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Midterm Exams

Monday, August 10, 2009

Finally, exams are over. :) I can chill again. A while ago, was the last exam, we have taken. Maybe this will be also our last written exams for midterm because next semester will be our OJT. I guess we need to start finding a company, who will hire us, for the training. Geez! time is blazing like a wind. Fast. Fast Fast. 7 months from now will be saying good bye to college life and hello real world. This sucks! I'm starting to feel damn old. I'll be working soon. I need to stay focus. A lot of works, I should be finishing right now. My laziness again is keeping me busy.

*Reviewing for Web Progmming subj*

Few days ago, I'm too lazy to study. I rather open and browse my facebook than to study. A big NO-no! Especially now, I'm a graduating student, wrong move and I'm dead. Facebook, really keeps me busy all this time. I'm sooooo adicted to that site. What's the cure for that phenomenome? I can't help it. I haven't studied hard because of facebook and sleepiness. I studied on the day of the exams about one to two hours before an exam. I'm a good student, right? What will happen to my grades! Oh my! I can only do is ask a miracle to the Lord. hahaha Please help me pass the exams. Amen. :)

*G.I. JOE- the rise of cobra*

To ease the stress, we unwind. We watched the movie G.I. Joe. One cool movie. Love story plus action equals a trilling and exciting movie. This year actually has a lot of must-seen-movies. I'll be listing the movies I should be watching in the movie house or in dvds. I'm a movie buff like my co-family members. They love movies, i also do and I do love DUKE. :)) sweetHUNK!

Currently feeling: like the movie. Hangover!
Currently doing: want to sleep
Currently listening to: the electirc fan. :))

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