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My Pregnancy Journey

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Every pregnancy is a blessing. Women like us can carry a child in our womb. However, not everyone has the ability to have one. I am lucky and thankful to have experienced it in my life. Let me share with you the ups and downs of my pregnancy life. It might look easy but it was a challenge or a struggle for a woman. Not all pregnancy are the same, as they said every pregnancy is unique. Some might not feel anything while some might be bedridden for the rest of their pregnancy.

First, how did I know I am pregnant? Well, thanks to my colleagues who kept insisting me to take the pregnancy test. I really don’t have any idea that I am pregnant. Yes, I am delayed but just for a couple of days. It is normal for me to be delay at times because sometimes my cycle would take up to 50 days at most but it is a rare case. I am normally throw up because I am acidic. I gain weight every menstrual period because of water retention. The day I tried the PT (pregnancy test). The second line was a little blurred. I showed it to my husband and told me to try it again to be sure so we bought 2 more PTs. After trying it again, it was confirmed. It showed 2 lines. It means positive I am pregnant. To be super totally sure, we went to an OB for ultrasound. We saw a little dot and a heartbeat. I have an embrio in my womb. My baby was 6 weeks old back then. I never thought this would be it. Haha A life changing event, another blessing for the both of us. Everyone was congratulating and happy for us.

First Trimester 

It was one of the worst months of my life. Hahaha It was emotionally and physically exhausting because of these things you called hormones. It messes up your personality and attitude towards life. I’m not kidding. (^-^)v Throwing up was one of my hobbies. Eating was a challenge. Smelling random perfume or food was not the best thing in the world. It equates to throwing up. My headache was severe, it felt like someone cracking up my skull. I was diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum. In layman's term, it is an intense morning sickness. It felt morning sickness from morning I wake up and from the time I will sleep.

Second Trimester 

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I continued throwing up until my 6th month of pregnancy. I am little by little enjoying again the food. I went back to the office after few months of working from home. Thank God for this perks from my workplace. I actually went to the holiday events from my office. Haha But actions were limited. My tummy was starting to get heavy and I am starting to get tired easily. My feet also started to bloat because of water retention. My OBgyn prescribed me some multivitamins that help me overcome my intense morning sickness. As I also read, 2nd trimester is the honeymoon stage of pregnancy.

Third Trimester 

Few months to go and I am ready to pop. It was easy breeze months from 7th to 8th month. I have better mood and life felt less stressful. However, stretched marks were starting to be visible. Huhu Even though I tried to prevent it from the start. We started to buy some baby clothes and useful stuffs for baby too. It was fun. By the 37th week, baby was in full term and waiting game was on. My doctor prescribed me some medicine to soften my cervix. However, the day when baby reached 39th weeks and no contractions was happening. My doctor told me that on the 40th week and nothing was happening which means no pain or no stable contractions, time for me to be induced. I walked and exercised until my 40th week but still no labor signs. The day after my due date, I was advised to go to the hospital which we obeyed. The day went by, we went to the hospital. I went to the OR (operating room, which the delivery room was located), they started to induced me but my cervix was not cooperating for almost 10hours. It was just pure pain. It stopped opening until 4cm. My husband was called to discuss the situation. We have no choice but to  accept the fact that I will be undergoing c-section. Thank God, I am safe and my baby girl. 

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