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Time to Chillax

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Once in while we need to stop and take a break from all the stress, workload, anxiety or anything you want to escape. Yes! I need to chill and relax. I am getting sickly recently. Maybe due to stress and too much thinking of all the shits that is happening to my effin life. Thank you that we had a company outing. It was held in Rancho Elena in Calamba, Laguna. It was a peaceful place to unwind and release all the toxins in our mind. Guess what?! Before the day of our outing, I felt not-so-good. I had a case of fever. So the day of event, I am sick to my stomach. I just stayed in my room and slept for hours until I felt good enough to mingle and play uno cards for the rest of the night. Of course! lots of lots of medicine to felt oh so good. I am really really thankful for my office mates, who took care of me during my feverish hours, without them I could not enjoy the days.
free fresh lycee to everyone.. yummmyy!

I am chilling plus texting me hunny.

I have loads of photo to share but I am too lazy to post it in my blog right now. hihihihi Sorry! =) Well, the place was nice. It has a swimming pool, a badminton court, duyans, kubos, playgrounds, billiards and fruits to eat for free. Unfortunately, I have not maximized the use of it except the room and the bed. hahaha Too bad! boo-huuu! Anyways, this moment will be treasured, whatever happens it was sure fun. A total bonding experience with my colleagues. =) 

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