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Review: Boracay Ocean Club Beach Resort - Station 3, Boracay, Aklan

Thursday, April 27, 2017

This was the view we saw when we arrived. Wonderful! I think we stayed on the 5th or 4th room with pool access from the right side.

Oh the BEACH!

Receiving Area

Time to check in

Our room with extra bed for our bags. hahaha


Mini liquors and noodles (the overpriced items)

Bathroom with shower

The view from our Balcony

So niceeee!!

Love ko talaga yun room namin, hahaha

The Breakfast buffet - they have fruits, sweets...

sandwiches, breads, biscuits, juices...

Salad station

Heavy Breakfast for the big day ahead

The Verdict:

This is my first time to visit island called Boracay. I have no idea where to stay and which station is better but with the help of my friend Dale, who has a travel agency. He was the one managed our honeymoon in just a short span of time with a discounted rate. Thank you so much twin sister! Hahaha He just gave us some few options then everything is set. Woot woot! So after the wedding, we just rest a few days to figure something out then poof! Our adventure begins in Boracay. 

The Boracay Ocean Club Beach Resort is located at station 3. Well, we decided it is much better if we excluded ourselves from the crowd. It was a success! I love the place, far from the party area, quiet and relaxing. We were surprised that our room has a pool access on its balcony. Hihi I am totally a happy kid. I do not have a negative comment with this hotel. All of the staffs were polite and very accommodating even if some of them were having a hard time to express themselves with Tagalog because their main dialect is Bisaya. Moreover, the buffet breakfast was good. they offered different choices almost everyday. We enjoyed every morning we wake up. haha The drinks also were good, if you will try their cocktails for a night and too lazy to go to the bar outside the hotel just like us. We ordered some mojitos and beers. Then, go for a night swim too. They also have fire dancers and live bands during the night. No need to go far.

Just a minor detail, the front of the beach on their side has a lot of boats. Unlike the other stations, they have less boats or in our local terms banka in their shore. They have a better place to swim. However, you can just walk to station 1 and 2 to have a better view. I remember one more thing, the internet connection was a little slow. But who needs internet connection if you will stay in a place like Boracay. Hello! be with the nature ;) 

Our rate for this hotel will be
4.5 out of 5 stars

Will I recommend this place? HELL YEAH! 

For more details:

Address: Station 3, Sitio Angol Road Boracay Island, Malay Aklan 5608 Philippines
Email: info@boracayoceanclub.com.ph

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