It's our first time to celebrate his birthday together. We decided to take a visit to Pink Sister at Tagaytay to give thanks and praises to our God Almighty. :) We should always be thankful for the blessing we received everyday. This a perfect opportunity to do it, that's why we took that chance.

us in front of Pink Sister

the church

the birthday boy (stolen mode)
Then, we headed to Antonio's Grill @ Tagaytay for lunch. (I'm going to post a separate blog for it.) Best Pinakbet Rice Ever!!!

Antonio's Grill
After eating lunch, we went back to Manila and off to Rockwell to watch a movie. Road trip lang ang trip at pagudad. hahahaha We watched "This Means War". We also had a free kitkat from watching the movie. Cool. I love freebies. The movie is a feel good movie. It's funny and an action packed all in the same time. 

a slice of pizza
The last stop, we went to A Veneto Pizzeria Ristorante @ BF homes, P'que City for dinner. Best pizza and pasta from New York, Connecticut and New Jersey. (another separate blog worthy experience) I'll link it here don't worry! :)

Check this seperate post:
Antonio's Grill 
A Veneto Pizzeria Ristorante

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Let me first tell you about Zalora:
Your one stop online destination for everything fashion in the Philippines. Bringing you an insight on global trends, we feature your favourite international designers and the most relevant Filipino brands.
We are constantly tracking the latest fashion trends to make sure we offer you the most exciting products available. Our fashion tips and advice will allow you to shop with more confidence.

What’s great about Zalora? It has many clothes, shoes and accessories to choose from. It’s like a mall online. It saves time and energy. If you are the girl on the go or just a busy person with no time for window shopping, this is the right site for you. Just browse, click, pay then they deliver as fast as they can. So cool, right?

Check out my wishlist from Zalora:
My Zalora wishlsit

1. Cape Dress Green Print by Chic Yamada
This dress is so elegant. I love every details of it, especially the tail of the dress. It gives drama and sophistication on it. The color green also symbolizes my birthstone, emerald. Indeed, this a perfect match for me. It will be a nice dress for my birthday too. Must-have-for-me. 

I love backpacks. I love anything with animal print. Combine them together, is a must have backpack. Kikay girls like me who like backpacks surely wants a bag like this. This can be used in sleepovers, getaways, gym, school or work. I am sure that the durability of this bag can last for a long long time. I need this bag for my upcoming getaway with friends. Must-have-for-me.

3. Africa Maddie Tankini by Anemone
Tribal prints are so in and swimwear are everywhere. But you are shy and a little conservative to wear 2 piece swimsuits? Well, fear not, you’re not alone. Hahahaha Because I think I am a little chubby but gorgeous. (chos! It’s my blog okie? Don’t you dare give me that look. Hahaha) I don’t have the guts and the body to wear skimpy 2 piece swim suit, all I can offer is a nice pair of Tankini. Sexy but not too revealing, it can also hide my unwanted fat tummy. Haha Must-have-for-me.

4. Stainless Steel Bangles by Gucci
I know. Just the word Gucci rings a bell, expensive! Ordinary person like me will take months to save and have a watch like this. I love the simplicity of this watch. Simplicity can also be timeless. If I’ll have a watch like this, I can wear it anytime, anywhere or any occasion. The design is chic. I love the idea that this is a stainless steel. I can use this for a long period of time. Must-have-for-me.

5. Suede Platform pumps by Wade
Platform pumps. Every girly girl has it in their closet for sure. I want one! Hahaha I can pair it to any clothes I want, example, with dress, shorts, skirt or whatever. Platform pumps can be with you thru thick and thin. Winter, spring, summer or fall. Formal or informal gathering. Go for pumps. I must say, it can also make the legs long and sexy. Must-have-for-me.

