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Hello 2010

Saturday, January 02, 2010


New begins. New life. New happenings. New challenges. New problems. Everything is new. Like it. hahaha

We started our year with an anticipated mass with my family a while ago. It was great. I love the feeling of going to the church and be thankful for all the blessing I've received especially for last year.

When it's time for the homily...

Si Father uminit ang ulo. Kase ganito yan, almost all of the people was on the back. He requested the people to go to the front for the vacant seats but no one is moving. Buti na lang, me and my family was in the front. Ayan na, kaya sinabi ni Father, "Lagi naman ako nakikiusap at patuloy akong makikiusap sa inyo hanggang matapos ang taong ito... Hindi lahat gusto nyo ay masusunod. Hindi lahat ng gusto nyo ay dapat." It was not actually the exact words. But Father has a point.

It's true. Hindi lahat ng ikakasaya ng isang tao ay nararapat. If you think of it, those people are too insensitive with others emotions and reactions and too selfish. They are not aware of people, who care for them, as long as they are happy and good in it. They won't obey. They won't stop. They won't listen. It's sad to know, why they need to be irresponsible with their actions. Simple rules won't hurt anyone. It's just matter of acceptance and obedience. If all people are following, the world will be in a better place. =)


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