Every year my sister usually have a ballet show during summer and holidays. Of course! We're always there to watch her and support her ballet career. This time she danced with the Philippine Ballet Theater in Nutcracker at CCP (Cultural Center of the Philippines). It was so nice. I don't have photos inside the theater because it was prohibited but in the theater hall it was alright to take some photos with the cast and with the decors. hohoho Did I mention Santa Claus is also there? I can feel the spirit of the holidays.

I'm with my sister (on the right) and her friends. They were also participants in the show.

Cani Salad. Appetizer.

Whew! I am so full. Burp time. hahaha
After the show, we went to Kimono Ken at Bluewave, Macapagal Avenue. I ate a lot of Japanese food. I know, even if it's dinner time I ate like a queen not a pauper. hahaha Cani Salad, California Maki, Mango Shake, Beef something (forgot the name), Tempura and Miso soup were one of our usual orders on a Japanese Restos. I love eating. =)
Weddings are so romantic! It can make a room full of blissful moments. The first wedding I have attended was this wedding, it was first after so many years. I mean "Church Wedding", you know not all married couple have the chance to have a "Church Wedding". Too much time and preparation for this event but it will be worth it in the long run as long as the people involve are really inlove.

The wedding was held at Rizal, far far away from Manila. It was wedding slash outing for us. It was really fun to attend weddings. I hope next time, one of my close friends will get married and I will gladly help them for their wedding to be special. *excited much*

wedding vows <3

The finale, "Kiss the bride".

This is me. Eating street foods in a fashionable way.
(dress-mogue, bag-nine west, wedge-step rite, food- kwekkwek)hahahaha
The sun was so hot that day. I'm soaking in my sweat while listening to the priest. My gad! haha Take note: don't start your wedding at the afternoon, your guest will die if the weather is too hot like me. hahaha I kid. Anyways, I'm looking forward for the next wedding to attend to. I really enjoyed this day. Yey! I also enjoyed to dress up. It is fun to be girly.

Happy Halloween to all! As a treat this Halloween special, we watched the Paranormal Activity 3 in theaters. Not so good idea. Hahaha Coz I am a little bit scared, hmmm.. Okey fine, I admit. I am scared. Hahaha I am not used to watching horror flick on a movie house. I hate the loud sound effects that will help me to be surprised and scream for no reason at all. Anyways, to be brave enough, I tried to watch it but one of my eye was covered or sometimes both of my eyes. Boo! I know. I’m such a pussy wussy. But I tried my best, really. It was a suspense horror movie. Do not watch it alone. 

the movie

Before the movie starts, someone was having a hair cut @ Bench Fix Salon. hihihi

Me - After the movie.. @Glorietta 4 rooftop outside Starbucks.

Glorietta 5 at night. :)

Queens at Bollywood @ Greenbelt 3.

Shisha and Booze.

Mixed sizzling kebab for the night. Yummy!
After the movie, we chilled for a while at Greenbelt 3 @ Queens at Bollywood with flavored apple menthol shisha, some booze and mixed sizzling kebab. We just blow our minds with shisha until we cough and our lungs can’t handle it anymore. Hehehe Then, when it’s already closing time, we went to Starbucks because we still want to wander our minds and exchange ideas with each other. Afterwards, we decided to go home. It was one of unusual night. Fun!

One spontaneous getaway! Yes, this is it! The plan was to go to Batangas but at the very moment, the plan was changed and all of the sudden we were on the bus, on our way to Subic, Zambales. Wooow! 180 degrees turn for a plan. I never thought that we will be on our way somewhere in north. The adventure starts!
Versus mode - Tekken 6. Let's get it on!!!

the night of booze and foods

Grilled tilapia. Yummyyy!!!

Before heading home... Beach time.
The day we have arrived was one rainy day. I want to have fun and frolic at the beach unfortunately, the weather was not good enough. I know. That's why, we bought a lot of groceries for the long night. Grilled some pork chop and fish. We swam on the depths of the swimming pool on their club house. hahahaha It was dark and cold. hahaha A little scary but we need to do what we should really do, SWIM SWIM SWIM. Even though the weather was cold and a little gloomy. I remember the night we need to get back to the house, where we stayed, we walk on the creepy road while bats were flying here and there. hahaha

Before sleeping, we watched a movie, I am too sleepy to finish the movie, I fell asleep. The next day, we went to the beach, played video games, played game cards and never ending stories to shared to each other. I really had fun. I went home almost midnight. So tired but there was a smile on my face. I am looking forward to the next outing with my friends. Whooo!
Once in while we need to stop and take a break from all the stress, workload, anxiety or anything you want to escape. Yes! I need to chill and relax. I am getting sickly recently. Maybe due to stress and too much thinking of all the shits that is happening to my effin life. Thank you that we had a company outing. It was held in Rancho Elena in Calamba, Laguna. It was a peaceful place to unwind and release all the toxins in our mind. Guess what?! Before the day of our outing, I felt not-so-good. I had a case of fever. So the day of event, I am sick to my stomach. I just stayed in my room and slept for hours until I felt good enough to mingle and play uno cards for the rest of the night. Of course! lots of lots of medicine to felt oh so good. I am really really thankful for my office mates, who took care of me during my feverish hours, without them I could not enjoy the days.
free fresh lycee to everyone.. yummmyy!

I am chilling plus texting me hunny.

I have loads of photo to share but I am too lazy to post it in my blog right now. hihihihi Sorry! =) Well, the place was nice. It has a swimming pool, a badminton court, duyans, kubos, playgrounds, billiards and fruits to eat for free. Unfortunately, I have not maximized the use of it except the room and the bed. hahaha Too bad! boo-huuu! Anyways, this moment will be treasured, whatever happens it was sure fun. A total bonding experience with my colleagues. =) 

Last weekend, someone special did something special for me. hihihi He told me he will cook for me and he did... The dish was "Fettuccine Alfredo with Garlic Bread". *sweeeetttt*

the ingredients

parmesan cheese and creaaammmmmm!!!

