We arrived at Club Balai Isabel before lunch time. After we checked-in, we hurriedly ate at Terrazan CafĂ© it is the only restaurant in Club Bali Isabel. It was beside the swimming pools and it has a nice view of Taal Volcano. As for lunch, here we go! We ordered Batangas Bulalo, Fish Fillet with Sauce (I forgot the name of the sauce), Mix Chicken and Pork Adobo, Rice and for dessert Buko pandan. Too bad, I am so serious eating I forgot to take photos of buko pandan. It was so delicious and creamy. 

The foods were so tasty and yummy. The Batangas Bulalo as for non-Filipinos, it is the boiled boned marrow of the beef with vegetables and soup. It is one of my favorite dishes. Compared to the original bulalo, this one has a distinct taste. The fish fillet has a mango sauce. It is something unique and flavorful. While the adobo is good too but to be honest no one can beat my lola’s adobo. Hihi Finally, for dessert, the buko pandan. It has a vanilla ice cream that added deliciousness in it. Must-try! 


Batangas Bulalo

Batangas Bulalo in a small bowl.

Fillet Fish with Salsa

Mix Chicken and Pork Adobo

Rice. Carbssss!


Dinner time, I was still full. So I ate only few bites of everything. Hahaha We ordered taliwis, bagnet, rice and pansit. The bagnet was so crispy and crunchy. I like it. But I think it is a little bit pricey for a small piece of banget. Hehe 

The Crispy Bagnet.




Good morning! Breakfast is one of my favorite meals. They offer varieties of breakfast meal like Filipino breakfast, American breakfast and many more. I ordered bacon and eggs plus bread, it’s an American breakfast. As usual, another favorite of mine, (baka sabihin nyo fave ko na lahat, nyhahaha.) hunny ordered Filipino breakfast consist of tapa, longanisa, danget and garlic rice. With fruits and plus extra bacons for me. So heavy! 

Filipino Breakfast - Tapa, Longanisa, dried fish and garlic rice.

Toasted bread, 2 eggs and bacons.

Now, I can say traveling and eating is really a good combination. I hope I made you crave for food. Hehe What would be my verdict? 4 out of 5, because it's a little bit pricey and we did  not experience the buffet. hahaha Maybe next time.
This post was in my draft for almost a month now. This is worth blogging. I want to share with you my Club Balai Isabel Chillax time. Haha It was Krisza’s birthday, I was invited to come with them to have fun and enjoy the nature at its best. 

Club Balai Isabel is a place where you can see Taal Volcano up close and personal. Hehe The place has a good view of Taal Volcano and in touch with nature. It is also the place where Oyo Boy Sotto and Kristine Hermosa got married. I was not that familiar with the place but once they describe it and told me about Oyo and Kristine I think I remembered it right away. Hahaha It is located at Talisay, Batangas. I think it is 1 to 2 hours from Manila to get there.

To have a better view, I embed the video of Oyo and Kristine. I love their wedding kasi. Hihi Then, check out my photos afterwards...

Club Balai Isabel

Upper left photo - Map of the place, Upper right photo - the lobby, 
Lower left photo - balsa?hihihi and Lower right photo - rooms beside the lake

Our room - 2nd floor, I think i haven't took photos of the rooms. hihi sorry. They have
nice rooms. In our room, five (5) people can be accommodated. They have refrigerator,
mini kitchen, 1 bathroom, beds, 2 cabinets, 2 berandas and flat television with cable.

St. Francis. I took this photo in the church.

The Dawn.

Moi. hihihi

Jump shot!!!!! with Ate Krismel, Krisza and Kristian and me!

The Kubo in the lake!

Taal Volcano - Up close and personal. Our view when eating at their restaurant. Lovely!

Starbucks cake for the birthday girl!

Christmas lantern? hahahaha I know. hihihihi

Good morning!!!! Walking and embracing the peaceful place.. 

The sky is amazing!!!

with hunny bunch! XD Timer mode, hehehe I am not yet ready by the way.

I am calling the gods of wind and earth surround me with your powers and help me fight the evil!!!
Nyahahaha Baliw mode. Once during my childhood, I wish I have powers like witches but
of course, the good witch. hihi

We went swimming, sleeping, eating and embracing the nature. They also have a basketball court, badminton court, 3 swimming pools, spa treatment, fish foot spa, butterfly sanctuary and water sports like jet-sky, banana boat and a lot more. You will never get bored once you stay here. By the way, I will have a separate blog post for the foods we ate here. hihi :)

For more details:
Club Balai Isabel Resort Site: http://www.clubbalaiisabeltalisay.com
Location: Talisay, Batangas 4220, Philippines
Phone Numbers: 63 437280307/ 63 437730004
Enviropop — a puzzle game created by Applabs Digital Studios and theWorld Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-Philippines). Enviropop is a mobile game developed to educate people about the hazards that are destroying the world’s sea creatures. This fun puzzle game is easy to play: just tap and swipe the hazards to eradicate them from the sea. Enviropop can be downloaded from the App Store for $0.99, and the proceeds will go to WWF-Philippines for their relentless passion in saving the planet. The Android version of Enviropop will be released soon, I can't wait for it! I will download it as soon as possible at the same time I can also help the endangered species and the planet earth.

