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Wedding 101: Town's Delight - The Caterer

Friday, February 02, 2018

After all the discussions of what color of the linen, what food to serve, what chair and center pieces to use, what position or layout of the tables and some other additional request.. Ta-daaaaa! Here is the final product. On the wedding day itself, our wedding day! Loveeeeee it! (╹◡╹)♡ They executed it well and without any hindrance. I think this was their first time to style and cater at Versailles in Daang Hari, Alabang. 

Here are the photos of the reception without the guests, the time after setting up: 

By the way, just grabbed the photos from Town’s Delight facebook page. Haha 

Top view

From the center

I choose royal blue for the linen so it will be contrast to our motif. Of course! I don’t like any of my entourage to be part of the tables and chairs. Hahahaha I don’t want them to blend with the decorations in the venue. Right? Well, thanks to Vergel for a wonderful suggestion. 

The VIP table

The sponsors table and plus family

Our elegant stage, where we sat during the program. 

Crystals chairs are loved. Haha I think they gave us this as free upgrade. Hihi

The red carpet. So eto ang ganap, we will be coming from the main door with the song forever ever ever by Chris Brown. Haha But first, the entourage will be introduce. Then, they will dance or jive while walking. ;)

I love how they decorate the place, especially the VIP tables.

This place is much much nicer during the night. 

Let me share with you a short experience we had with Town's Delight, everything's going smooth and good. We went to Tagaytay for the food tasting. After the finalization of the food, the motif and other stuff, we had a slight problem with one of their agent. When we were asking for the final price and breakdown of the cost of their services. There was an extra amount of 12k that she can't explain. My hubby was insisting me to ask, what was that for. The agent was telling us it is for the venue but when we were asked Pearl, our contact in Versailles. It was not the right amount. Weird and very fishy. We called Tito Andrew and he assigned another person to contact. That was Vergel, he was much better and he told us to just ignore the additional 12k. Yey! Problem solved. He was easier to talk to and straight to the point. Kaloka si ate girl, merry-go-round ang sagot pagdating sa total payment. 

Anyways,  overall I am happy with the final results. Food is appetizing and delicious. The setup was elegant and very kin to details. They are catering for quite sometime now, I guess they are really expect when it comes to these things. They also have variety of packages to choose from. I can't remember what package we picked. haha The total expense I could remember was around ₱120,000++ for 120 guests. It was like 1k per person but that was a year ago. They might have a new and better packages. They have a lot of inclusions in their packages too like doves, cakes (exept we did not avail the cake), red carpet, may paSword entrance pa sila and etc.  

If I will rate them, I will give them 5 stars out of 5 stars

For more information: 

Website: http://www.townsdelight.com/ 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/townsdelight 
Contact No.: (046) 483.5307 OR (02) 925.8574

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