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Tips on how to teach your kids how to count money

Thursday, February 09, 2023

Counting is one of the basic learnings we should put in our hearts and will always be used until the day we die. This skill is also one of the hardest lessons we will learn when we are kids. Do you agree? Especially, if we have introduced to our kids the value of money. Here are some tips on how to teach your kids how to count money:

1. Master the basic counting 
Once your little one has mastered counting 1-100, it will be easy for her to identify numbers.

2. Teach your kid/s to skip counting 
Skip counting will help your kids to know the denomination of the money easily. 5s, 10s and 20s will be the best starting numbers. Keep on practicing until they have memorized the numbers.

3. Introduce the coins and money bills 
It will help them classify the different coins and money bills. You can help them by showing the real money or buy some play money to let them experience holding and the know the value of each piece.

4. Keep on practicing 
Print some worksheet to let you know the kid’s knowledge, if they have grasped all the money lessons that you are teaching her. It is a better way to evaluate your kid/s understanding too and know where to focus.

5. Let them play the Money games 
Upon searching the internet, I have also found some money games that will help your kids apply the learnings.

Here are the games that we have tried:

Cash back – this is a game the players will give change to the customers with the use of bills and coins. It has 3 difficulties of the game: easy, medium or hard).

Grocery Cashier – it is game where the players will act as a cashier and will add all the grocery items, subtracting the payment and giving back the change. It also gave a time limit so we need to act fast to able to earn points.

Treze Coins – this is the easiest game out of the three that we have tried. The game will tell you how much will be the amount to input in the machine. Then once correct, you will earn your gumballs. It will help your kids to familiarize with coins.

I hope these tips will able to help you and your little one. Comment down below, if you have suggestions too.

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