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How COVID-19 changes what people are looking for in real estate

Saturday, May 28, 2022


Image by Mike Cook from Pixabay

Since 2020, the year where the pandemic starts, it has changed a lot of dynamics in our life. From work, personal interest, stock markets, schools, real estate and mostly everything changed. Who would think that pandemic will still arise even though our world has become more efficient, advanced and grown to an exponential extent since the last pandemic hits the world? No one expected this.

During those days when COVID-19 started and entered in our country. I thought it will only last for a few months but here we are on our 2nd year. However, we are coping with it. We have our own health protocols to follow to able to avoid and fight the virus. Plus, the vaccines that was given to almost everyone in the world help us to avoid the risk to have COVID-19 fatally. Thank you so much for all the efforts of the scientists and researchers to make the world safe and sound again.

Let us go back to real estate, for the 1st year of the pandemic everyone was conservative in letting go of their money. No vaccines yet were available. Real estate declined. When things starting to change too, everyone was at home working or some people was no choice but to stay at home. The house was becoming crowded and more fights were established. People also started to buy pets like dogs, cats, hamsters, fish or any possible animal that can be a pet. The place what we called home was becoming a small place to breath in, especially those people who live in a small house, apartment or condominium.

In that kind of situation, when the world opened the markets again, life was becoming normal in the new normal again. People are started to look for a bigger place. Some might be looking for a backyard or garden for their new found hobby during this pandemic or for their pets to run wild and free. Some might be looking for a house with a room that can be turned as an office place. Some might be looking for a bigger house with more rooms on it because some of their family members are back at home.

For me, in our experience if the time comes that I will able to buy our new home, I want an office space because we started to work from home since pandemic. I also want a garden to be closer with nature, so I have space to breath and to meditate. I also need a room for our daughter because she is growing so fast. Lastly, a lovely huge kitchen to cook our meals.

So, what should we do to have a new home? We invest in real estate because according to Bloomberg, real estate sector has good stand in the market. Let's start to figure your loan or considering refinancing. I have used it. We think we can manage it. This is for our future and our daughter’s future I will not have second doubts about it. How about you, time to expand or buy a new home? Go for it!

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