When arrived back home from Cavite, my neighbor gave me something. I was surprised. I thought it was my nail art I ordered from the online store. I was jumping like cray cray! hahaha But when I looked at it, it was something better. So I jumped more like cray cray! (hindi kasi ako nagbabasa, kapa kapa lang then after jumping..hihihi that's the time I read the information and open it) It was from my friend Angel. She sent me some of her accessories from her new online store called My Gilded Nest. OMG! When I opened the package. Take a look, what's inside:

the package

the accessories

metal confectionery

my gilded nest -- camera necklace! :)

my gilded nest -- earrings
So cute!!! I love it! Don't you worry, this isn't just for me but for my readers, my followers or just random people who wants to join. GO! hahaha I will conduct another giveaway for you guys. Wait for my post for the giveaway. If you want to buy new accessories with affordable price, visit her site and order now. The following are the links for her facebook and multiply account.


This is how it started, I know and you know (see previous entry.. HERE and HERE) I blogged first the collections of some designers last Philippine Fashion Week then, I’ve been busy to follow up about my whole experience. So here it is: 

Last May 26, 2012 @ SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia, it was my first time to attend the Philippine Fashion Week with my high school friend Cecil and Ate Kamil. We were so lucky to be invited to join the VIP Seats. Hehehe (may kakilala kasi sila) Ako naman, gow lang, saling kitkit. Hihihi I arrived alone the venue then I waited for them; I was like so all over the place, I don’t know where to go. While waiting for them I encountered a huge fashion dilemma, one of my shoe split into half. Good luck db? Hehehe So I kept sliding my other foot like a skater, feeling ko naman my ice. Kineri ko naman sya until we finished the show then, I bought a slipper at SM Department Store. Thank you to Cecil for lending me your flats while in great danger! Your my savior. Hahaha Moreover, I was so lucky to witness the collection of Chris Jasler, Melchor Guinto, Philipp Tampus and Veejay Floresca in the runway. So fierce! Especially the people who were watching the show. Kahit nakaupo lang ako, my inner fan girl was screaming her lungs out. Divine Lee (love her blog), Victor Basa (love his blog too), Michael Cinco, Kelly Misa and many more, were one of the famous faces I saw in that event. I also took some picture with them but my fat face is so irritating so I blurred them. hahahaha Check them out below. Please Ignore my fatty face! =))

People on the other side. Can you spot Kelly Misa and Michael Cinco..hihi
Me. My hair oh so orangie here! hahaha

with Victor Basa
with Divine Lee, Sexy and tall nya lalo ako tumaba sa tabi nya. hihi

After the show, pinapalabas na nga kami nila kuya guard. Agad agad na??.

with Veejay Floresca, he's so nice!

with Kelly Misa, Oh so gorgeous! don't mind my face. =))

Melchor Guinto, the reason we were on the VIP Seats.. His family is so nice too =)

The Finale Photo! with Cecil... I remember this shot. This is when cecil drag someone to take some photos of us. tawang tawa lang ako. naging instant photographer si koya.

It was a wonderful first time experience and next time I’ll drag along my best friend and my boyfie. Hehe This will be a yearly tradition: Go to the Philippine Fashion Week. I hope I can have invites to bench or penshoppe next year because they have one heck runway line ups plus Hollywood artist finale. Too bad I missed Leighton Meester and Allison of America’s Next Top Model. I will find a way soon! Don’t yah worry. =))  

As I remember Philipp Tampus was one of the Project Runway Philippines contestant from Season 1. Take note not just a contestant but the winner of the first Project Runway here in our country. It was a privileged to watch his design on the runway during the Philippine Fashion Week last May 26, 2012.

His designs are so elegant. I hope someday I could wear one of his design. hehehe :)

Caution: Heavy Photos Coming up! :)

fushia cocktail dress
another fushia dress
apple green
sexy back
lace gown
flowy gown. love the details
can i have this? haha
hot guy. haha i mean nice blazer
look at the details.. so nice!
black and goldish gown
Philipp Tampus
Bravo! I super love the design! :)
First designer I've watched was Chris Jasler. His designs on this runaway was rock en roll theme, lady gaga-ish glasses and super high heel less shoes.

Caution: Heavy Photo Entry

the bag will transfor, check the next photo...

tada! the bag became a vest and a jeans!

what's the feeling of wearing those eye glasses thingy?

heel less shoes

would you dare wear those boots?

OMG! that cuts.. HOT!

the finale, with the dog!

the girls

the boys

the designer, Chris Jasler

His designs are so stylish for rock stars. It's sexy and raged for the modern age people! :)
Another food tripping happened to me last March 24, 2012. Super late? Hahaha But I believe it’s better late than never. (Palusot)

Who says no when you’re invited to a Food Fair? Well, I guess no one. Especially if your ticket is free. Thanks to my bestfriend, she’s the one who invited me to go with her.

 Best Food Forward is a benefit food and drink fair showcasing an array of the best in the food and drink industry. It was held in NBC Tent, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. It was a 2-day affair with lots of lots of food. I was like going insane picking the best food ever. There are plenty of choices to food, drinks and even desserts. How I wish I could taste everything. 

Just look at the photos for evidence. CAUTION: YOU MIGHT DROOL. =))
The street signs so cute. EAT's a Date
random photo
Crispy Pork Belly by Chef Carlos



Mochiko - Cookie Dough Flavor

Zaricho Longanisa

We arrived there around lunch time. My best friend ordered the Crispy Belly with rice. Her officemate ordered Manang's Chicken. (Sorry no photo for it) I ordered the Angus Beef Tapa with egg and rice. I am really a fan of beef. That's why I ordered it. It taste good. Yummy! For dessert, I bought Mochiko ice cream, cookie dough flavor. They bought Gelato, it is also an ice cream but much creamier than regular ice cream. For hunny, I bought Zaricho Longanisa as a pasalubong. It is his fave.

I enjoyed hanging out with the people who likes food. Hooreeyy! Next year, I hope there will be another Best Food Forward. If you will attend make sure to bring a hungry stomach and a full wallet. XD