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Review: Dreamworks' Dreamplay, City of Dreams

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Last year, we visited Dreamworks Dreamplay in City of Dreams Manila with my little cousins and company. The queue was long. We were fortunate that my mom prepared for it. She bought the tickets already in advance online. Good job mom! Haha They have rules and regulations inside. (You can check it here.) Make sure to bring socks and wear rubber shoes to be able to participate in the activities.

Stairway to heaven - from the movie Kung Fu Panda. Balance your way up to the top. That's my cousin by the way, she isn't scared. Haha They went up more than thrice here, I think. 

Wall of Destiny - Wall climbing with different levels of difficulty.

Thread of Enlightenment - it has a lot of obstacles inside the area. Awesome means the easy way while the legendary will be the hard and long way to finish the obstacles. 

I tried it with my sisterht it was just of kids. Unfortunately, the level of the difficulty for legendary was unexpected. When I tried one of the legendary way, it took a few minutes to finished it. Hahaha It was the one with the swing. I was on my first step on the swing and I can't maintain my balance to cross the other swing. If you could imagine, it is a swing after a swing. Huhu When I was on the middle of it, I was looking at kuya taga-guide. I want to cry and stop the obstacle. The queue was starting to build up. The pressure was on, darling! The next person behind me was cheering me up. "Go, ate!" Hahaha Nahiya naman ako, so ayun naabot ko din ang tagumpay! Haha I can't believe I was able to finished it. 

People can control the ball around the racetrack. It was fun and frustrating at the same time. Sometimes the ball was not cooperating.

Swamp Sweet Swamp - from Shrek, this is for little kids. It is like a playpen.

Cooking class today

Puppet show for toddlers 

The Dream Theatre - 4D movie house

Food court 

The fooooddd

The souvenir shop - cute items are everywhere :)

Overall, did I enjoy staying at this place? Well, yes! However, the time is not enough especially if it is weekend because the queue was a lil long. But the amenities are high-tech and one of a kind. It is expensive for 4 hours. haha If you will bring toddlers or a cry babies, I think they won't enjoy the place. In my opinion, this is for 7 years old child + and young kids at heart who loves adventures and won't scared to try new things. Some of the amenities has a height and weight limit. If your child is small, they cannot enter some of it.  

Verdict: 3.9 stars out of 5 stars

Operating Time:
 11am to 8pm (Mon to Thurs)
10am to 10pm (holiday/Fri to Sun)

Ticket Cost: 
4 hour pass 880Php for kids, 400Php for adults, toddler 100Php (weekends)
 Day pass 1,500Php for kids, 680Php for adults, toddler 100Php (weekends)
4 hour pass 680Php for kids, 300Php for adults, toddler 50Php (weekdays)
2 hour pass 480Php for kids, 260Php for adults, toddler 50Php (weekdays)
Day pass 1,200Php for kids, 350Php for adults, toddler 50Php (weekdays)

For more information:

Address:  Asean Avenue corner Roxas Boulevard | Entertainment City, Paranaque
Contact No.:  +632 800 8080
Website: http://www.cityofdreams.com.ph/entertainment/dreamplay

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