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Antonio's Grill @ Tagaytay City

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

As I have blogged before, (click here if you don’t remember) I will post a separate blog entry for Antonio’s Grill in Tagaytay City. Well, here it is… We arrived early for lunch, around 11 o’clock-ish in the morning. It was my first time to eat here. The ambience was so fresh, so clean and so white. I love how simple and white the place is. Few people were still eating by that time. I thought it would not be that cold inside because it is just open air, no aircons just windows and the sun outside was so hot. But I was wrong, the wind was blowing cold air and I can feel the cool weather of Tagaytay. Close to nature equals fresh air. 

the menu
Their menu is consisted by typical Filipino food with a twist. I love how they mix and match the food (just like fashion, hehehe). We decided to order Pinakbet rice with Crispy Pata. As my gluttony mind thought, that’s it?? Hahaha Unfortunately, my hunny told me that it was one big meal enough for 2-3 persons per serving. BOO! Hahaha I just listened to him because it’s my first time here. I also ordered mango shake because I love cold drinks! Haha

the blogger (me)

told you it is so white (love it)

The food arrived, one word “wow”. It was plenty for us. Hahaha It really tasted good. I love everything on it. The vegetable, the rice and the crispy pata was perfect! Yummmyy! Happy tummy! :)

pinakbet rice and mango shake

If you want to visit and dine, here are the other details:
Antonio’s Grill Tagaytay
Address: Aguinaldo Hi-Way, Tagaytay City
Phone Number: (046) 483 4847

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