Are you looking for a get up this coming Halloween party? Do you like Addams Family? I have one suggestion. Be Wednesday Addams this Halloween with Zalora. Here are my picks to be like her:
1) long dress with Peter Pan collar from CHLOE EDIT, 2) knee high socks from Darlington, 3) ankle boots from Gibi, 4)bucked belt from Chictees, 5) HD Mineral Mattifying Base/2g by Virginia Olsen, 6) Nude Shine Lip Gloss from Gorgeous

When I was a child, I love Addams family the series, the cartoon, the movie or whatever Addams family is in I watch it and I love it. For me, their family spells Halloween loud and clear. They are creepy, weird and scary. All I can say is, they are the true meaning of Halloween. 

To achieve the look of Wednesday Addams, I picked a dress with collar from Chloe Edit because she is always wearing that kind of dress. The black knee high socks from Darlington and the ankle boots from Gibi goes along with the dress perfectly. I choose the bucked belt from Chictees to put it in the waist so the dress will not be that loose to the body. Of course! Don’t forget to look dull and white, use HD Mineral Mattifying Base/2g by Virginia Olsen to your face or whatever foundation powder you have that is more lighter to your skin color will be excellent. For final touches, put some Nude Shine Lip Gloss from Gorgeous to look more dull and lifeless. Lastly, braid your hair into two for her signature hairstyle. Tada! Easy! 

You are now Wednesday Addams in no time. Use my voucher code: AbbeyCalvoJ to have 5% discount in this outfit. Time to party!

 “How can you be body beautiful at any age with Wacoal?”

We can be body beautiful at any age with Wacoal by having the right sizes for our body. Wacoal products are uniquely designed for the body of a woman. It helps us to emphasize our hidden sexiness in us. It helps us reveal the beauty of in our body. It is for any age, whether you are in the 20s, 30s or even at your 40s it all caters our needs. They have the best of both worlds. They aid to limitless age and endless choices of products. It gives us confidence to face the world. Only Wacoal understands our body than anyone else.

Check out the products I love from Wacoal. It can surely release the inner goddess in you.
For 20s:

 I am 22 years old. I think the products that I admire in the category under 20s are fun, flirty and sexy. I can definitely say they are wonderful designs. I love how it can be so structured to make our body look good and emphasize our curves but the design is so young and playful at the same time. If I am wearing it, I will surely feel sexy and beautiful in my own skin.

What : Early Christmas Noche Buena project for the WV kids in Zambales
When : November 10, 2012 
Where : Iba, Zambales | meeting place at the World Vision office at Quezon Avenue corner West 6th Street, QC at 6:00 am and we’ll leave the community at 5:00 pm the same day
Who : World Vision Philippines invites all bloggers and writers in Metro Manila

The World Vision, a Christian relief and advocacy organization dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice. We are currently working in at least 100 countries all over the world and in 55 provinces in the Philippines.

One of World Vision’s flagship programs is Child Sponsorship, where we encourage sponsors to donate PhP 600/month to support a child’s education. Through the years, we have seen many of our sponsored children become successful in their careers and are now actively involved in helping children themselves. Two of the most notable World Vision sponsored children are 2009 CNN hero of the Year Efren Peñaflorida and Philippine Coast Guard spokesperson Lt. Comm. Armand Balilo. World Vision currently supports over 35,000 children in our area development programs (ADPs) all over the country.

In line with this, we would like to invite you to join us in one of our Christmas projects for our sponsored children. We are inviting some bloggers and other writers to participate in a community visit to one of our development areas in Zambales on Saturday, 10 November 2012. This event is a prelude to our annual Christmas event for children where we give each of our 35,000 sponsored children a noche buena pack for the family and a gift of their choice.

We are sure that this will be a worthwhile experience to the bloggers as they get to interact with kids and a community supported by World Vision. We’ll also be preparing a program where the children will share their Christmas stories. It will be a one-day event and World Vision will shoulder all expenses (transport,food, etc.) In the event that you would need to stay overnight, we will also shoulder the lodging costs.

We hope you could join us in our campaign to make Christmas brighter and more meaningful for our sponsored children. For more information, please call 0917-8971894 and look for Anthony Valenzuela or call World Vision Philippines at (02) 374-7618.
You may also send your email at
Follow World Vision Philippines on Twitter
World Vision Website

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Sample of multipin connectors
When I was in college, we have a subject called networking. It is one of my favorite subjects. I enjoy the lessons about it. One of my exciting experience in this subject was we set up our own working stations. It was the time I learned about multipin connectors. It is very essential to machines and computers to connect to the internet or to other system. It makes the high performance level and complex connections to an easy and friendly feature.

