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BC Bloggers Meme: 30 Things About Myself

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I was supposed to post this last night. Unfortunately, the internet connection was not working well. So here are my thirty random things about me: Enjoy reading!

1. I am the eldest daughter, niece, granddaughter and cousin to the mother side of our family.
2. I was born on May 12, 1990.
3. I have a sister. We have 9 years age gap.
4. I graduated elementary in San Fransisco De Malabon Parochial School in Cavite.
5. I graduated highschool in St. James College of P’que.
6. I graduated college in St. Paul University Manila.
7. I graduated with the course of BS Information Technology.
8. I am now working. Hahaha
9. I grew up with my grandparents. I love my lola and lolo so much.
10. I was once a sailormoon fanatic.
11. I am a dreamer.
12. I am a nature-lover.
13. I am in a relationship. My first ever boyfriend since I am alive.
14. I am once NBSB (No bf since birth) until last year. Hahaha hindi ako maaga nagPEE BEE BEE teens!
15. I am kuripot but sometimes I splurge once in a while.
16. I am a former member of Barbie Fans Club. I love their loot bags and freebies.
17. I sucked at math but I don’t even know how I pass algebra, calculus, discrete math and other related   math subject during college.
18. In my college days, I only have one line of 7 which makes me mad whenever I think of it. Paspecial na minor subject! Hahaha
19. I love rainy weather if I am at home.
20. I am not maarte! I hate maarte people! Eeewwww! Hahahaha
21. I love to eat but I have it when I am getting fat. Number 1 dilemma is how will I fit my clothes.
22. I love to sing but it hates me.
23. I love photography and hoping someday I will find time to have photography lesson to enhance my skill.
24. I love pampering myself like going to the salon for mani and pedi, hot oils and treading but sometimes I do it at home when I am too lazy and kuripot to go out.
25. I love parties and events.
26. Someday I want to be an event’s organizer, chef, business woman, photographer and fashion designer.
27. I want to work at home and have the free time to do what I mostly enjoy blogging and eating. Hahaha after nun taba taba ko na siguro. Hahaha
28. People told me I look like Angel Locsin, Glaiza de Casto or Lovi Poe.. Do you agree? Ang swerte naman nila. Hahaha Chos!
29. I am Cheerful and charming but stubborn (according to my horoscope, Taurus)
30. My outlet when I am stressed and disoriented is writing in my little black book or blogging and pouring out all my emotions especially on my tumblr. Haha Try to check it. I tagged it Emoshit.

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