Are you a modern woman living in a modern world? Maria Clothing is for you. They cater fashionable clothes for modern Filipina.  Expect it from Sunday dresses to everyday style, formal ensembles to casual chic and a striking boho look to alluring evening outfits every girl must have, they have it. 

I will separate a blog post for my outfit from Maria Clothing. =)

Check out the Trend Alert:

"Fashion changes, but style endures." - Coco Chanel

Neon Spirit -- Splash of  loud colors equals LOVE! I totally agree with it. I love colors! It gives an outfit a life. It speaks for itself.

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Lately, I been pushing my mom to buy our dream home because we’ve been renting for years and I told her that the money we spent in renting is just putting into waste. We have been invited to some open houses here and there, dreaming that one day we might found the right one. 

What do I consider in my dream home? Of course, I consider the structure of the house, the neighborhood, the accessibility of the area and the price. Once I step in the house I like the feeling of good atmosphere, it should be well ventilated and the sun can shine thru. As they say, it can bring good energy and good luck to the house and to the people who lives in it. It would be nice if the location of the house is near the hospital, public market, malls and schools for my sister or future baby. Hihi Don’t forget the neighborhood, I want to feel safe for myself and for my family. I always look around the neighborhood if there is a guard to look out for our homes or if there is anybody who looks suspicious, report immediately.

 I am not aiming for a mansion or huge house. We just need 3 to 4 bedrooms for us. A sala, dining room, dirty kitchen and I terrace. I want something right for my family. A cozy house with everything I need in it will be perfect for me. I want to feel the presence of love in our home. A simple house with a garage will fit for my family and to our needs. Just like what I have seen while browsing the Bel-Air Residences Lipa site.

Check out this, same as what I have in my mind a while ago:
  •  Bel-Air Residences Lipa can be found in one of the best cities in the country.
  •  Your choices of house units range from townhouses to two-storey units with floor areas as big as 88 to 165 sq. meters, all designed under the concept of “Modern Zen” architecture.
  •  Owners will enjoy amenities like their own basketball court, a jogging path, a playground for kids, barbeque area, multiple parks, a pool, a lanai, a gazebo and a Club House. 
  • Bel-Air Residences Lipa is near schools such as Ateneo School of Business, De La Salle University Lipa and many more. • Aside from being close to established hospitals like Lipa Medix Medical Center and Metro Lipa Medical Center, the village is walking distance from major malls such as SM Lipa, Fiesta Mall, South Supermarket etc. Other leisure places like the Mt. Malarayat Golf Course, The Farm at San Benito and famous Batangas dive sites are minutes away also. 
I will consider this for my dream home. A rural place far from the hassle and bassel of  life in Manila, count me in! Like BOHOL.=)

Let's Run Errands! Wear the comfy shoes!

  1. Sneakers Low Cut by Anta
  2. Synergy by Skechers
  3. F0987010230 Giles from POLO by Ralph Lauren
  4. Slight (Oxford) by Pony
Shoes like this are for the people who wants to be comfortable wherever they what to go. It is perfect for running for errands or your baby or your boyfriend?? hahaha These shoes are usually for chill nights with friends or morning jogs or walking every where. Me, myself and I are very fond of wearing sneakers for work or malling. So what are you waiting for, check these shoes on and Use my voucher code: AbbeyCalvoJ to avail 5% discount. =)
People all over the social media are gushing about Mr. Grey. Girls want to meet her Mr. Grey. As my curiosity endures, I started reading this book called, “Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James”. So who is Christian Grey? That is the first question that popped in to my mind when I started reading the book. He is the wealthy, handsome guy who can sweep off your feet by just seeing him. He is like the dream guy of every girl but he has a dark past. You don’t want to be his submissive unless you’re Anastasia Steele. This book reveals the dark side of Christian Grey, while Anastasia Steele has this doubt and at the same time admiration to Christian Grey. When I was reading this book, I thought that why people are so hooked with it. It is about the lustful guy who doesn’t know how to love and to have a relationship. He treats his girls as a submissive with contracts. He is complicated and a lonely guy. However, when he met Anastasia it all changed, step by step. 

Actually, for me this book is full of steamy lines not for high school teenagers. It is Rated XXX. My gad! This is why I realized why people are saying that it is porn for woman. Yes, I confirmed it. Christian Grey likes to fuck not make love. I didn’t expect it at all. I thought it would be a love story but not like this. As I progress reading it in the end, the story is just starting. Hahaha Very heavy drama at the end of this book. Now, I can say with the end like that I should keep on reading it. Now I am currently, reading the 2nd book. Fifty Shades darker.

