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Please visit all the co-hosts and enter the giveaway via the Rafflecopter form below.
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For the past few weeks I am still busy! During the long weekend, I just procrastinate and I am too lazy to come up with a topic for my blog. hihihi During cold weathers, my mind is just freezing it won't work. hahaha Too lazy to function. But at least I could post an entry every week and I am still  coping up with every situation happening in my life. How I wish I could update my blog everyday or every other day. I hope soon I could post all my backlogs. For now I am leaving you an #OOTD! Enjoy viewing :)

My silver nails. I used a pack of nail sticker to achieve it. Ring from Forever 21.

Teal Cardigan from Forever 21.

Silver shoes from Forever 21. Can you guess my fave clothing store? hahaha

Shorts from American Eagle.

Whole body. hahaha (Matagal na 'to.hehehehe)

Look at my eye! Can you spot the huge stye? hahahaha I don't even know why I am posting this photo. hahaha I think I feel pretty even with my weird face and stye. =)) Whatever just forget what you read. hihihi May mapost lang sa blog. Please forgive my sabog post. Everything you read is so random. hihi

This post has been on my drafts for a few days now. I decided to post this today. I think it’s been a while since I posted something personal on my blog. So here I am posting something random about me and I also incorporated some random photos from my instagram to avoid boredom. Thanks Ms. Janz for tagging me! =) 

with hunny bunch
Attached or single? 
Attached with my first boyfriend and hopefully my last (cheessyy shit)

with best friends
Kathy (my sister from another mister, that line so overrated but who cares) The BOYS (Tere, Jona, Jamie, Janina, Aimee and Dona) My barkada from college, I consider all of them my best friends ever!

Cake or pie? 
Cake. However, nowadays I am not into too chocolately stuff.

Day of Choice 
Friday because the next day is weekend.

Favorite Colors
 Blue and  Pink (even though sometimes I deny this color. well, actually i like Hot pink not baby pink, whatever. hahaha )

Gummy Bears or Worms? 
Gummy Bears

Gen. Trias, Cavite - The place I grew up with my grandparents. Now I live in Paranaque City

clothes and food
Food and clothes

January or July? 
January - So I could look forward to my birthday

None. I think I am still young to have one and I am not emotionally and finacially ready.

with family
Life isn't complete without 
Desserts and my family

Marriage Date 
Next year. hahaha joke. I have no idea. Can you ask my significant other? hehehe

with the sister
Number of brothers and sisters 
This is complicated. hahaha I have 1 sister.

Orange or apple 
Apple! - Orange makes me sick because my stomach is super acidic that too much intake of orange juice makes me vomit.

Snakes? or any weird looking insect.

Live life to the fullest.

Reasons to smile 
I smile at random and silly memories I remember. I smile at my stupidity. I smile because I want to smile and it lifts up my mood.

Season of choice 
Cold weather. The time when I can wear my cardigan and boots because it is perfect for the weather.

Tag 5 people 
You, you, you, you and you. (to those people who is interested to join this meme. go!)

Unknown fact about me 
I have motion sickness. I get easily dizzy on airplanes and rides on theme parks.


Worst Habit/s
Sneeze on my sister's face. hahahahahahaha joke. Okey, half meant. =))

Xray or ultrasound 
Xray? I haven't tried unltrasound yet.

Your favorite food/s? 
Beefsteak, Nilagang baka or bulalo or sinigang.

with my bruno
Zodiac Sign 
I am a bull. Taurus.

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