The first thing first! Buy all the necessary ingredients! Ready the tools for cooking! Start cooking! while me? I'm just slicing the bread.hehehe He did all the job. I did the tasting and eating part. :)) Of course! the documenting every events in this history of our lives was also my job! Kudos to me! hihihi

finish product! Looks yummy and taste yummy too! =)

the cook, behind the fettucine. hihihi Good job!

The hardest part was waiting for the food to be serve. I think this was my first time to experience someone, cooking pasta for me. It was nice feeling. Thank you for letting me experience your delicious pasta. 

Looking for a photo booth to rent for special occasions? I recommend...
--like them on facebook (http://www.facebook.com/SayGeePhotobooth)

SHOE SALE! Woooh! It was a good time to go gaga over shoes! Seriously, people (mostly ladies) where there to have a fight for what they want. SHOES! whether flats, stilettos, wedges, boots, sleepers or platforms, they were there ready to attack and I am one of them. hehehe

If the shoe fits, wear it.
Oh! Wedges!

Hot pink Gladiator sandals from Ninewest.

Me - trying some shoes that would fit me.

So Fab! They have a promo. "2 pairs for 999"
We spend our whole afternoon roaming and wandering for the right perfect shoes. I'll post it on my next entry. Wait for it. I forgot to mention the event, I'm SHOE in love, held in NBC Tent, The Fort. We have had a great time shopping!

Transformers - Dark of the Moon was one of the most awaited movie of the year. Of course! We must watched it. The first weekend of the movie was surely a hit. Many people also wants to watch it like us. One of my friends bought the tickets earlier, though our seats was not that good because we were on the left almost front seat, the only available seat for that time and day and cinema. My gad! The crowd was wild. The line was long. It was really a blockbuster movie.

Movie tickets --- from Jamie's fb

Tokwa at Baboy


Kathy & Jamie@the background -- The bida is ME. hehe

Couple shoes?? Nah! -- me & my bestfriend.

After the movie, we decided to chill, to eat and to puff shisha for a while @Cedar's, Bf home.Then, we ate pork chop @Atoy's Pork Chop. We like to eat. hahaha Never ending eating and chatting. Last venue was at my friend's house, we just said "Hi" and left afterwards because it's late and I need to go home. hihihi

Baptismal of Baby Zenkie,. At the reception, we started playing and taking picture of my friend's Itouch. It was really funny and enjoying. We're like children playing with a toy. We're also a little camwhoring as you can see below our few pictures. 

I'm always blurred coz im the one holding the Itouch.

me and kathy

BFFs and Jhoewana

the cutie baby zenkie, is he so adorable??
I am officially a godmother to this baby. He is so heavy. hahaha I mean cute and sweet little boy. I hope he will grow as her mother with a strong will and kindness in his heart. I hope to see Zenkie soon! Mwahhh
This is a late outing for summer with my best ever college friends, which we call ourselves BOYS. We act like boys when we were with each other. hehe Seriously, we do. With them I learned how to be more adventurous in life and how to have fun. Since our graduation, we seldom see each other because of different work schedules but every time we have a chance, we go and grab it. Like this one!!!

Overnight at Agudo's Residence in Bulacan a.k.a. "BUKID". I love staying at their house. I feel at home since day one. hehehe The day we arrived, we decided to have a night swimming @ 8waves. We actually waited for a few hours for the half price of the cottage. We ate snack at pancake house. Then, the TAPTAP REVENGE Tournament happened. We really enjoyed swimming and of course! the never-ending-kwentuhan with each and everyone. I miss them so much! 

Kirby the cat, the maarteng cat.

Before going to 8 waves. That's me!

In front 8 waves, time to splash beybe!
The TAPTAP REVENGE Tournament@the lobby.
Before and after sequence mode -- time to go home.

 I always have this BITIIN feeling every time it's time to go home. The best time ever was at the bus on our way home. Many funny moments happened and formed. For example, the MAASIMIANS, the streets were remembered and the food trip. Afterwards, it's time to say goodbye and take different paths on our way home. However, don't worry we still have a lot of time to be together. Looking forward to bond again with them! Miss them. <3
One Tuesday afternoon, I'm sick. hehehe I did not went to my work for that day. Instead, I went to Brother's Burger with Him. Lunch time! Two hungry cuties went to Brother's Burger to eat juicy charbroiled burgers. OMG! Look at my order, it's huge. hahaha Santa Fe burger for me, with potato wedges and sprite on the side. It really made my stomach full. Look at his order below, it made me a little bit embarrassed. :)) Ang laki ng order ko, PG (patay-gutom much?). haha

Santa Fe Burger - My order

Brother's Burger


Afterwards, we went to the mall to watch a movie. The weird thing was almost all of the people were senior citizens. Anyways, it was a fun day! :) If you want to check out the site of Brother's Burger, here is the site... (www.brothersburger.com.ph/)

Red Lipstick from Etude

Red dress and lace jacket from Forever 21

Flowers from special someone
My 21th Birthday was a success. Another good news was the gifts. My mom gave me money to buy a dress from any store I wanted for my celebration. I looked everywhere and the store that caught my attention was in FOREVER 21. Every time I am in any F21 store, I have this overwhelming feeling. I can't decide where to go. I dunno what to pick because I like every item they have. My final decision is I got the sailor red dress and the black laced jacket. I also received a red lipstick and lipstick base by Etude from my mom's friend. Thank you for the flowers and letter and for everything I have not mentioned! Thank you so much! It's all appreciated. Till my next birthday party! yey!