Remember the time I won two plane tickets to Bohol when I joined a blog contest from Nuffnang? (CLICK HERE! to refresh your memory) Well, this is the prize! Hola! It was around May 2013 when we flew to Bohol. It was one an expected trip. I am so thankful that I was chosen to be one of the lucky winners. I rarely won from the contests I joined but 2013 was a lucky year for me. I got a lot of free stuffs from the contests I joined.hihi

 I am also thankful we visited this place before the earthquake destroyed the beautiful historical places in Bohol. I felt awful when I heard the news about the earthquake. People in Bohol are really accommodating and friendly. Manong, our tourists guide, was funny and kind. He kept on bragging about the people and the place, he was really proud of Bohol. Well, I agree with him. I was worried for them because most of their livelihood was from the tourism of their hometown. I know they will get up and be a survivor. Anyways, let us start the tour:

Monument of blood compact. This is the place where they held the blood compact between the Spanish explorer Miguel López de Legazpi and Datu Sikatuna the chieftain of Bohol, to seal their friendship as part of the tribal tradition.

The hat matches my shirt. I was planning to buy it but I decided to choose the simple one. Haha By the way, the shorts I am wearing was a DIY project by me. 

I bought I lot of Tarsiers keychains for souvenirs for my family and friends. I also bought Bohol shirts, peanut kisses and a hat.

The oldest church, Baclayon church. On the side of the church, there was an image of Padre Pio formed at its wall.

Inside the church. They were strict. They have a dress code inside, they lend me a malong (scarf) before coming inside.

Mini zoo in Bohol. With the dancers.

Butterfly house.

A butterfly was on my hat. Being steady and not moving to capture the moment. I love being close to nature.

Loboc River Cruise. We ate lunch here while serenaded by the singers and musicians. It was relaxing. The boat made a stopover on the lovely ladies, who performed simple dance number.

The most famous chocolate hills. That season, it has a little greenish because it was rainy.

The man-made forest. I love this! According to our tourist guide, it was built to prevent accidents from landslide.

Tarsier Conservation Area, Loboc Bohol. Tarsier is one of the smallest primates in the world. It is sensitive to sounds. They are nocturnal beings.  If they are stress, they tend to commit suicide.

Along the bridge across Panglao, Bohol.

Panglao Beach. We haven't had a chance to swim but we just walked around the shoreline and enjoyed the sounds of the waves. Some of the hotels were in front of the beach, there are also establishments where you can eat and buy souvenirs.

Panglao Beach at night. It was very festive. Free entrance!

There are plenty of amazing places here in Bohol. I am looking forward to come back and visit the place again. What we miss on our trip? To explore Panglao's cave (Hinagdanan Cave), snorkeling and watch the dolphins. Three days was not enough.

As of now, let's pray for them. I hope they can recover from the incident last 2013. God bless!

Tea Tree Cool & Creamy wash suitable for blemished skin. It gets skin spotlessly clean without drying your skin. With community fair trade organic tea tree oil.

When I was looking for a facial wash, I happened to checked out body shop because they were on sale that day.haha Then, I saw this tree tea oil cool & creamy wash. It caught my attention. I am so into menthol things, anything that can make me feel cool and fresh will be automatically go on my shopping cart. That's the reason why it caught my attention plus less than the original price. It was good to go. The time I was able to use it for the first time, it was not bubbly but the cooling sensation was there. I used it more often, it lessen my blemishes on my face. I have clearer skin. I bought this for about P300+ because it was on sale from The Body Shop, not bad at all.

I would give this 3.5 stars out of 5 stars.  

Last January 15-19, 2015, Pope Francis visited our country, the Philippines. Almost 90% of our country's religion is Roman Catholic. It was because of the Spaniards invasion during the old days that led us to embrace our love for God. This is the main reason most of the Filipinos were excited and prepared for the coming of the pope. He has the highest position in Vatican and in the Church. He represents the holiness, simplicity and love for the poor that God wants us to be. He is a missionary sent by God to let us feel His presence. I know God wants us to know that He is on our side. He will never forsaken us.

I am so lucky to be one of the crowd, who waited for Pope Francis before his flight to Vatican. I got the chance to see him and got a short glimpse of the effect he had on us (Catholics). We waited for 2-3 hours just to see him in a few seconds but it was one of the best 10 seconds of my life. I got the goosebumps and a little shaky and speechless when Pope Francis was standing in his popemobile and waving in front of us. I never thought I will have the chance to see him in flesh. For the couple of days, I just stayed home watching the live telecast of his every step on TV until my friends (bffs) on viber decided to wait for him in Villamor Air Base. I joined them. It was an opportunity of a lifetime. Not everyday I could see Pope Francis soooo near. That very moment, I felt God's presence. 

