Year Ender Post for 2011

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Show me a good time, 2012. <3
Hello, I know it’s late for a year-ender post. I’m in total hiatus in blogging. I am so sorry, let’s catch up. Well, 2011 was not a bad year. I meet new people and re-connected to some of my long lost friends. I learned a lot of values. I fell in love and still in love as of now. I have been juggling being an employee, a daughter, a friend and a girlfriend. I am always in search for a better opportunities and adventures. I went to some places with my special people. I dared to be different and unique but not main stream.   

The start of 2011 was really a good time for everything. Happiness and partying were the right words to describe it. It was total ecstasy to my family, to my friends and to my love ones. I started to date and meet new friends again. A little of bit of center of attraction won’t hurt sometimes. In the middle of the year, I started to be a little depress about everything. It was really not a good chapter of 2011. Confusion, dishonesty and different emotions took over to some of those months. I was losing my grip at that time but I fought hard. I risked almost of all my sanity. However, God is good all the time. I cast my burdens upon HIM and He helped me regain myself. Thank you so much!

As I end 2011, everything fell into the right place. I realized I became strong. I counted my blessings and appreciate the goodness of the Lord. I trust God that whatever trials I will encounter, I know He is there to guide me and let me know I am capable to survive it. So 2012, please be good to be. =)

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