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3 Days of Training

Thursday, May 28, 2009

3 Days of Training

May 25-27, 2009. The days and nights of FUN. I know. My life is full of fun. haha. It's the way I live it. It's just way I roll. I never thought I'll be having such happiness in those days. I thought I'll just listen to the voice of the speakers for a lot of hours. But I'm wrong! We ate ate and ate. Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and dinner.yes! I felt like, palamunin bata. tapos mamaya bebenta ka na kasi mukha ka ng representable sa katabaan. hahaha

I met new friends. Yeah. I like meeting people but sometimes I don't have the guts to talk to random person. Those days are days that u don't have a choice but to talk to someone, to anyone or to everyone in your group. I'm usually a shy and quiet person for the first time you'll meet me. In the long run, I'm the person you'll never knew before. I can be a shit sometimes. No one is perfect. Right?

Back to the story....
We had a very interesting activities. Tiles activities and helium churva. I learned a lot from those games. I learned to be patient, to volunteer, to listen, to cooperate and to be more friendly. Hoorey for my YELLOW team! HEP-AAAHH! We're 2nd place, a very close fight. Also Hoorey for the BLACK team, for the helium game. Even though I got a little irritated to the person besides me. We also accomplished the task, even though we are not the first group to finish. 2nd again! :) It's fine with me. Yung iba nga wala nagawa. hahahaha galing! I'm proud with my groupmates. I hope in the school they still remember my face and will say hi to me.

Guess what? who would thought that I'll carry another girl in my back/shoulders for quite a long time, GEZ! the horror. Sabi ko na e, the following day my back is aching. Nabigla ang aking uber sexy body. nyhahaha. thrice ko sya ginawa for the group. yeah beybe. Kakaalalay din sa first activity, contribute in my aching lower back. Dats what I call getting OLD. I need flanax. :)) I bonded with my co-JPCS members. Super picture! One thing no one will miss. Capture the moments, share the memories. I love it. I am willing to change. I need to improve myself and start taking challege in a higher level. God will surely provide the energy, I will need. TY in advance!

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