YEAH. HELL WEEK. CRAMMING. STRESS. Those were the emotions I felt when I thought about the words "THESIS and DEFENSE". I want to cry and to shout. My nerves are killing me. I swear. I am close to dying. Want to know why? For the reason, I'm scared to fail. I want to graduate. I want to finish college on time.

Doing the thesis was very painful. Sleepless nights, forever online and no meals. No dates for valentine's day because we celebrated it with groupmates overnight at Jamie's Crib. We have a deadline to catch. 1st endorsement, 2nd endorsement and dooms day! HAHAHA. But happy to say, we made it to the 2nd endorsement, even though the highest grade will have a ceiling grade of 85%?? Not sure.

Judgment day came. I was full of emotions.(nervous, stomach ache, feeling cold) When it was time to setup the networking, it works! yey! We explained everything in our system. They have a lot of suggestions to add and edit in our system. The moment I heard them uttered the words, "You Passed." I felt a big relieved in my heart. Time to parteeh! Unfortunately, we need to revise our thesis. The party animal within me can wait. Studies have been a huge part of my life I will graduate no one can stop me. =)

Yeah. The best OUT TO GROOVE! First, I will define the OTG, well it is the most awaited Shit of Paulinians. That's right?! An event that all courses have a representative to groove(dance) at the stage of our auditorium. It will be the last moment to watch the event. Guess what happen?! It was full of CRAP! Damn. We haven't bought tickets earlier because they told us it was sold out and there will be another selling of tickets on the day of the OTG. So to be sure, we lined up earlier as the said time. It was all wasted time. Let me explain it with Taglish version...

Ganito yan, 4:30pm yun bentahan daw ng ticket so 3:30pm nakapila na kami with other Paulinians, who also want to watch and support there courses. Kaso nagkalokohan na eh. May sumisingit sa pila, kaya yung iba nagtantrums na, nagwawala na, nagiinarte na. Medyo kasama na ko dun. Who won't be irritated, isang dipa na lang pasok na kami sa audi biglang sabi nila,"Okey hindi na kami magpapasok, close na namin yun door." FTW! Ayan na e. Malapit na pumila pa kami ng ilang oras, 2hours yun with our heels and long sleeves. Aaaarrg! I haven't lost hope. We went to the main door, baka magpapasok. Bigla dumagsa yung ibang tao. So no chance na talaga. Eto pa! It broke my heart to many pieces, kase may iba pang may ticket na hindi pa nakakapasok kaya kausap nila un marshall, andun ako nakikiUsi babaka sakali lang na makaextra sa nagkakagulong tao. Nagsalita na ang marshall, "Sige, ganito na lang. papasukin namin kayo, kaso yung mga walang ticket *sabay tingin sa akin, eye to eye* HINDI NA papasukin." OUCH! sakit mehn. Maiyak-iyak ako nung sinabi nya skin un face to face. Hindi mo naman kailangan pamukha sa akin na wala akong ticket at hindi ako makakapasok di ba. Parang sa akin mo lang talaga sinabi. Wah. Ako lang ba ang tao dun na walang ticket huh? Sarap gerahin eh. I've always looking forward for this event especially now last year na. Kakahiyan talaga mga nagawa namin just to enter this event. Pasilip-silip sa gilid ng audi. Palakad-lakad. Until one of the marshall told us to go to Conference B, free watching kaso live feed lang via camcorder. Naawa na yata sa amin yun kaya sinabi sa amin. No choice, sayang ang pagod at hirap kaya pinatos na namin yun. At least nakapanood kami, kasama pa namin ang ibang contestant. Kewl. One heck of a day! Masaya naman kami. Enjoy. hahaha Kung lam nyo lang, someone was offering me a ticket kaso isa lang. Naiisip ko naman, makakapanood nga ko I'm not with my friends. Corny much. I decline. Good decision na din. =) Ganon ko sila kalove. hahaha Kaya if you wanna be my lover you gotta get with my friends. *spice girls* :))

Afterward, I went to lawton to ride a FX. I arrived around 9pm at home.
*Happy 60th Birthday!*
(white forest cake. yummy!)

Yesterday, "Nanay", the yaya of my sister and our kasambahay, celebrated her 60th birthday. I know she is turning to be one of the golden girls(i mean Old). She is always telling us that by the time she reached the age of sixty, she will retire. She is hard working and very trust-worthy. She is serving us for almost eight years, from the day I entered high school until now that I will be graduating this coming March for college, she is still there giving us the service we need.

Last time she told me that maybe this coming month of May, she will be retiring. She will be going back to Sorsogon or stay at their house at Cubao (i guess). I remembered, she said with tears in her eyes, "Alam nyo napamahal na kayo sa amin, hindi ko na rin kayo tinuring na iba, mamimiss ko kayo pag alis ko." wow! I was shocked with the crying moment. I will surely miss her too. Nowadays, it is hard to find someone like her, even though she is old she still have the strength to clean and cook. I admire her honesty. I never lost a dime coz' there are times that I just left my money somewhere in my room and I will still find them in the place where I left it. If she change her mind, we will still accept her with open arms.