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InstaWeekend: Colours, Tickets and Fruits

Saturday, October 06, 2012

It's weekend again! It is time for InstaWeekend! Follow me on instagram: @abylovinu 

Retouching the roots of my hair @Sheer Design at BF homes. They are the best!
As of now, I am planning to color my hair red by the end of this year, new look mode!
I want to chop my hair short too. What you think? haha

We watched Coppelia  @ CCP with my family. My sister loves ballet and
she's good at it too. I think this was the first time that I watched ballet
with her beside me. Most of the time, she is dancing on the stage.

I love fruit shakes! While waiting for my order at fruitas I took a photo
of the colorful fruits. I usually order banana-apple or mango-banana.

After my ophthalmologist consultation, my glasses are ready! I need to wear them
for my eye's protection during a long time eye to eye contact on my beloved monitor for
more or less 8 hours. My fellow nerds are welcoming me to the group. haha

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