Last October, we had the privilege to watch the collection of Forever 21 during Philippine Fashion Week. I hurriedly went to SMX convention straight from work. I am gladly arrived on time. We stayed on the line for a couple of minutes. Then, they let us in. The show started around 7pm. The collection was classified in different categories such as brit street, modern monochrome, new bohemian, and university street.

My sister while waiting.

The Forever 21 kiddos. How adorable they are.. 

This is Brit Street. More on plaid prints and leather jackets.

The two photos on the top were from new bohemian collection while the photos on the bottom were from university chic. The new bohemian is a collection more on earth tone colors and a new way to interpret the love for boho chic. On the other hand, university chic is a collection for trendy students in college. It is fresh and young.

University chic collection. 

Modern Monochrome. This collection is for people in the professional world. This is my favorite of all. Simple yet stylish. You know what they say, beauty is simplicity. My peg for this coming holidays!

I love how they stay in the middle before walking in the runway. 

Since Forever 21 arrived here in our country, I really admire their clothes. I can't go out in their store without purchasing something. I mind keeps on telling me I MUST BUY especially if it is sale or buy one take or additional 50% off.. I always go gaga! Gosh! #ConfessionOfAShopaholic

How about you? Which of the collection of forever 21 do you like most? Share it with us!

As promised, together with Belle de Jour we are giving away a lovely BDJ Power Planner. Wooot! I am so lucky to be hosting this giveaway. I have been using this planner for the past few years and it never let me down. It gave me hope and motivation to follow my dreams and to achieve my goals. This time I am sharing it with you guys. It is your time to follow your dreams and succeed with it. 

You know the drill, just like, follow, share and answer the question. Use the rafflecopper to register and to give you the instructions.

Want to see the 2015 edition of BDJ planners? (Click here)

The leather cover of BDJ. I love how simple it is. It is suitable for young professionals. A little formal and classy. I hope one day, they will develop an app too for those techie girls and people who are too lazy to bring a planner. I am sure it would be hit. Do you agree?

If you want to buy their products, it is available in National bookstores or in their website at

Good luck! May the odds be ever in your favor!

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I am the happiest girl in the world when I saw this on our mailbox. Omg!!! The complete 2015 edition of BDJ planner. Waahhh! I got the Navi Planner, Everything is Possible Planner and of course! The Belle de Jour Power Planner. I am certified Bella since 2009 or 2010. I would not miss buying a BDJ planner every year since then or sometimes it will be my 1st choice on my wish list during our exchange gifts on Christmas parties. Haha (Click here for my BDJ 2014 post)

Simple but sweet message from BDJ team. Thank you! Mwah

For this blog post, I will be giving my readers some sneak peek on the three best planners in the entire kikay world:

Everything is Possible Planner

Everything is Possible planner or EIP for short is a planner that will help you reach your goals one step at a time. Little steps is better than nothing, right? This is the first time I have opened it, gosh! I realize I need this in my life too. Haha

The 2015 EIP has 192 full-color pages, is 5.6in wide by 7.9in tall, has an expandable back pocket, and comes in a matte-laminated hard cover. The planner is packed with:
  • A special weekly layout for your weekly priorities
  •  Mantras to keep you on-track in your mission
  • Micro Actions to guide you in your goals
  • Wheel Of Life to help you assess your life focus
  • Year End Workbook to document the things you’ve achieved and learned

It has a lot of wonderful and inspiring quotes that can boost up your motivation to reach your goals.

It is up to you to add the things you want to achieve and step by step this planner will teach you to hold it and conquer your goals.

Things I love page (bucket list) - unlike the other planners, where it is per-populated, in here it is up to you to write your own to do list for 2015! Cool, right? So start writing it as early as now.

Another inspiring quote. This is the beginning of anything you want!

NAVI 2015: Your Life Navigator

The Navi planner is for people who loves to plan and to travel. This is for the lakwatsera girls. Hahaha Yun mga girls na idol si dora! Hahahaha char! I kid. It is one of a kind and unique. It can help us navigate through life easily. The adventurous and spontaneous girls are perfect for this planner.

NAVI 2015: Your Life Navigator is a tool for you to:
  • Plot your week by having a monopoly of your plotting map. Sketch or write, and collect experiences. Satisfy your curiosity and have them all documented so you can look back and realize how much life has to offer.
  • Clear the route. Keep track of the important things and plan out your ventures – Places to go, things to try out, people to meet – scrawl away!
  • Explore the world. Learn about places you can explore around the world and gain helpful insights for your upcoming adventures.

It has a lot of sections such as my list, 101 things to do in 2015 (Compare to EIP, it has the list. The only thing you will do is to check it, if your done!) How to navigate through life and another inspirational quotes.

Like the Belle de Jour Power Planner, it also has 25,000 worth of coupons of discounts and privileges.

Coupon tracker

Belle de Jour Power Planner

This is the famous BDJ Power Planner. All the lovely ladies out there must have been using it or will be using it for sure. It is super complete! All in one power planner. This is suitable for all ages until you are in the professional world like me. (Yes! like me, even though sometimes I look like a student, bebe fes kasi! Thanks to the genes of my mama gave me! Hallelujah!)

