What is the difference between Canonical Interview and Pre-Cana Seminar?

The Canonical Interview is usually held at the Diocese of your Church or your location. The procedure depends on every Church or parish priest of your community. In our case, we were asked to go to Diocese of Paranaque for our Canonical Interview, even our church is in Alabang, Muntinlupa. It is only scheduled every Tuesday, with first come first serve basis. So we arrived early around 9 o'clock in the morning and we were in the 5th or 6th inline. We were asked to answer sets of questions about each other in the questionnaires given. Let me recall the questions, it goes something like these but not in exact words:

  • How long do you know each other?
  • How long are you engaged?
  • Are you previously married? If yes, how long? Are you annulled? 
  • Do you have a child? If yes, how many?
  • Are you previously a seminarian? If yes, what is the reason for quitting?
  • Do you have a drug problem/s?
  • Do you have an alcohol problem/s?
  • Do you have a terminal illness?
  • Do you have an illness that might be hindrance to sexual intercourse?
  • If he has a problem with drugs, alcohol or sexuality, will you still marry him?
  • and many more...

When it is our turn for the canonical interview, we entered Fr. Raf's office. Then, cooking show started. Lelz (paggigisa starts now! Hahaha) Well, in my part no hard questions were asked. When Fr. Raf asked me how many boyfriends I had, well it took me 15 minutes to answer because it is hard to count eh. Charot. I immediately answered him with, "His my first and only boyfriend." Haha So ayun, Father gave his attention to my fiancé. It is more on validating the answers in the questionnaires with follow up questions and explanations why they need to know those things. The interview lasted for less than 30 minutes. But if you have a complicated history, the personnel in the Church inform us it might take up to 2 hours. Once done, they will give you the permission for the marriage banns. (Marriage banns is another story.hihi)

Next, Pre-cana or Church/ marriage orientation, it is about the do's and don'ts inside the Church and during the ceremony. We invited our suppliers so they would know the rules for the big day. We were with our coordinator, representative for our photographers and videographers, lecturers and choir. Well, not everyone actually has the luxury of time (can't able to attend) so I decided to send some copies of the do's and dont's via facebook messenger or viber to those who can't make it. 

After less than an hour, next part of the orientation is the 4 modules about marriage, that was discussed by a real life couple which they relate the scenarios thru their experiences in their married life. I learned a lot from them and I am thankful that they shared a glimpse of married life. It is not always fun and exciting. Couple sometimes have dramas so be ready for whatever will come. Be strong and God should be the center of your relationship. :)

Finally, done for both :)

My advise for other couples, be yourselves and be as honest as possible. They will guide you thru the process and will help you how to work things out. Good luck to the future brides and grooms! Congrats!
This is one of the most awaited tourist destination we want to visit here in Jeju Island, South Korea. Yey! Specially my sister who loves Hello Kitty was really way more excited than anyone. I am not a fan of Hello Kitty but Sanrio World is love. My fave characters are Little Twin Stars. I hope to visit their Cafe in Japan soon. This attraction is so girly, pink and for all ages. Everything is so kawaii. 

Here is the front of the building. From afar, we can see the face of Hello Kitty. It is hypnotizing us. hahaha The kiddos in our tourist bus were so excited too.

This is the map of Hello Kitty Island. It has three floors of cuteness and everything Hello Kitty.

View from above. Iz it zzzo stunning? Iz it amazing?

History of Sanrio Characters - Hello Kitty was the pioneer. It was created in the year 1974 then the next year, my fave characters was next to be created (1975 to be exact). Hello Kitty is now 42 years old while the twins are now 41 years old. They are so old more likely to be my mom. :))

Evolution of Hello Kitty 


Selfie mode with the hologram

Hello Kitty Family miniatures

Welcome to the Hello Kitty House - Life size

Here is the living room

with the stuff toys

There was also a place where the Hello Kitty art were displayed. These are all from the various artist.

Every artist has it's own expression of Hello Kitty

With my travel buddies (me, sister and my mom AKA " the older sister")

Dancing Hello Kitty Hologram

Hello Kitty Kingdom

The pledge of LOVE lol

The wonderful signage hahaha you can feel the life of the place :)) charot. bulok na sya! wawa naman

This is the Cafe. Unfortunately, we do not have enough time to dine and unwind. huhu

Before exiting, the required place to visit and buy some souvenirs. 

I bought myself a cellphone case and stuffs for my cousins.

The Verdict:

The place is so cute. It is really for Hello Kitty fans but if you are not a fan. You can skip this place. There are more interesting place in Jeju Island too. Especially, if you are a guy, only your girlfriend  or sister will have fun and will enjoy posing here and there. The only part I did not enjoy was the rooftop. The facilities on the rooftop such as the signage was ruined and not maintained properly. However, I am glad with my few hours of roaming around the area. It was educating and artsy. You will realize hype of this character was astonishing. It reached around the world and every decade will always be a successful one. With Sanrio characters, it feels like I am a kid again. In addition, I suggest to add more interactive activities inside the area.

If I will rate this place? I will give it a 4 stars out of 5 stars.

For more details, Visit the Hello Kitty website.