What will be the next step for the Filipinos? How can we put into action the messages of Pope Francis such as fighting poverty, stopping corruption, living a humble life, helping the poor and being the living witnesses of faith in our daily lives? As Pope Francis have said, we are the Asia's missionaries of faith. We should start preaching the good news to the people. I hope Filipinos will remember his messages to us. Believing in God and being a Catholic doesn't stop from seeing Pope Francis, we should continue it on our daily lives and thru our actions.

I saw this on photo on facebook from Papalvisit.ph, 10 things to do after the #PapalVisitPh:

I hope it helps. Let us be a good Catholic from now on! :)

After waiting, we went to Lola Idang's for lunch.Thank you friends for inviting me to be part of once in a lifetime experience! Till next time.

Lately (well most of the time), I was wasting my precious time on watching videos on facebook or youtube. Once in a while, those videos that made me laugh, cry or scared, I will share them with you. =)

When I was talking with my beau on the phone, he told me to watch the lip sync battle from The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. Then, I got hooked and kept watching the other videos. Gah! It made me cry literally, it was just soooooo funny! They were prepared and really good at copying the artist of their song choice.haha

Here are the videos, enjoy watching!!!

This is one of the first lip sync battle. Paul Rudd was good that's why the following guests made sure they were prepared as Paul Rudd.

Emma Stone lip synced one complicated song. She nailed it.

The trio that made me laugh all the way. hahaha Who would thought Joseph Gordon Levitt (one of my Hollywood crush hihi) can be so funny and so silly and sooo game to lip sync Super Bass by Nicki Minaj while Stephen Merchant grove to the song of Single Ladies by Beyonce Z according to him. hahaha As usual, Jimmy Fallon is on his funny self. You better watch it!

The movie that has the most awards from MMFF. Sometimes the unnoticeable usually wins the awards. Then, people will be curious why the hell it won a lot of awards. I think, we were one of the curious people so we decided to watch it.

The movie revolves on the life of Bonifacio and explaining why he should be declared to be the first president of our country. It was based on facts and to our history itself. I don't know much of Bonifacio but thru this movie it opened my eyes on how Bonifacio served our country and to let us have our freedom that we are experiencing right now. He was one of the great men that lead our country to fight for our freedom. 

The movie was good. It was not on a tight budget. The parts of the movie was usually on the dark just like the old ages, lights were not yet available and only "lampara" (lantern) was the only source of light. I expected more of actions on some parts but the subtle of the movie was about "Ang Unang Pangulo", so they focus on it than the war between Filipinos and Spaniards. It shows how kupal (excuse the term pero kupal eh hahahah) some of the Filipinos especially Emilio Aguinaldo. They sentenced Bonifacio to death. Imagine cheating and corruption started on the early days. Gosh! Haha

If I will rate the movie, I will give it 3 starts out of 5 stars.

(photo was grabbed from google)

How will I summarized my 2014? First of all, 2014 was a year full of hope and new challenges for me. It started to be nice then, I felt I need to change something in my life. I decided to find a new job, thankfully my friend texted and told me they were hiring. I went to initial interview, exam and final interview. It was sudden change really because it was a different line of job for me. However, I think I cope up easily with the changes happening in my life. God really provides. My first 6 months was fun and exciting with my new work. Now I am a regular employee, I met a lot of good souls. We are like a family. 

I learned that if you really want to change, you need to start stepping out on your comfort zone. Always ask for God's guidance and grace, He will surely help you on your way.

The only thing I was not able to update regularly was my blog. Huhu But I never forgotten it. From now on, I will update my blog even on my phone. Because one of my goals before was to own an iphone. Well well well, I have it now. Hahahaha The sacrifices I have been thru for this phone. (Will chika that soon)  I saved my money of course, then when I have the money, I think twice if I will spend it for it. Haha Minsan kasi bigla ka manghihinayang sa money pag meron na and I am self confessed kuripot and super practical. Then I realized, it was almost 4 years since I changed my phone so why not have it, besides my phone was on the edge of dying. Seriously.. One time, I ended up using my mom's extra phone for months.

Mirror shot with my best friend my new phone. :)

What else? Well, not enough out of town vacation for 2014 because I still don't have some enough leaves from my work. But I am sure this 2015, it will be a year of travelling for me. I am claiming it. I am positive about it! 

Last December, I received some bad news one of them was my batchmate from highschool died suddenly. Please pray for her soul. Then, last December 30, our car was hit by a motorcycle. We were on our way to buy some pizza. Suddenly, something bump to our car. The glasses on our window was shuttered into pieces. I went out then saw a man on the ground with his motorcycle. Long story short, we went home with traumatized feeling. Moreover, we were all thankful that we were all alive and kicking. God is good! Life is short so seized the moment! 

the damage!

Even though, unfortunate things happened on the last month of 2014, it won't stop us from welcoming 2015 with a blast! It will always be with my family. Holidays are for family to reunite and bond together. Make unforgettable memories.

I want to share more of my 2014, I think this is enough for now. Happy 2015 to all!

P.S. Always be thankful and pray to God.