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About Me

Hi, I am Abbey. I started blogging because of my friends from college. They introduced me to Tabulas. (You can still view my super old blog here.) Then, i started to move slowly to other blogging sites until I found my home here at Blogspot. It was 2009 since i started blogging here. I actually blog anonymously. I don’t want anyone to know that it was me. I don’t usually post photos of myself until one day I have the courage to reveal my identity.  I remember back then, I post my feelings in here in an emo-ish way. I was shy to let others know my blog. I poured my heart out when I am sad, frustrated, and weird or whatever emotion I have. It became my outlet. Step by step I came forward to the light and realize that life is too short to hide on the dark. So here I am posting as me not anyone else not anonymously. I am loud and proud of being myself. I live my life to the fullest. I love adventures, foods, events, photography, fashion and whatever life brings me I am ready to face it with my game face on. 


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