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In the Key of Chic Dress

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I love wearing dresses especially the dress that can me look stylish and chic. The key to have a simple outfit yet people turn heads because they notice your presence is the right match of accessories and confidence. Take a look of what I found on Modcloth.com, some nice pieces that can make your chic dress into something unique.

Chic Dress from ModCloth

Bea Dot beaded dress, 5,590 PHP / Long sleeve shirt, 2,905 PHP / Sugarhill Boutique flat shoes, 1,475 PHP / Crossbody purse, 2,460 PHP / Dittos wrap bracelet, 1,340 PHP / Laurèl gold jewelry, 445 PHP / Crochet ring, 535 PHP / Pearl earrings, 490 PHP

If I wore this outfit I would be on a date or maybe somewhere I can feel the breeze and the nature at the same time.

It's a good day!

Bea Dot rainbow dress, 5,590 PHP / Mel by Melissa navy flat shoes, 1,920 PHP / Bright colored purse, 1,835 PHP / Olivia Burton watch, 3,755 PHP / Knot bracelet, 580 PHP / Yellow gold earrings, 355 PHP / Band ring, 580 PHP / Wool hat, 1,565 PHP

While this outfit, I could imagine myself wearing this somewhere in London. Well, maybe because of the hat. I feel I am exploring new places and having a good time.

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