The Z files will be one of the new segments on my blog wherein I choose random things I like from Zalora Site. As one of the Z Ambassadors, I want to let the world know how Zalora changed the online shopping for all of us. They made it easier, faster and more efficient. How?
  • 30 days return upon receiving the receipt/ item.
  • free shipping nationwide (no additional fee for all of us online shopper)
  • same day delivery (they can deliver it to you within 3 hours of purchasing the product)
  • cash on delivery (you can pay them upon receiving the item. if you don't have credit card or too lazy to go the bank to deposit or g-cash, this is for you. it's like fast food delivery, made it easy by Zalora.)
  • any inquiries? call them for free! (02) 858 0777. Customer service hours are 7am to 1am, 7 days a week. 
Are you convince? If not, try to look at the photos below for great finds for this rainy weather. It's all about the jackets this season because it's cold! Brrrrrr...

SHIRR WST from Embellish

Stay dry in style during the rainy season by slipping on this super chic SHIRR WST Jacket from Embellish. Wear it with skinny jeans and calf boots for a great cold-weather look.  Click here.

Cape Blazer from Estelle

The unique sleeves on this Cape Blazer by Estelle will flatter all shapes and sizes. Conceal a larger figure with the voluminous sleeves or add extra curves to a boyish figure. Style this blazer with a body-con dress, stiletto pumps, box clutch and loosely tied hair and you’re good to go. Click here.

Fruity Patterned Blazer by Estelle

This Fruity Patterned Blazer by Estelle will add a whimsical twist to your ensemble. Layer it under a white tank top tucked into a high-waisted pleated mini skirt. Have your hair down in loose curls and finish off the look by slipping on a pair of chunky-heeled lace-up platform booties.  Click here.

  SAVANNAH by Museum

This Savannah lace cape vest by Museum is a must-have for real ladies. To lend your look a demure touch, wear this piece over a wispy floral dress and sophisticated ballet flats. This versatile piece will look just as good over plain tank tops and jeans or trousers.  Click here.

Every ladies can be fashionable even in the rainy days. You don't need to be in a regular hoodie to keep you warm during those cold weather. You can glam up by wearing blazer or coat, just like the jackets I found on Zalora site. So visit now, you can also have a 5% discount by using this Voucher Code: AbbeyCalvoJ for a minimum purchase of 500php. Shop Now!

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Hi friends,

Good day! As of now, I have my new official domain name. From to my own! Well, don't you worry if you type the old one because it will automatically redirect to the new domain name. I'm so thankful that I have the friendliest and accommodating people who set it up for me and guide we every step of the way. They are the It all started from one tweet and they offered me the most convenient price for only $8.90 annually. Compare it to other sites they are cheaper.  I really recommend them if you want to buy your domain name or for hosting your own site. Thank you for reading my post! I hope you come back next time for more stories, photos or what’s hot in the metro. Hahaha Mwaaaahh I appreciate it to the highest level!


I was supposed to post this last night. Unfortunately, the internet connection was not working well. So here are my thirty random things about me: Enjoy reading!

1. I am the eldest daughter, niece, granddaughter and cousin to the mother side of our family.
2. I was born on May 12, 1990.
3. I have a sister. We have 9 years age gap.
4. I graduated elementary in San Fransisco De Malabon Parochial School in Cavite.
5. I graduated highschool in St. James College of P’que.
6. I graduated college in St. Paul University Manila.
7. I graduated with the course of BS Information Technology.
8. I am now working. Hahaha
9. I grew up with my grandparents. I love my lola and lolo so much.
10. I was once a sailormoon fanatic.
11. I am a dreamer.
12. I am a nature-lover.
13. I am in a relationship. My first ever boyfriend since I am alive.
14. I am once NBSB (No bf since birth) until last year. Hahaha hindi ako maaga nagPEE BEE BEE teens!
15. I am kuripot but sometimes I splurge once in a while.
16. I am a former member of Barbie Fans Club. I love their loot bags and freebies.
17. I sucked at math but I don’t even know how I pass algebra, calculus, discrete math and other related   math subject during college.
18. In my college days, I only have one line of 7 which makes me mad whenever I think of it. Paspecial na minor subject! Hahaha
19. I love rainy weather if I am at home.
20. I am not maarte! I hate maarte people! Eeewwww! Hahahaha
21. I love to eat but I have it when I am getting fat. Number 1 dilemma is how will I fit my clothes.
22. I love to sing but it hates me.
23. I love photography and hoping someday I will find time to have photography lesson to enhance my skill.
24. I love pampering myself like going to the salon for mani and pedi, hot oils and treading but sometimes I do it at home when I am too lazy and kuripot to go out.
25. I love parties and events.
26. Someday I want to be an event’s organizer, chef, business woman, photographer and fashion designer.
27. I want to work at home and have the free time to do what I mostly enjoy blogging and eating. Hahaha after nun taba taba ko na siguro. Hahaha
28. People told me I look like Angel Locsin, Glaiza de Casto or Lovi Poe.. Do you agree? Ang swerte naman nila. Hahaha Chos!
29. I am Cheerful and charming but stubborn (according to my horoscope, Taurus)
30. My outlet when I am stressed and disoriented is writing in my little black book or blogging and pouring out all my emotions especially on my tumblr. Haha Try to check it. I tagged it Emoshit.

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Have you heard of the E-zine? The first online shopping magazine from Zalora. They have released the new issue for July. The model issue which features Tweetie de Leon-Gonzales, Amanda Griffin-Jacob, Jessica Yang and other models. I'll post some videos from their E-zine...

E-zine in Philippine Fashion Show

Benind the scenes and short interview with them.

My favorite model among them is Amanda Griffin-Jacob. Look at her body, HOT MAMA! She's so pretty even in her preggo days. I hope when the time comes like 5 years more, when I have my own baby and I will be preggo, I wish I will be as blooming as her. haha For more of E-zine check out their site:

Opps! Before I forgot, ZALORA E-Zine & Z Spot presents Models Night on July 18th, TOMORROW! @ Kyss.. Let's Party! =)

Of course! If you have time, try to visit ZALORA for amazing online experience! You can avail 5% discount by using this VOUCHER CODE: AbbeyCalvoJ for a minimum purchase of 500php. Enjoy shopping! :)

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Dear Readers, 

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Close up

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It's my first time to join the BC Bloggers Meme. Today's topic is : A photo blog (Post a photo or photos, let the readers write their own stories, interpretations, what-have-yous on the post). So readers, if you have something in mind just leave a comment on this entry. Thank you! I'm excited to read your interpretations, violent reactions or whatever you want to express. Go!

with my god-daighter slash cousin. SO CUTE! What do you think are we doing? hahaha

this refers to the previous entry. My gilded nest.. Can you smell the big surprise coming? hehe