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On The Job (2013 film)

Monday, February 03, 2014

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Are you looking for an action movie to watch? Well, I recommend watching On The Job. This is a movie I never expected for a Filipino action movie. Why? because this is not about saving a girl or a daughter from mafias then they live happily ever after. You know Filipino cliché action movies, very predictable. When it comes to this kind of genre, Filipinos are used to Fernando Poe Jr.’s boxing ability or whoever actor with a machine gun. However, this is different. It has substance and it is really happening in our society. It has a twist that I never expected.

This movie is about crimes happening in our country. They said it is based on a true story. Well, if it is. We have a fucked up society. Rich people are the one controlling the country not the government. It shows the corrupt and the unlawful ways of our government too. It is an eye opener for Filipinos. I congratulate Erik Matti for the success of the movie. It received many recognitions and awards from international film festivals like Cannes Film Festival and a lot more. Hands down to Joel Torre for receiving the Best Actor award for portraying Mario “Tatang” Maghari, he was the professional killer from the juvenile. Moreover, they reported it will have an US adaptation of the movie. I hope they won’t change a lot on the story lines. Joel Torre should be “Tatang” again on the remake. I think no one can be better than him portraying his role. Right? Hehehe

I will rate this as 5 stars out of 5.

Watch the trailer here:

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