Outback Steakhouse is an Australian themed restaurant (according to their site). Their main dishes are beef and steak but they also offer chicken, ribs, seafood, salads, desserts and pasta dishes. The place was cozy and they have attentive personnel. For this meal, we ordered grilled pork chop and baby back ribs while waiting they served us a bread and butter for free.


Baby Back Ribs - These fall-off-the-bone ribs are exactly the way ribs should be! Succulent and saucy, each rack is smoked, grilled to perfection and brushed in a tangy BBQ sauce. Served with Aussie Fries. (Munchpunch.com)

Grilled Pork Chop - A center cut, seasoned pork chop served with Aussie fries (Munchpunch.com)

The Verdict:

Both have an amazing taste. They have large servings and Aussie fries. Baby back ribs were so tender that it can be easily removed on its bone. It has a hint of sweetness. You don’t need to order rice to feel your stomach is full unless you have a metabolism of a hungry anaconda that could eat a whole cow. If yes, order extra rice. For me, the grilled pork chop was much tastier. Even though I ordered the baby back ribs, I want to still those grilled pork chop to my beau after tasting it. Damn! It was delicious!

Grilled pork chop for the win!
Place = 4
Serving = 5
Taste = 5
Overall = 4.6

Outback Steakhouse - Alabang Town Center
Address: Alabang Town Center, Lot A, Commerce Ave. cor Madrigal Alabang, Muntinlupa
Tel. No.: (02) 772-1844 to 45

The IOS 7 is the latest operating system by Apple for iphone, ipad, and ipod. Of couse! I joined the bandwagon and I hurriedly updated my software on my ipad mini.

After 3 hours of waiting, well, am I impressed with it? I guess, my first reaction is, “this is it??” The icons just got flat and it became more like an android. As an android user for quite a while I can pin point every detail that is very android-ish. When everyone’s feeling wonderful or excited, for me I am a little bit disappointed. For the reason, I am not against or what-so-ever with Apple however, maybe I expected too much change or innovation from them. 

Let me give you a tour on IOS7. Ready? Go! 

The screenlock. - I changed it with the new wallpaper. It moves.

The passcode - with the different keypad. 

Look at my home. So hipters, I love galaxy that's why I have chosen this wallpaper. I think this is the first wallpaper you will encounter.hahaha I have no time to browse. I am instantly fell in love with it.

The icons has a brand new design. It became more colorful and flat. No more 3D icons for IOS 7.

The new notification - you can check the weather update, your schedules, activities from your app and a lot more. It is located on the same place. From the top then swipe down.

The new folder - it is unlimited apps in a folder, but I want it when I can see all the apps in one viewing though. The 10th app will be placed on the next page of the folder, just swipe it to the left.

The taskbar - you can view all the open apps by swiping to the left then, swipe to the top to kill the task or the app.

The new Siri - it has a larger view of the results of your conversation. It has an improved commands too. I tried it, when I was bored, I also tried to have a nice conversation with Siri. It was fun, nosebleed lang ng slight and medyo bingi si Siri paulit ulit ako para magets nya. hohohoho

The photos - you can view it by year, month, album or by location. (I saw this first on android) It's organized. You know me, everything with organizing things is a plus points.

Even Safari has a  new layout but I rather use Google Chrome, it's much faster. hihi

Camera - New HDR setting plus the square set-up. Well, I like the square thingy for IG. I am a sucker for taking photos and posting it on IG. No more cropping photos for me.

Updating application - Very android. I have nothing to say.

I found an error, look at the calendar when it's on vertical mode. 
The year of the calendar was not shown properly. It is incomplete. 

How about you? Any thought/s or suggestion on the New IOS 7? Share your comments below.

Drumroll please! It’s another #OOTD post from me. I am sure I am back on track on my blogging. I can’t wait for December. I love Christmas, gift giving, holidays and cold weather. Ber months are always happy months for me. It makes me smile to hear Christmas carols, bright lights from every corner of the town, cold breeze of the air, Santa Claus everywhere and gifts under the tall Christmas trees. I can feel the love in the air. I am such a sucker for Christmas. 

Anyways, have I shared to you that I won a contest from Kolours? I was one of the 20 lucky winners to receive a Kolour’s hair color package. I haven’t claimed it yet but I will inform you once I have claimed it before October 31, 2013. I have no choice but to take a leave from work because I can only claim it during office hours and on weekdays. Time to reinvent myself. New color! Weee!

For today’s #OOTD, I have worn a denim polo, tribal leggings, a pair of pointed flats and a colorful spikes necklace.

"The masakit ang ulo post" hahaha

Colorful spike necklace from Bazaar

Flat pointed shoes from The Little Things She Needs

The Gluta-C White Camp is a 30-day program designed to help you achieve your goal of having fairer skin!

TEN (10) lovely participants will be chosen to experience Gluta-C’s intense whitening effect. They will also receive a skin regimen and regular skin care advice from Gluta-C’s dermatologist to ensure the best whitening result. After the 30 days, their results will be recorded and shared with the Gluta-C community!

Plus, each participant will win a cash prize of P10,000, meet Ms. Gluta-C Jodi Sta. Maria, and get other fabulous prizes!

