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Thesis and Defense

Friday, February 19, 2010

YEAH. HELL WEEK. CRAMMING. STRESS. Those were the emotions I felt when I thought about the words "THESIS and DEFENSE". I want to cry and to shout. My nerves are killing me. I swear. I am close to dying. Want to know why? For the reason, I'm scared to fail. I want to graduate. I want to finish college on time.

Doing the thesis was very painful. Sleepless nights, forever online and no meals. No dates for valentine's day because we celebrated it with groupmates overnight at Jamie's Crib. We have a deadline to catch. 1st endorsement, 2nd endorsement and dooms day! HAHAHA. But happy to say, we made it to the 2nd endorsement, even though the highest grade will have a ceiling grade of 85%?? Not sure.

Judgment day came. I was full of emotions.(nervous, stomach ache, feeling cold) When it was time to setup the networking, it works! yey! We explained everything in our system. They have a lot of suggestions to add and edit in our system. The moment I heard them uttered the words, "You Passed." I felt a big relieved in my heart. Time to parteeh! Unfortunately, we need to revise our thesis. The party animal within me can wait. Studies have been a huge part of my life I will graduate no one can stop me. =)


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