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Maria Clothing

Monday, December 03, 2012

As a promise, I will post a separate blog post for my outfit from Maria Clothing. Here it is! I am so thankful for the dress that they sent to me. It was so lovely and girly, so me! hehehe XD Excuse my face or body?hihi because I gained a few pounds or I just feel I gained. You know girls, before our periods we become moody, bloated, sad, fat and ugly.. It's our hormones to blame for it. Anyways, enough of the hormones. hehe 

Have you seen the Swirls and Scribbles X Maria Giveaway in my last post? Well, you should start clicking the link and join because Maria is giving away some fabulous printed shorts. If they reached 500 likes 2 lucky winner will received it right away. Then, 1000 likes for the other 3 printed shorts. Sounds fabulous? Yes it is! Join now sweeties!

Tip to help us earn more likes: Tag your friends, love ones, relative or random people. Another way is blog it too if you have your own blog. For more exposures, more likes and more fun and prizes waiting to all of us.

Check out my photos and the dress:

thank you for the dress and for the simple note. I really appreciate it! :)

feeling donya ang peg ko. haha It's not a fake call, I am really on a phone call my K. :)

Do you remember this necklace from Tinsel Shop? It's so cute as always!
my spikey ring connector on the left and the skull with wings on the right hand.. plus phone. :)

Check out the back details. So simple but elegant.

dress from Maria Clothing

Looking for Christmas outfits, you must try to check out Maria Clothing for a modern look this holiday season.. :)

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