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Review: Ztylus Revolver Kit

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

One day, I saw a video about this case for smartphones and Iphones. I am not sure that it really exist because this is very innovative. Then, I decided to ask my intellectual friend named Google. Hahaha He confirmed that this amazing case exist. I kept on viewing their online shop until I gave in to the temptation. I bought the Ztylus Revolver kit, the LED Ring Light Attachment and the Z-clip vent mount

The day I received the ultimate dream for a cellphone case, who likes photography like me. Yes! It is all in the treasure box. *wink *wink

What's inside the box? The Ztylus Revolver Kit, it is a 4 in 1 lens kit that can be attached on the case of the cellphone.

Look how classy the box is.. Heart heart heart all over. 

When you opened the box, my sky blue Ztylus case is shouting for joy and coolness  in front of my eyes. It is very eye catching, indeed. 

There are a lot of freebies inside such as stickers, a tiny bag for the lens, small cloth to clean the lens or the case and a manual.

Here are the sample photos using the ztylus lens:

Wide lens

Macro lens

Fish eye lens

This is the ztylus clip. It can be used in the car while navigating in the road calling someone or watching videos during the traffic.

The verdict:

According to the their website, it will take up to 14 days or more to receive the item. Well, in the bright side, it took them less than 7 days shipping my order. I was really amazed how fast the delivery and how convenient because hello!! free shipping worldwide. However, other taxes and fees may apply when the item will be delivered. I paid additional fee around 1400.00 Php. It will depend on how much your item cost. The only complain I will have is that it will be on how they declared the cost of the item. They declared the amount without the discount. This is why I paid a higher amount of taxes and fees. Huhuhu

For the ztylus revolver kit, hands down to the inventor of this gadget. It is really easy to use and it is great for people who likes photography and wants to enhance their photo using their iPhones and smartphones. The packaging is so nice.I have nothing to say but only good words.

4.5 stars out of 5 stars

For more information visit Ztylus website. Just click the link ;)

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