The 2015 Belle de Jour Power Planner includes:
  • Dance Your Way Through Life page based on “ikigai” concept to help you find your reason to get up every morning and enjoy life with a deep sense of purpose.
  • Time Management Principles -Based Layout to help you get things done
  •  Advocacy Tracker to challenge yourself to make a difference
  • Goals, Dreamboard, and Checklists to help you focus on what’s important
  • Health Checklist, Immunization and Menstrual Tracker Pages so you can take good care of yourself
  • Bills and Cash Flow Tracker Pages to help you manage your income and expenses
  • BDJ Box 7-Day Challenge Tracker and Beauty Essentials Checklist to help you keep track of your BDJ Box experience and create your beauty arsenal
  • Rules of Photography & Travel Shot List pages to guide you to create your own shoot lists tailored to wherever you’re travelling.

It has everything what girls wishes for, just like the menstrual tracker, events tracker, my health plan. (Here's the sneak peek inside the planner)

Beauty Essential Checklist and BDJ Box 7-day challenge is one of the new features of the planner. (I haven't tried buying BDJ Box but hopefully soon. I will share it with you.)

Every Bella has a BDJ Lifestyle Card, it is used for discounts on selected establishments.

Of course! The vouchers/ coupons for Bellas. 

For more details:

So what do you think of the planners? Which one is suitable in your lifestyle? Share it with me please because I am having a hard time deciding which one to use. hihi

By the way, I will be giving away one of my lovely reader a BDJ PLANNER! Who wants one? Stay tuned!!! #PerksofaBella

Do want to customize or DIY your own pizza? Here is the place for you. It is called 'Project Pie'. They serve you the pizza that you created. (magical sound effects *insert here*)

The place is so nice to hangout with friends and family.

This branch is in Alabang, Muntinlupa City

They also offer salads on their menu.

They will give you cup. It is up to you what will you drink.

The first thing you will do is fall in line. Then, you will choose the toppings for your pizza. They will cook it in the oven. They will call your name once it is ready to eat. 

Caesar salad. I love the croutons.

As far as I could remember, the toppings I chose were tomatoes, green pepper, Canadian bacon, more bacon, caramelized onions and cheese.

On this pizza, the toppings were mushrooms, tomatoes, green pepper, chicken, cheese and barbecue sauce.

Because I am biased just like that, I like pizza no. 2 more. I was the one who picked those toppings. Then, the other one was by my sister. Anyways, both pizza taste good though. Even if it looks like small, it really made my tummy super full. Yummy! They also offer pizza for dessert.

Food cost is about 200-500 bucks. I will give it 4 stars out of 5 stars!

For more information:

  • 515 Shaw Blvd Wack Wack, Mandaluyong
  • Bluebay Walk, Pres Diosdado Macapagal Ave cor EDSA PICC Reclamation Area, Pasay
  • Commerce Ave Alabang, Muntinlupa
  • Quirino Hwy Pasong Putik, Quezon City
  • G/F SM City North EDSA , Epifanio delos Santos Ave Alicia, Quezon City
  • Orchard Rd Bagumbayan, Quezon City
  • Palm Dr San Lorenzo, Makati     

Few weeks ago, I finished a korean drama. It is called 'Pretty Man'. It is about a guy who has the looks and the charm to get the girls go gaga over him. They will give or do everything for this guy, he is Marty Dokgo (Jang Geun-suk). He has the power to mesmerize the girls including me. Hahaha He has a mother who passed away. Then, his journey to began to see his father and to get the password. He needs to have the password, it is his key to see his long lost father. There are a lot of challenges he needs to overcome like his company, network and his personal life. 

Bettina Kim (IU) is the neighbor of Marty. She has a crush for this guy for the longest time. She keeps on doing things just to please Marty. She is so positive in life but a little weird though. While she was selling her stuffs, she met David Choi (Lee Jang-woo). That's the time Bettina and him became close. They are both weird. Hahaha It is a love triangle. The time Marty was starting to become jealous because of the closeness of David and Bettina is the funny and sooooo cute. Kilig kilig!!! This Korean Drama has a twist in the story that you might not expect. I won't tell, you should watch it.

Every time Bettina will give Marty some food. He is always like this. Hungryyyyy like a pig! Oink oink! 

He also has the numerous hairstyle ever!!! Whatever it might be, it suits well on him. But I like the most is the clean cut. The last two rows. Gwapo! I even tried to ask my beau to have a haircut just like that. Hahahaha shhh.. 

The end. The last scene of the tv series. Super bagay!!!

This Korean Drama is a combination of comedy and romance. I really enjoyed watching it. I will give them 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. I think if they added more kilig scene, I will give them a perfect score of 5 stars. The plot of the story is something different and it has twist at the end. It gave us a lot of moral lesson that can be applied in our lives like we should be hard working and patient in life. Not everyone can be filthy rich and be successful, if he or she is not hard working. Our goals can be achieve if we make it happen. Nuks! dami ko natutunan di ba? I really analyze every parts of the story. hoho   

Sneak Peek:

The theme song of Pretty Man here in our country (Philippines) is 'Ikaw na nga yata' by Kathryn  Bernardo. It is so catchy. I also did not expected it was Kathryn Bernardo. If you want to listen to the full version of the song, play the video below:

I saw a channel on youtube with the Tagalog version of Pretty Man. Click here for Pretty Man Episodes!!!

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