 If this will be a movie, this are my casts:

For Christian Grey:
Ian Somerhalder
Matt Bomer
I can sense the Christian Grey aura with this two completely handsome Hollywood actors. Hot, sexy and HOT!!! :)) They are both gorgeous human beings. Gad! If I will be Anastasia Steele it will be okey to be their submissive, except the red room of pain. I don't think I want that. Not my thing.

I imagine Ian Somerhalder as Christian Grey because of the tv series Vampire Diaries. He has the bad-vampire-gone-good-to-hot-to-yes-I-want-him guy just like Christian Grey in the book. You will hate him first because he is freakishly kinky guy with no heart and don't know how to love. Please let be him, if not.. Please let it be Matt Bomer, look at his photo above. Just like Christian Grey, executive looking with his gray suit and blackberry taking in charge with his business. If none of them is Christian Grey, I would be very disappointed.
 For Anastasia Steele:

Alexis Bledel or Lily Collins

 As Anastasia Steele, I picked Alexis Bledel or Lily Collins. Both posses the smart, innocent look. Plus the brunette hair really stepped it up. They are sexy in their own ways. Any of this two will be a good catch for Ana Steele.

I can't wait for the final casting for the movie. I will update you soon! Tee-hee! Laters,baby. :)

Disclaimer: photos are not mine. just randomly grabbed it from google. 
Its been a while since I posted my last InstaWeekend segment in my blog. It is back! Time to rant about random photos from my Instagram. You can also follow me on instagram @abylovinu. I named this post Summer Bliss because these were the days back last summer this year.

Halo-halo mode. Yes! Last summer was so hot, I always ask my mom to
eat halo-halo @ Razon's.. I love the simplicity of their halo-halo. 

Make up time. One of my friend ask me to model for her porfolio. hihihi
Oh, another back logs. hahaha I haven't blog this one yet. I am a little shy to post
my arte posts. hihi But okey, I will just look for the photos for it. I modeled and 
photographed here. Oooyy aahh! Multi-tasking! hahaha 

On our way to Potipot Island. We were on the boat. I was to scared to
used my DSLR while riding the boat. So I just used my phone. hihi
By the way, you can check my adventure in Potipot, Island, HERE!

This is me. Feeling the waves of the sea and the roughness of the sand 
@Potipot Island, Zambales.

My friend Therese! haha We were bored. So decided to make her a bed sand
because she was sleepy that time. Trip trip lang. hihi Walang basagan ng trip guys! XD

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DreamBig Shop is an online shop that caters cute Korean clothes, shoes and accessories. Their items are something to die for. As you know, Koreans are very fashionable and so cute, that’s why everything in this shop is fashion forward. Take a look of some photos I grab from their site:

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Have you heard about Mikayla's Boutique or Mikayla? Look what I have just found out.

It opened to the public last June 19 and officially launched on June 28. Mikayla's Boutique is a specialty retailer store offering clothes, accessories, shoes, bags, cosmetics and personal care products for men and women. As of now, if you have viewed our gallery, most of our items are for women. We are still on the process of adding items on our gallery but open for business. 

Here at Mikayla’s Boutique, we believe that a few quality pieces which can last for years is better than a tons of substandard or low quality items. That’s why we strive to provide the best quality we could and also carry products that are either Filipino made or the people behind a certain brand are Filipinos. 

We also stand for a good cause, part of the proceeds from the sale of our product will be donated to the CRIBS Foundation. CRIBS grew out of a response to the hundreds of infants rejected and given up every year and to the increasing number of abused, traumatized children. 

--Geelyn, Owner of Mikayla’s Boutique 

When I found out that they give part of the proceeds from the sale of their product to CRIBS, I hurriedly signed up for this. CRIBS Foundation is close to my heart. During my college days, we stayed there for almost a week. Teaching, playing, eating, laughing with them are the happiest things I ever experienced during my stay in CRIBS. Imagine my travel to south to north, P’que to Marikina every day. But I will not regret it or exchange that experience to any other material things with it. I really learned a lot and appreciate life more. I am lucky enough to have a wonderful family even though not perfect but definitely one of a kind. Those kiddos made me cry when it’s time to say bye bye to them. I surely miss them. 

