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Last Blog for 2009

Thursday, December 31, 2009


It's been a roller coaster ride. I stumbled, I fell but I stood up till the end. Every year has been different to me. This year might be stressful and full of challenges but life won't be complete without it. I learned a lot from being friendly, more responsible, being matured in many ways and to party until dawn. Having fun this year was a success. I've been to Pureto Gallera, to bars, to the houses of friends and any where I want to be. As it was written in my planner for 2009, "LIVE RIGHT", I can say I have live my life right. I met people, talked to them and cherished the moment with them. Everyday is new day. I prayed for my love ones, prayed for my education, prayed for the good things I received and prayed for someone,who will be my forever(cheessy!). I experienced traffic, long walks, pollution and busy streets of Manila and Makati. I have sinned. I'm no perfect person. It indicates that I am also human. I lied, cheated, cursed and ignored some people's cry for help. I admit those things I did in my past and I'm sorry for it. I asked forgiveness. Moreover, I contained self-control and patience. This year is my senior year and my last year of college. I am proud that I studied hard and pursue the things I wanted to happen. I became an officer in an organization and automatically qualified me to be a student leader. Those events in this year will surely tell, who I am now, why I am like this and how I become like this. I am an independent person. I know how to enjoy and to be contented in what I have. However, there are times I became arrogant, stubborn and emotional in some situation. I can't refuse to share that in some season in this year I felt alone and lonely. My only refuge was God, is God and will always be God. He completes me. He is always in my heart, in my mind and in soul. He is my father, my life and my savior. I can say with Him beside me, nothing is impossible. He made life possible to live in. He made this year to be worth remembering from day 01 until day 365.

*best picture of 2009*

Thank you. Good Bye 2009! It's been a GREAT year.

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