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7 Lessons I Learned from 'Inside Out' Movie (2015)

Friday, September 11, 2015

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1. Happiness will always find its way. You might be having a rough time with your life right now,   but don’t worry. Joy will make her way just to see you smile again.

2. Don’t let anger control your life. It can ruin your islands of personality. When we let anger control our emotions, everything will not be okay. It can ruin a skill, a relationship, a trait or even our family ties. 

3. Fear can save us from any danger. We need this to be able to be safe and not to be a dare devil at all times but too much of it will not let us grow as a brilliant and adventurous person. 

4. Disgust can give us taste or style. She teaches us how to be fab and to be cool. It is her forte.

5. Sadness balances the emotions. Especially if we are too happy. It let us connect and listen to the    people around us. 

6. Joy will not always be around because nothing last forever. Sometimes we need to let sadness or other emotions take over. Cry once in a while to slow down and think about the solutions in life’s problem. It is somehow telling us, it is okay to be sad and to cry. We are human beings, it is normal to be emotional once in a while. Show your feelings. Don't suppress it.

7. Always have a positive outlook in life just like Joy.

This movie really explains how the emotions and the memories work in our brains. I learned a lot of moral lessons I can apply in my life. Yes! real life situations. Pixar's did it again. As always, they taught us some valuable lessons in their animations. BRAVO! Bingbong made me cried too. So how about you? Any thoughts on this movies? Lessons perhaps that you want to share? Share it below.

The Verdict: 4.8 stars out of 5 stars

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