If I have time, I will visit them again. If you are busy, you can buy clothes to Mikayla’s Boutique to extend your helping hands with the children in Cribs Foundation. You can be fashionably helpful at the same time. For this November, I will be having blog giveaway with them to be able to spread the word to other people who wants to help and be fashionable too. It’s a win win situation for both. Stay tune for my upcoming blog giveaway with them. I am really excited for it. Take a look of some of the photos I grabbed on their page:

cute printed dress

couple jackets


maxi dress

polka dot dress

For more details:

Facebook Page:
Email: /
Mobile: (+63) 917 . 569 . 4958

Are you ready for Blogopolis?

A community for bloggers by bloggers, they strive to keep the local blogosphere growing.

Learn from the best in the industry, and meet other bloggers just like YOU. Join them this November 18, at Makati Shangri-La Hotel from 9 AM - 9 PM.

Program Schedule (Copy it from their site)

9:00:00 AM
The Philippine Blogosphere: Past Present and Future
  • Philippine Blogosphere: The Past
  • Philippine Blogosphere: The Present
  • Philippine Blogosphere: The Future
9:15:00 AM
Keynote: The Role of Social Media in E-Governance
  • Social media strategies and key issues
  • How social media empowers individuals and develops new leaders
  • Will social media create more civil virtue due to its public nature?
10:15:00 AM
Tea Break / Morning Coffee

10:45:00 AM
Keynote: From Offline to Online
  • Media landscape: then and now
  • The rise of digital revolution
  • The change of citizens' media consumption through time
  • How and why online media will always trump the traditional media
11:45:00 AM
Community Building: Engaging and Interacting with your Audience
  • Know where and how to reach your audience
  • How to come up with an interactive content for your audience
  • Interacting and engaging vs. broadcasting
  • Making your own community visible to others
12:30:00 NN
Lunch Break / Sponsors Segment

1:30:00 PM
Working with Brands: What Makes Brands Advertise on your Blog
  • Basic factors that brands consider before they advertise on your blog
  • Different forms of PR and advertising your blog could offer
  • The content quality and high traffic equilibrium
  • What is an effective social media influencer
2:15:00 PM
The Business of Blogging: Taking Your Blog to the Next Level
  • Three guidelines of successful blogging: write well, know your audience and re-think your strategy
  • What are the fundamental principles of online money making?
  • Best practices for becoming the best blogger you can be
3:45:00 PM
Tea Break / Afternoon Coffee

4:15:00 PM
Idea Sourcing and Content Creation
Breakout Session A - 1
  • The 5 key sources to find hundreds of blog post ideas
  • How to write headlines that work
  • How to use headlines to spark ideas

Blogging: More Fun in the Philippines
Breakout Session B - 1
  • Why the Philippine Blogosphere unique from other country?
  • The Filipino Blogger and Reader (Psychographics, Demographics, etc)
  • Fun facts about the Philippine Blogosphere
  • Blogging as a tool for social movement
4:45:00 PM
Blog Branding and Promotion
Breakout Session A - 2
  • What is your brand?
  • How can you further define your brand?
  • Why your brand is more than your header
  • Marketing your brand

Social Media & Other Platforms
Breakout Session B - 2
  • What are the different platforms to optimize your blog traffic
  • How to use different media such as art to communicate your thoughts
  • How to viralize your message in the blogosphere
5:15:00 AM
Blog Photography 101
Breakout Session A - 3
  • What makes a great photo?
  • Customizing your camera settings to get the best results
  • Understanding exposure + photography tips & tricks
  • This will be a hands on class, bring your camera along!

Challenges of Cybercrime Prevention Law
Breakout Session B - 3
  • What are the provisions of the cybercrime law
  • Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Effects of cybercrime law in the blogosphere
  • What can you do to take part in preventing cybercrime

To learn more about Blogopolis, visit the event's official website,!

We hope to see you all there!

Remember this photo from one of my post about DFabShop bag review? I re-shoot it. hihi To give justice with the very cute envelope bag. Besides after 2 days, we are going to work again. Title speaks for it self. Oh please time, make it slow! I want to chill with family more. hehe

Anyways, I also posted this photo to let you know that one of my blog giveaways will end. You still have a few hours to join. Hurry! Stay tuned to when I announce the winner. Remember 5 lucky winners will receive a 200php worth of GC and for the grand prize a isha bag pack from DFabshop. Thank you for joining! I hope you are one of the lucky winners! Best of luck! :) (Swirls and Scribbles X DFabshop blog giveaway)

You can also hype this outfit on lookbook:

Enjoy the few days of the long weekend! I am excited to announce the winner the soonest! :)

Edited: Winners of The Giveaway! :)
 Check your names! Maybe your name is included! :) Congratulations!