Enviropedia - Learn some cool facts about our undersea friends and the hazards that face them. Meet the cast and crew of EnviroPop!

1. Chi-Chi the Panda - Cute and cuddly, Chi-Chi the Giant Panda occupies a special place for the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), symbolizing the global plight of endangered species plus the organization’s cutting-edge conservation work.

2. Gary the Grouper - With bright blue spots adorning his regal red body, Gary the Leopard Coral Grouper is a sure eye-catcher. Leopard Coral Groupers stocks are dwindling due to unsustainable fishing practices. WWF now attempts to manage the Live Reef Food Fish (LRFF) trade to ensure that Gary and his finned friends continue swimming in and around Philippine coral reefs.

3. Bobby the Butanding - Earth’s largest fish, Bobby the Butanding or Whale Shark exceeds the length of a typical passenger bus and weighs more than six adult elephants! His massive five-foot mouth helps him gulp down more than two-tonnes of plankton and krill daily. Despite his size, his teeth are only about 2mm long. Bobby the Butanding is completely harmless to humans and is one of the top species WWF conserves in Donsol and other parts of the Philippines.

4. Dolly the Dolphin - Acrobatic Dolly is a Spinner Dolphin, a species well-known for crazy jumps, spins and leaps. All dolphin species are protected under Philippine Law, prompting WWF to prioritize cetacean conservation.

5. Doogie the Dugong - Doogie the Dugong inhabits shallow waters of the Indo-Pacific, wherever seagrass is most abundant. Sizeable herds of Dugong – the source of popular mermaid lore – once plied the Philippine archipelago until hunting and habitat degradation reduced overall numbers. Thriving populations keep seagrass meadows cropped, healthy and productive.

6. Pattie the Pawikan - Found throughout the Philippines, the Pawikan or Green Sea Turtle is the only truly herbivorous marine turtle, feeding exclusively on higher algae and seagrass. The presence of sea turtles like Pattie preserves the sea’s natural processes: Green Sea Turtles continually browse on sea grass, which are naturally pruned to grow denser, allowing the plants to spread more rapidly amid the sea floor.

7. Clara the Clown Fish - Some 30 types of clownfish inhabit the warm waters of the Pacific and Indian Oceans. These colorful striped fish form mutually-beneficial relationships with sea anemones. Protective mucous coatings give these fish immunity against the stinging tentacles of sea anemones. And just like the famous character Nemo, Clara the Ocellated Clownfish faces the risk of capture for the aquarium trade.
  • Social Sharing - User has the option to share scores on his/her Facebook and Twitter accounts 
  • Help - A user guide is included to help players in using the app
  • Sound ON/OFF Accomplishments/Achievements
  • EnviroPop is an entertaining and educational application which spreads awareness about how we can save the marine life from numerous undersea threats. For one minute, you can help clean the sea by tapping and swiping on three or more hazards across the screen. The more hazards you eliminate, the higher the score you get! Are you ready to tap and swipe your way in this time-pressured addictive puzzle game? It's time to save your undersea friends!
Iphone Screenshot

Watch the video for more details:

To Download:

Enviropop (FULL):https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/enviropop/id595868152?mt=8
Enviropop (LITE): https://itunes.apple.com/th/app/enviropop-lite/id595946060?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D2

Help the animals! Download now! :)

Before the month of February ends, I think you need to check out Zalora Site because they are having sales and rebates up to 35%. This is crazy! People are going gaga on which products to buy. By the way, let us sing a birthday song to Zalora which is turning a year older this year. Horey! I can’t believe it was already a year since Zalora Philippines started to join the social media craze. They are surviving and getting stronger and bigger.

 To Zalora, Happy happy birthday to you! I am happy to be part of the Z Ambassador. More power! Keep it up!

Don’t forget to check out the clothes below from Zalora site. Time to shop and time to use this voucher code for rebates and discount: AbbeyCalvoJ 

Happy Shopping!

Another random photos: Follow me @abylovinu

Me: Pretending to think. hahahah

On our way to Zambales, I love nature.

Snack time with my mom and sister @ Stravos. Enjoying our ice tea.

My fave nail color. TEAL NAIL.

Am I sleeping or another pretending state? hahaha

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Have you experience waking up in the morning because of a noise outside your room? Then, you get really irritated because your sleep was disturbed by the sound of which you can’t explain. You open your door and started shouting, “What the.. Beep beep was that sound?” haha Then, you saw someone just vacuuming your living room or someone is just preparing your breakfast with smoothies with a blender. You suddenly realize, when will be the day those appliances will become quiet. For so many years, vacuums and blenders are seriously noisy; nobody has a choice but to deal with it.

