Happy Tuesday everyone! Lucky students, it is holiday for them. Moreover, after few months of not posting #OOTD, here it is. Well, I am slowly getting back to the blogosphere after the hiatus for a couple of months. The last quarter of 2013 was crazy!!! I have definitely one busy girl juggling my work, extra work and online shop plus extracurricular activities. Multitasking to the extreme! I don’t know how I survived everything. God is really good I can say. He provided me with strength and the will to carry on. I won’t promise anything but I want to be a serious blogger as in karir for 2014.

To achieve something, sometimes we need to “Let it Go” just like the song from Frozen. Let us, let go of our insecurities, inhibitions, negativity and too much controlling of our life. We need to enjoy every single day we open our eyes and see the world full of excitement and love from God above. Inspiring words from an #OOTD post. Hahahaha Saan ka pa?! (baka isipin nyo anong connect ng mga pinagsasabi ko. May masabi lang ang peg. Hehehe) 

Going back to the outfit, I got both of my studded denim jacket and floral dress from Forever 21. I super love their clothes. I bought them during the buy 1 take 1 sale from forever 21. Gosh! I went gaga over that event. I don't even know how to start when I saw the clothes.

Studded Denim Jacket from Forever 21 | Floral dress from Forever 21 | Shoes from All Things Fit |Watch from Aldo

Will be posting more of #OOTDs soon and reviews and a lot more from me! Wait for it! :)

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Last Valentine’s Day, we watched the movie “Starting Over Again” starring Piolo Pascual as Marco and Toni Gonzaga as Ginny. It was a different kind of love story. It was hilarious and at the same time it was a heart full of emotions. I think most of the people can relate to the story, especially to the people who have an old flame and called it “the-one-who-got-away”.

The movie started when Ginny received an email from a site called LetterLater, it was sent by Marco 4 years ago. So the message was old news from an old flame. It made Ginny a little bit hopeful that Marco still loves her. Then, they received an offer to remodel an old house to become a restaurant. When they saw the client, it was Marco. So the story begins…

The verdict

The storyline was not your typical love story and I like it. Writers here in our country are becoming adventurous and being true to reality. The movie is very relatable, it is close to reality. Please revive the local movie industry. I think enough of copying storyline from other countries, Filipinos want unique and an expected one. I am delightful that our country is producing nice quality movies. I hope we continue doing this. Let us support our own movie industry.

Going back to the movie, I will praise Piolo and Toni for doing such a good job portraying the characters very well. I cried at the scene when Marco (Piolo Pascual) went out of his car, running to Ginny’s house crying and begging not to go to the airport. Damn! Super kawawa.. I pity him. Anyways, It’s been a while since Piolo got a blockbuster movie; I think this is other big step for him to the spotlight. I have nothing to say bad about this movie. It is directed very well by Olivia Lamasan. I want to congratulate them for the success and for earning 150million in four days! Wow!

4.5 stars out of 5 stars! 

Watch the trailer here:

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Hello, friends! Valentine's Day is so near! Do you have any gift ideas for your special someone? Well, I have one. Why don't you make your own mixtape for your special someone? You know sometimes it is hard to express your feeling towards someone but with the help of songs or music we can express it very well. Right? Because it is twentieth century tapes are not usually used by everyone. So decided to compile it and burn it on a dvd. Hell yeah! Look at the list of my songs. Cheesyballs galore! It is a mixed of old and new songs. 

My video palang kasama. I made a video din pala. Now ko lang naremember! :)) Share ko sa inyo un video soon!

I gave this last year during our 2nd year anniversary to my hunny my loves so sweet. Hahahaha I don’t have money to buy things kasi. Char! So burn burn na lang ng songs! Whahaha What I mean is, to be unique and to be more special so decided to make an effort to think of the songs and compile it. To make it extra special, I made a collage of our photos together forever ang peg. Then, print print lang pag my ink. hehehe

Front cover

Back cover

So what do you think? Easy? Kering keri? Ipush mo na yan. Gow gow gow! By the way, I will embed some songs from my list. I hope you feel the love. mwah! Happy Valentine's Day in Advance! 

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Are you looking for an action movie to watch? Well, I recommend watching On The Job. This is a movie I never expected for a Filipino action movie. Why? because this is not about saving a girl or a daughter from mafias then they live happily ever after. You know Filipino cliché action movies, very predictable. When it comes to this kind of genre, Filipinos are used to Fernando Poe Jr.’s boxing ability or whoever actor with a machine gun. However, this is different. It has substance and it is really happening in our society. It has a twist that I never expected.

This movie is about crimes happening in our country. They said it is based on a true story. Well, if it is. We have a fucked up society. Rich people are the one controlling the country not the government. It shows the corrupt and the unlawful ways of our government too. It is an eye opener for Filipinos. I congratulate Erik Matti for the success of the movie. It received many recognitions and awards from international film festivals like Cannes Film Festival and a lot more. Hands down to Joel Torre for receiving the Best Actor award for portraying Mario “Tatang” Maghari, he was the professional killer from the juvenile. Moreover, they reported it will have an US adaptation of the movie. I hope they won’t change a lot on the story lines. Joel Torre should be “Tatang” again on the remake. I think no one can be better than him portraying his role. Right? Hehehe

I will rate this as 5 stars out of 5.

Watch the trailer here: