This is us. Wacky mode??

The next day.

Our last stop @Mushroom Burger.
The next day, another adventure. We enjoyed our free breakfast. For lunch, we went to Mushroom Burger and our friend Jona treated us. Thank you! Non-stop kwentuhan will always be the best bonding moment. The days with them will always be bitin and sad to say Good bye. =( Our last stop was buying a perfume in Festival Mall. I bought Into the Blue by Escada. We also tried flying some lanterns but epic failed because of the weather. It rained that time. Boo! Anyways, I am looking forward to our next getaway.

To my friends, they will have always a place in my heart. Love them. =)
You want to know the sunniest resto in the metro? It’s “Milky & Sunny” in Pasig City. They serve all day breakfast meal like cereals, rice-egg meals, pasta and many more. The place is really cozy. It has a lot of frames and cute stuff on it. It is blue and I love blue that’s why I enjoyed staying there.

 I ordered Tapa with rice and egg, in short Tapsilog. Hehe I guess the price is a little bit pricey for a Rice-egg meal but anyways I want to try more of their food. The unlimited cereal is really cool though even though I’m not a cereal kind of a girl.

Warning: not so HD pictures again.. Camera phone. :)

The menu

The cute frames. It makes the place cozy.

the Tapa

If you want to try Milky & Sunny here are the following information:


9 East Capitol Drive, Bgy Kapitolyo, Pasig

Surprise birthday party is fun to organize and to be invited in. It was really nerve cracking and the we-should-be-busted-before-the-surprise feeling goes on and on until the day has come. One of my friends plan a surprise birthday celebration for his boyfriend @ Dillinger’s Steak and Brew in Greenbelt 3, Makati City. It was just a small group of friends. 

The plan: the birthday boy and his girlfriend will arrive first at the place to “just eat lunch” alone without us. They seated in the VIP room of the restaurant so when we arrived, we will occupy the seats near the front door. Then, when we are ready and complete time to spill the beans and sing the birthday song. 

The day of the surprise, it was I guess successful! Hahaha I enjoyed eating Buffalo wings, pasta, cake and a lot more. This time I have my camera with me for a better quality of the photos. Check out the photos! =)

Dillinger's Steak and Brew @Greenbelt 3, Makati City
Blueberry Banana Cheesecake

the smoking hot Buffalo wings

Spaghetti Meatball with garlic bread

Left to right: Me , Ej (a.k.a "the birthday boy"), Kathy (bestfriend)

All of the gang. =)
After the celebration, we decided to watch a movie and go to mass together. Hurray for the success of our surprise! I hope my friend has enjoyed it and cherish this experience. I wish someday I could experience this. Hi friends! Surprise me next time? How about this coming May 2012? hihihihi

BULLCHEF is a small restaurant in the heart of Pasig City. They offer a lot of varieties of food that is associated with beef. Bulalo is their specialty. The first time we have eaten here was truly unforgettable. I ordered "Bullusok", it is a sizzling beef with gravy on it plus veggies as a side dish, and it really tastes good. They gave us free soup. It was a bulalo soup; it is like a teaser for their specialty. I also enjoyed the small bone marrow included in our sizzling. Oh hypertension! Hahaha (eating too much bone marrow will surely listed you as a candidate for hypertension awardee, so control.) The funny thing was the way they served the bulalo, once the order has arrived the waitress/waiter will blow a whistle. Then, people on the staff area will clap and shout, “BULLCHEF”. I was shocked but it’s cool. Something extraordinary.Try it!

Sorry for the photos, not so HD. hihihi I used my phone..  
"Bullusok" (sizzling beef with gravy)

If you want to come and dine here is the address:
 #4 East Capitol Drive, Barangay Kapitolyo, 1603 Pasig, Philippines

For more info, you can visit their Facebook Page:
Met our baby Bruno, is he so adorable? He is the newest added bundle of joy in our family. Someone gave him to us. One big thank you, I will call him “Daddy Long Legs” from now on. Hahaha We waited for the day he arrived. I can’t believe that we will have a dog in our house. He helps us to cease all the stress whenever we are home. 

The Shih Tzu named Bruno. :)
Let me give some information about Bruno:
Name: Bruno
Age: 5 months (when he arrived he was just 3 months old) 
Hobbies: sleeping, eating, running, chewy our shoes!!! 
Tricks: fetch, sit, down, roll over (more to come in the following months) 
Toys: rubber bone, small teddy bear and ball 

Fluffy =)
Let’s go back to memory lane. Before when I was a child, I am not so close with any dogs unlike now. I don’t play with them because they kinda smell bad. But Bruno smells good because my mom always make sure he will take a bath every other three days. He is also groomed once a month plus complete with shots like anti-rabies, temperance, deworming, etc. He is so healthy little Shih Tzu. 

He smiles for the camera. :)
When I came back from work, he will jump excitedly. As if he really wants to see me. He likes to bite my shoes and sleepers. Huhu He loves tummy rub and he won’t stop wiggling his paws until you stop rubbing his tummy. He knows where to poop and pee. Mostly, He is so fluffy. I love hugging him tight. He is like our baby brother in our home. To those people who want a pet make sure to be responsible enough to take good care of them.