A while ago, I was searching the internet; I stumble upon Radiall multipin connectors. According to their site, Radiall’s connectors are compatible with a large variety of contacts: signal, power, RF, data bus, fiber optic, quadrax and twinax; and they have a large range of multipin connectors including rack and panel connectors, modular connectors, and a range of wire to wire and wire to board is also available. I wish I knew about this site long ago so I would not have a hard time finding the things I need during college. Radiall site has a complete set of the items for connections. They have help me learn about multipin connectors.

I also love browsing with their site. It is easy to navigate and explore their products. It is simple and elegant. It doesn’t hurt my eyes from staying and looking that long at the products.

Are you curious of what I have from my last post? As a promise, here is my outfit post for Tinsel Shop. They have chosen me as the "Featured Blogger of the Month". hihihi I am so flattered when I received the news. It's my first time to be featured like this. Thank you so much!

According to my last post here in my blog, it took me a while to choose but it is worth it. Look at the bling-bling and my kimono inspired cover up from Tinsel Shop. Isn't it so cute? Mixed the spike necklace with hearts makes it girly plus shorts equals laid back fun. It is perfect for lazy weekend with friends.

The TA-DA! Things from Tinsel Shop, Spike necklace and printed heart inspired kimono..

close up

from afar..

spike bracelet

kunyari hindi nakatingin post.
OUTFIT: Kimono from Tinsel Shop, Spike Necklace from Tinsel Shop, Spike bracelet from bazaar,
 Plain black shirt from bazaar & Denim shorts from American Eagle

You can visit Tinsel Shop @ Ali Mall, Cubao or visit their online shop. I can say they have definitely great finds. :)

Hype my look on lookbook:

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Last week, I went to Tinsel Shop @ Ali Mall, Cubao. I was invited to visit their shop. So of course! I hurriedly went there with the help of my colleague. I am from the South so I know nothing much about the North part of Manila. Thank you to Ate Janice, she willingly went with me. By the time we’re walking towards Ali Mall, I notice a lot of people were wearing blue and yellow. Then, I looked down to see what's going on the entrance of Araneta Stadium. I realized it was the day of the basketball championship of UAAP. UST Vs. Ateneo. Go USTE, Go USTE, One big fight of Ateneo. Hahaha That’s what I have in mind that night, cheering even though I was just walking around Araneta Stadium. I can feel the energy and the crowd. How I wish when I was a college student, my school was included to UAAP. Pink flamingos! Hahahaha That was the rumor before, they will name the team of our school Pink flamingos. Eew. If that happens I will cheer for the other team. Char! 

When I arrived in the Tinsel Shop, yeah! Time to pick the fashionable clothes and accessories. It took me a while to choose the best because I want more! Hihi (confession of a shopaholic) I kept on asking Ate Janice, what’s nicer? This or that? Until I decided what to bring home. I will post a separate entry for it so stay tuned!

Tinsel Shop has very affordable accessories and clothes, the main reason why I can't choose. So many choices so little time.  

Take a glimpse of Tinsel Shop. I took a photo using my phone. Sorry for the low quality. :) 

vintage necklace for only P100

more clothes and accesories

Excuse my face, wasted much! hihihi Anyways, They used recycled paper. Eco-friendly and I love it! :) I am recommending to other shop to use recycled papers to save trees. Wait for my next post alright? I will post it this week.

For more information:
Opened:    February 9, 2012
Location:    Slot 10, Fab Boutique, UGF, Ali Mall, Araneta Center, 1109 Quezon City, Philippines
Mon - Thu:    10:00 am - 9:00 pm
Fri - Sat:    10:00 am - 10:00 pm
Sun:    10:00 am - 9:00 pm
Contact Info:
Phone:    0915 308 9280

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This coming October 19-20, 2012 @ Tiendesitas, People's Village, join Revamp at Sale Ahoy! Bazaar (booth 34) around 10 am to 8 pm. Amazing finds. Low Prices. Good giveaways and plus more!