You could be one of the 200 winners of a special gift pack from Gluta-C!

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As an internet addict, of course I usually browse non-stop until I stable upon a site called 8share. I got curious and linger on this site for a couple of hours. I learned 8Share is a private rewards club for social media users (like me and you) who like getting free stuff, earning extra cash every month, and being the first to introduce something new. Woot woot! Jackpot! I can have extra money on just sharing, tweeting or even emailing information I like. Who can join? Well, anyone who loves sharing cool stuff with their friends via social media! 8Share is now in Malaysia, India, Philippines, and Singapore. As long as you have a social network account like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. and you love sharing cool stuff on it, then you're good. Amazing! Signing up is totally free.

You will have automatic P10 on your account by just signing up. Then, it’s up to you if you are persistent enough to share it every day with your friends and followers. Your money will surely grow. Of course, the fruit of loins can be cash out. Hohoho Here it comes, what we “called” extra money for dresses, jewelries, bags, or whatever you want. Maybe just save it up for the future. That is so easy! Even a child can do it, right? So what are you waiting for?

Let’s go and sign up now! If you want to join now, click here or click my sidebar banner for 8share.
I have a friend who’s about to be married 3 months from now and as of the moment we are currently on the verge of making the final decision regarding which wedding dress to choose. Her mother suggested me to wear the traditional white gown because it looks good on her. On the other hand, I insisted that she must go for the fashionable choice by wearing a colored wedding dress… Which one should she choose to wear on her big day?

 She cleverly decided to entertain both of the lovely ideas in subtle manner and avoid rushing into things. After all, we only want her to be the best looking bride on her wedding day. So we searched extensively on the internet, and these are the wedding dresses I found on thegreenguide.com. These gowns instantly caught our eyes and my friend immediately fell in love with them:

According to her, she loves this dress because of the minimalist approach in the design which fits right for her personality. And for the gowns with color, here’s the one that I have chosen for her:

She said that if she’s going to wear a colored gown then she will definitely go for this. This red toned dress depicts a romantic feel which is suitable for the theme of the occasion.

Which is a more stunning dress? Is it the exquisite white or the romantic red? I hope you will be able to help my friend make the final decision.

Eligibility: This raffle is open to Filipino residents who have a website or personal blog that has been active for more than three months. Employees of Lazada E-Services Inc. and its promotion agencies, including their relatives up to the second degree of consanguinity or affinity, are not eligible to join. All existing affiliates who have registered before the official contest period are eligible to join so long as they comply with previously mentioned conditions for eligibility. 

Promo duration: 3 weeks
Start: September 6, 2013
End: September 27, 2013

For more details, please see this link, http://www.lazada.com.ph/earn-and-win/#eaw

Hello there! I am back with vengeance! After the short hiatus here on my blog, I am backkk. I am alive and kicking. You don’t know what I’ve been thru the couple of weeks ago. I was sick. Yes, even though I feel sick as always but this time it was serious. During the typhoon ‘Maring’, I was lying on my bed sleeping and wishing my fever was gone. Those were the toughest days. My stomach was aching. I felt light headed. Every time I ate, I vomit. I have no appetite to eat nor drink even water but I kept on trying and stuffing food on my mouth. Then, I had my period which makes everything worst. Okey, wait! Let’s rewind on 1st day I got sick. It was Friday morning, when I had a headache so I took advil. Then, during the afternoon, I was chilling. They only thing I want to do then was to go home. I am so thankful my beau offered me to pick me up near my office and he sent me home. The next day, I am so hot, literally. I got a high fever then, I felt all the symptoms that I said earlier. After 6 days of agony, I told my mom to have me check-up. The only thing that stopping us was the bad weather and of course! The freaking flood. I want to be confine at the hospital when I felt I can’t take it anymore. I kept on praying and praying until the next day. I was like much better than yesterday. My mom took me to the hospital. The doctor told me to have a urinalysis, blood extraction and dengue test. After 4 hours, I had the result and it’s all negative. Super weird. I know for a fact that I might have dengue because my gums were bleeding. It made me worried when I read it was one of the signs of dengue fever. However, I am thankful for having a good result. Thank you Lord for hearing my prayers. After a few days, I am soaring high again. 

Sometimes, things happen for a reason. I think God made me sick to help me appreciate life even more. It is effective. He help me realize He is there to guide us and never forsaken us. Now, I value my life,  health and everything that surrounds me more than ever.

Sunshine on my window... The storm is over. hihi But the truth is, it was the first song came up on my mind. hehe

Hat from Bohol (Did I blog about my Bohol adventure? Oh oh! Backlog. hihihi I will blog it soon!) | Sleeveless shirt from Tinsel Shop | Sandals (Bazaar for only 150 for 2, bili na!hehehe ) | Demin Shorts that's old. hehehe

Watch from Aldo | Zipper bracelet from Revamp Shop | Bracelets (blue and white) from Tinsel Shop

Excuse my #Selfie, I just need too. hihihi I took all the photos all by myself and of course with the help of the mighty tripod and my makulit na cousin which is only 3 years old pretending she knows how to operate a camera. She is acting to be my assistant. Cute! I will post her photo soon. From now on, I will try to be more madaldal on my blog. Amen!