However, have you heard about Powermix Silent Blender and Ultra Silencer Green from Electrolux? If you haven’t, I can say, “That’s exactly what I wanted!” For the reason that they are the new generation of vacuums and blenders, they are noiseless. Yes, for the first time of my existence in this world. Finally, I can now enjoy my weekend with a quiet time cleaning my house with the use of Ultra Silencer Green and I can also blend some fruits with the use of Powermis Silent Blender. It is such a good news for me and to all those people who hate the noise of Blenders and Vacuums, we can now appreciate these appliances more and without a sound. 

Photos of Powermix Silent Blender:


Photos of Ultra Silencer Green:

A weekend with Powermix Silent Blender and Ultra Silencer Green: 

I can see myself, sleeping smoothly during the weekends, if someone is using the vacuum and cleaning the house. I will wake up in a good mood and relax than before. I will start blending fruits more often while watching television or listening to the music. I can hear the chirping of the birds in the morning and the chirping of the crickets at night. These simple moments will help me to have spent my weekend to be quiet and relaxing. As they say, best thing in life are free. 
Visit their official website, to know more about Electrolux products. You can also like their Facebook Page and follow them in Twitter.

For today's outfit, I want to be girly. I paired my animal print skirt to a plain black shirt. I added a bib necklace to make the outfit more elegant and not-so-plain. I wore a lot of accessories especially in my fingers. It has a different shades of black for my rings. Oooppss! The one on the my index finger isn't black at all. hehe It is a frog with an Emerald. It is my birthstone because I was born on the month of May. It was given to me by my grandmother a.k.a. my mommy! hihi We all call her mommy than lola or granny. Everyone calls her mommy too, even her tenants. haha Anyways, back to my outfit. I hope you like it. HYPE? Thanks!

This year, I will make sure to post more outfit post in my blog as often as I could. I will also include my sister's outfit. She models clothes better than me. hahaha She is more leaner and looks a little taller than me. Take note, she is only a high school student. haha Stay tuned.

Black Plain Shirt | Leopard Skirt (Similar to this) | Bib Necklace | Connector Ring, Heart Ring (Forever 21)
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So I can follow you back.. :) 

Planning mode @ our company. I am writing down notes.

The free lunch during our department planning. KFC bucket.
My favorite order in KFC is the original chicken with rice and mash potato
with lots and lots of gravyyyyyyy! hihihi Yes, this why I am fat.
How about you? Waz yours?

Date day with Hunnyloloooo. hihi Look at my hair so messy
I think we were at the open area of Jamba Juice on the 2nd floor.
Mahangin sa labas ang peg. hehehe

My old planner last year and my blackberry. Do I love pink? haha
A little. Okey, sometimes.. Hot pink it is.

@Jamba Juice. I love shakes or any cold drinks with Ice, ice, ice beybe!

How is your weekend?

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Khao Shong coffee was founded in 1959 at the Khao Kra Shong National Park in Trang province, southern Thailand. It began When Mr.Chira Chiralerspong, the founder, noticed that wild coffee beans were scattered on both sides of the road. He picked it up and found that they are coffee beans. Mr. Chira, through his experience in the observation of coffee production in Indonesia, had collected the wild coffee beans at the Park and roasted it in different ways untill he found the perfect flavour which was rich in aroma and fine taste.

In 1962, he introduced "Khao Shong Coffee" to the market. Mr. Chira used "Khao Shong" as the brand name as to recollect the place where the coffee beans were founded. Within few years, Khao Shong Coffee was popular among coffee drinkers.

In 1975 he established a roasted and ground coffee factory in Bangkok, and four years later "Khao Shong Instant Coffee", the first instant coffee in Thailand using a Thai brand name, was introduced. In 1991, Khao Shong company expanded to a new plant in Samutprakarn province close to Bangkok.

The success of Khao Shong Industry 1979 Co., Ltd. has derived from the basis principle of the company, which aim to satisfy consumers with the best products.

The company's high standards of performances are the fruits of the following policy : 
  • Consistent high quality standard of the products and the continuous product development
  • Reasonable price
  • Care for the society and environmental protection through the efficient utilization of energy and natural resources.
They have a variety of products:

Khao Shong 3 in 1 Instant Coffee Mix | Condensed Milk

Khao Shong 3 in 1 Instant Coffee Mix | Espresso (18gx 5 sachets) | Suggested SRP: 57 php

Khao Shong 3 in 1 Instant Coffee Mix | Smoth and Creamy (20hx 25 sachets) | Suggested SRP: 250 php

Khao Shong 3 in 1 Instant Coffee Mix | Mocha

Khao Shong 3 in 1 Instant Coffee Mix | Cappuccino (20gx 10 sachets) | Suggested SRP: 180 php

Verdict: 9/10
I love the smooth and creamy flavor, I am not a coffee drinker but I enjoyed drinking this coffee. I can consider drinking coffee if all the coffees can taste like this. Yummy and aromatic. :)

Isn't it time you experience the Essence of Thai Coffee?

More details visit the following links: 

Multply site: http://khaoshongcoffeeph.multiply.com/ 

Contact them:

Landline: 5428281
Mobile: 09175302936 / 09323934180

Disclaimer: Photos are not mine. It is randomly selected from google , facebook page 
and the history is from here.