I want to share with you an infograph that will help you have the perfect pair of pants to fit with your ASSet. Flaunt those booty and hide your flaws! This will guide you to  analyze the pants to buy according to your size and shape.

For my body type, I think I have a hourglass or pear shape body. So this is me claiming I have a sexy body type like Scarlett Johandson and Beyonce. Pak ganern! Now I know what kind of pants to wear just by looking at the infograph. Thank you so much Betabrand for sharing this with us.

No matter what occasion or event, you want to make a good first impression. Too many times, especially with women they often do not consider that the way they dress will leave a lasting impression. In many cases, the impression they wish to convey is not what they truly conveyed toothers they met.

Women often look at the way movie stars or others on television wear to help them make the decision on the type of clothing they should wear. This can actually be disastrous as most of the clothing you see worn on televisionis not appropriate. For many women, especially those that wish to follow their faith have a more difficult time as they cannot dress the way the stars do or the will not be following the rules set forth by their chosen faith. This means that are going to have a very difficult time trying to dress modestly and having the self-confidence needed to leave a good impression.

The truth is modest dresses for women will actually leave a much nicer and better impression. When you meet someone for the first time, do you really want them looking at your cleavage or talking with others about the tightness of your dress? When women dress with low necklines, low back lines all the way to the hip bones or short skirts that often leave nothing to the imagination are never seen as intelligent or knowledgeable. These women are usually trying to use their bodies to get attention or get ahead instead of using their natural beauty and brains.

The same goes for female teenagers when they have a formal event at their school. Most want to dress like their friends, stars, or at least trendy fashions. Parents often have to step in to help their daughters dress modestly. The good news is that you can actually help your daughter find modest prom dresses that she will love instead of wearing clothing that is too revealing which you know will give the wrong impression.

The fashion industry is actually listening to women that wish to dress modestly. You may not find the clothing in the mainstream stores, but you can find several designers online that have listened and are creating beautiful styles with many different colors to help support your desire to dress modestly while still wearing clothing that is in style for today.

The choices are growing every day which is wonderful for many women that have had to wear the same dresses year after year and pass their dresses down to their daughters for their school events. Many of the dresses were worn by their mothers as well, so of course, your daughter will not wish to wear a dress her grandmother wore to her prom. She wants a dress that will make her feel like she can compete with the other girls at her school while still dressing modestly. This can be accomplished by shopping online with your daughter. Both of you will find beautiful, stylish, and modest dresses that will allow her natural beauty to shine.

After the engagement, what is next? If you are routing for a Catholic Church wedding, it will not be that simple. This is a challenge for both parties. Now I know, those couple who are suddenly went cold feet or felt impatient with everything with the preparation of the wedding, because only people who are willing to sacrifice goes to the altar. So couples, I suggest to be patient and helpful on every needs of each other.  Haha 

Documents Required 

For the Catholic Party:

  • Baptismal Cetificate with notation "for marriage", issued withing 6 months of the wedding date
  • Confirmation Cetificate with notation "for marriage", issued withing 6 months of the wedding date
  • Birth Certificate 
  • CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage from NSO)
  • Publication of Banns (3 Sundays)
  • Certificate of freedom to marry from Parish Priest of the parties
  • Permission from parish priest of the parties if the catholic party is getting married outside his / her own parties.
  • Passport size photo
  • Canonical interview 
  • Pre-Cana

For non-christian party only:

  • Perition for permission for the celebration of mixed marriage
  • Permission for the celebration of mixed marriage, issued by the chancery
  • Birth certificate 
  • Baptismal certificate Or certified of membership in church
  • Certification of freedom to marry issued by pastor or minister; or affidavit of free status to marry
  • CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage from NSO)

For the Non-Christian Party Only:

  • Petition for Dispensation from the Impediment of Disparity Worship
  • Decree of Dispensation from the impediment of Disparity of Worship, issued by the Chancery
  • Birth Certificate 
  • Certificate of religious affiliation 
  • Certificate of freedom to marry issued by pastor or minister; affidavit of free status to marry
  • CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage from NSO)

For the Foreigner Party Only:

  • Clearance from Judicial Vicar
  • Certification of freedom to contract marriage from the Catholic Bishop of the place of origin
  • Photocopy of his/her passport 
  • If documents are in the native language of the foreigner party, submit certified correct translation 
  • Affidavit of free status to marry executed before a Catholic Parish Priest
  • Certificate of free status to marry from the embassy of country of origin

Other requirements for both parties:

  • Valid Marriage License issued by the civil registrar
  • Or Civil Marriage contract, if already civilly married to each other
  • Or joint affidavit between the parties who have lived together as husband and wife for at least 5 years
  • Certificate of attendance of a Marriage Preparation Program and / or counselling approved by the Catholic Church
    • Marriage preparation program
      • List of sponsors 
      • Officiating Priest
      • Wedding fee

Other Requirements, if previously married:

  • Clearance from Judicial Vicar
  • Marriage contract of previous marriage 
  • Death certificate of decreased spouse
  • Certificate of Finality of the Civil Declaration of Nullity of Marriage  (for Filipinos)
  • Decree of Finality of the Civil Divorce (for Foreigners)
  • Declaration of Nullity of the previous marriage by a competent Catholic Church Authority