Top 3 reasons why WE should visit Revamp at the SALE AHOY! BAZAAR:
  1. Prices range from P500 and below only! (marked down prices)
  2. Get a free Instax shot for a minimum purchase of P700!
  3. Never been uploaded items will be sold! (garments, bags and much more!)
See you there! =)

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Paperdoll is an online shop that sells a variety of fashionable clothes for women, children and even for your pets. If you’re looking for fairy gowns for your baby girl for this upcoming Halloween party, you might need to check their site. I love those cute fairies like dresses. I also saw the tutu for dogs, oh how I wish our dog is a girl so we could dress up her. Not only clothes but they are also selling accessories and beauty products. 

Paperdoll was founded last July 2012. Ms. Angeli Palomino is the person behind it. She is very accommodating and friendly so don’t hesitate to inquire some items you want to buy and she will gladly answer your questions.  

October is starting to look so generously fabulous for my blog, I am very much thankful for your support. Paperdoll together with Swirls and Scribbles will have a collaboration giveaway! Woot wooo! Thank you so much for Paperdoll. They are giving away 2 outfits. Check out the photo: What are you waiting for.. Join now. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Check out what's inside my weekender bag. Just click on the links below for more details. =)

1.) The Sherrille by Suy
2.) Tyvek Paper Wallet by Gonzalo
3.) Long Pouch from Paperthinks
4.) ENS #2 ENVY - Make Up Sets from 4U2 Cosmetics
5.) Natural Blend Pressed Powder Ivory / 0.24oz by Wet n Wild
6.) 3.5 g moisturizing lipstick in matt finish by 4 U 2 Cosmetics
7.) Silver Craft sunglasses by Ray-Ban
8.) Wood Bristle Paddle Brush by Hash 
9.) Sweet Pea Lotion from Bath & Body Works
10.) Wild Scarlet Fragrance Mist  by Victoria's Secret

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re•vamp verb \(ˌ)rē-ˈvamp\ meaning to remake, revise, renovate or reconstruct 

Revamp is an online shop that caters fashionable apparels, unique accessories and beauty essentials. Their mission is to bring all things in beauty but in a very affordable price. Revamp’s business is for the purpose of catering to the wants and inclinations of the girls and soon guys alike. 

I’m so thrilled to have a collaboration giveaway with Revamp. They have the up to date accessories and things. Yes, I love accessories that’s why hosting a giveaway like this is so much fun. One lucky winner will receive the following awesome stuff such as bib necklace, cuff and nail stickers. All you have to do is follow Rafflecopter. It’s not complicated at all. Unlock the first 3 steps and the next will be more points for everyone. It means more chances of winning the awesome items! Woot woo!

So what are you waiting for? You want freebies? Here is your chance! Join my blog giveaway now! :) Don't forget to spread the word with your friends, family and love ones.. Good luck!

For more information about the Revamp Shop:

Mobile: 09175124466 (Joseph Ginno T. Jaralve)
09228708225 (Justine O. Carungay)

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It's weekend again! It is time for InstaWeekend! Follow me on instagram: @abylovinu 

Retouching the roots of my hair @Sheer Design at BF homes. They are the best!
As of now, I am planning to color my hair red by the end of this year, new look mode!
I want to chop my hair short too. What you think? haha

We watched Coppelia  @ CCP with my family. My sister loves ballet and
she's good at it too. I think this was the first time that I watched ballet
with her beside me. Most of the time, she is dancing on the stage.

I love fruit shakes! While waiting for my order at fruitas I took a photo
of the colorful fruits. I usually order banana-apple or mango-banana.

After my ophthalmologist consultation, my glasses are ready! I need to wear them
for my eye's protection during a long time eye to eye contact on my beloved monitor for
more or less 8 hours. My fellow nerds are welcoming me to the group. haha

Read my last post about DFabShop sent to me? If not you might want to check it here. It’s a time of the year that I have another giveaway for my fellow bloggers, readers or to the random person who just dropped by to join and will take the chance to win. Start spreading the news! Please tell your friends, lovers or to everyone else that I have giveaway. Hahaha (sounds too desperate) Anyways, DFabShop is really accommodating and friendly. That’s why to the people who don’t know this Online Shop yet, you should start hitting the bookmark button on your browsers and time to shop. Yeah baby! You’re doing the right thing. Haha *wink *wink

Swirls and Scribbles together with DFabShop will be giving away 5 GC’s worth P200.00 each (kaching! Kaching!) and the grand prize will be a Isha Backpack. Who doesn’t love backpacks? I personally love backpacks! That’s why to the person who will win soon, lucky you! =)
The Grand Prize -- Isha Backpack

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