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Lately I've been seeing badges of BC Bloggers around the blogsphere and suddenly I became curious. Then, when I click the link, I saw this:

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Upon reading the statement about BC Bloggers, I was convinced and realized, I need to join this because I want to meet new bloggers and discover the world of internet. I am not a new blogger but I want to extend my network. I want to spread information or my experiences here in on earth. I want new readers and of course! Friends! =) So I hurriedly signed up and started sharing the word to all. If you want to have exchange links, this is it! Join now!!! =) Click the badge on my sidebar or click HERE!!!

If you are looking for something to give for your special someone, girlfriend, boyfriend, parents or even your best friends as a present, this could be it. Sometimes you just need to be extra sweet once in a while. You can put the words you cannot utter on the daily basis. All you need is the following: 

1. colored papers
 2. bottle/ jar
3. crêpe paper
4. soft wire or ribbons
5. paper bag (optional)
6. Box
7. Flowers/ beads

Step 1: Prepare your own sweet messages. It’s either handwritten or typewritten. You can put as many as you like. I prepared for 100 messages. I included personal messages (70%), cheesy pickup lines (10%) and bible verses (20%) and the total of 100 messages. It depends on you if you like to put lengthy messages or short ones.

Step 2: After printing my messages, I cut it to small rectangular shape and rolled it. I secure it using a soft wire with flower on it, wire (for scrapbook use) or ribbon with beads. I made it assorted, to look colorful.

Step 3: Rolling mode was over. So I cut the crepe paper into strips. I crunch it to look fluffy.  Now you can put the messages on the bottle/jar with the crepe paper. It helps avoid the appearance inside the bottle to be blunt.

Step 4: I place the bottle/ jar inside the box. I put ribbon on it.  Then, I watch a video on YouTube, how to make a paper flower. I just followed the steps. Then, TA-DA! Click here to watch the video.

Step 5: Now. On the paper bag, nice and secure, I also tied a card on the side of the flower.  The masterpiece is finally done. It is now ready to be received! =)  
Pasinaya 2012 was one of the events, where the artist performs and the art enthusiast show up to support the love for art, held in Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP). It was an open house event. People were allowed to bring their cameras with them during the shows unlike the ordinary days in CCP you cannot use any device to photograph or video, unless you are the official photographer of CCP. So of course! Photographers usually abuse this event to take photos of the festival. 

The Claravall School of Dance was invited as always on the event. Here we go again, time to support my sister. They were assigned in the morning approximately 11am, their show will start. As always, we experienced chaos while falling line. We arrived early around 9am because of the call time of my sister. After a while, I and my mom were too early for the line, so we decided to eat first at CCP Canteen until the next line was available for The Claravall School of Dance show. Unfortunately, we arrived like 30 minutes before the show and the line was so long. The usherette told us that we were not allowed because the maximum of the theater was only 100 people and the line already reaches the capacity. My mom was angry; she told the usherette that the parents and guardian of the participant should be priority in the line. Well, she has a point and the line was really at chaos, many parents were complaining. With our ninja moves, we went to the front line because of the classmate of my sister’s dad was there and my mom knows him. Thank you for the kind heart plus the ninja moves. 

Below are photos from Pasinaya 2012: 

the ticket you put in your wrist, the orange one!

dessert while waiting

tippy-toe (my sister)

Laro Pambata (name of the dance)

another dance number


me and my phat boddie
After the show, we ate lunch @Rai Rai Ken, Bluewave Macapagal Ave.

Sumo Bento

Rice Rice Rice
Rai Rai Ken, Y you not delicious?? Maybe their specialty are noodles and sushi. I did not enjoy mybento. huhuhu

If you want to see the last year Pasinaya, Click HERE!
To all those who have instagram and who wants instagram in their phones. Good news! Instagram for Android has arrived. You and I can download it now on our Android phones. Finally my long wait is over! Woot wooo When I saw my email, I hurriedly go to Play Google and search it. I’m currently enjoying it like I started downloading it 5 minutes ago.hahaha Time to upload! Follow me @abylovinu
The email that made me jump for joy! =)