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Review: All is Well Balm by Zenutrients

Wednesday, April 06, 2016


The ultimate all around wellness product. Breathe in for headaches, rub on chest for coughs and colds, apply to temples when dizzy, inhale for travel sickness or use for a moment of peace during a stressful day Safe for Kids.


Essential oils of eucalyptus, Peppermint, Green Tea, Vetiver, Ginger, Lemon, Tea Tree

How to Use

Rub into temples for headaches, chest for coughs and colds, a few drops onto hands and inhale deeply for dizziness, directly onto bites as needed. 

The Verdict:

I am so into these kind of products lately. Maybe because I usually got a headache or worst a migraine from continues used of gadgets and laptop especially at work. I don't want to be dependent on medicines so I rather put some balm that will reduce my aches in every parts of my body. 

I bought this product because I remembered I have tried the All is Well oil and it is effective but I rather use a balm everyday than an oil. I am not into oil products. I like the peppermint smell of the balm when I put a small amount on my palm and rub it. Then, sniff it as long as I like. It will have a menthol feeling in the nose up to the throat. It also relives colds and cough. Sometimes I also used it when I feel sleepy at work. It has a power to make me feel awake. It is really effective and organic too. I recommend this product. It is also safe for children's use.

I think this small container will come a long way to make me feel better. I agree that once you used it. Everything will be fine. All is well.

I will rate it as 5 stars out of 5 stars.

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