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10 Ways to Earn as a Blogger or Influencer

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Few years ago, blogging has a different platform. It is mostly personal and sharing emotions through writing. Some of the bloggers usually don’t post photos. While some have secret identities in their blogs. I was one of those people who post random things in the internet. Brands are not yet a thing before.

Fast forward today, everyone is on the internet. Being lifestyle blogger or influencer requires a lot of presence in your social media platform such as website, facebook page, twitter, Instagram, tiktok, youtube and many more. It is now a best way to market a brand. They take advantage of the famous people or ordinary people with many followers or has a voice towards their herds. In short, the influential people are the best people to market a brand. Especially during this pandemic, the growth of the influencers increased.

What are the ways to earn as a blogger or influencer? 

  1. Paid post article – some of the brands give pitch to the blogger and give the do’s and don’ts of what to post in the blog. They give freedom to the bloggers to have their own voice towards their brand. While others, they give the article to post. It is ready to go. 
  2. Paid banners – this is the way to have a commercial space on the website. It is like the billboard on the road but in the internet. Brands can rent a space in your website; it depends on the contract for how long. 
  3. Posting via social media – for other brands, they prefer posting their products in the influencer’s social media account. Some requires few photos per week 
  4. Creating a video – for the people who has a youtube account and most of the people love to watch youtube video than the television, some of the brands like to sponsor a video post. They like to show the viewers that this influencer likes to use their product. 
  5. Ads for the website – connecting your website in google AdSense helps you to monetize your website. 
  6. Brand ambassador – brands give you free products to use and post on your social media platforms. Sometimes they send PR products to them and give discount codes plus they also give commissions when using the promo code that they advertising. 
  7. Product review – this is also some of the way brands send PR products especially when they are releasing new line or introducing new items in their brands so consumers can be aware of it. 
  8. Giveaway collaboration – it is also a good way to earn new followers and items too from the brands. 
  9. Posting stories – while nowadays everyone posting stories of their day, this is also a way to show your love from the brand 
  10. Making tiktok videos – short but informative videos the rising star of social media platform since pandemic
From being a lost teenager on the internet, I find solidarity in blogging. It also helps me earn some extra income. I hope I was able to help the future influencer in you. ;)

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